Rajesh Khanna’s last message to his fans

Below is an audio clipping of Rajesh Khanna’s last message to his fans and followers, recording a few days before his death on 18th July 2012.

The superstar talks about his early days, when he won the talent hunt and then went on to become the heart-throb of the entire country. He also thanks his fans saying ‘doston aapka ek hisedaar mein bhi hu’ (I am a part of you).

Must watch audio clipping courtesy NDTV



  • Super man Rajesh Khanna.Such a big Superstar but he was to down to earth & he thanked people everytime for his success.

    RIP Rajesh Khanna first & last king of Romance.

  • we miss u sir y did u leave us :( Rip sir i remember ur songs. u were the most handsome ever actor
    rest in peace sir

  • If we eliminate the Rajesh Khanna’s era and golden time from the film industry, there is nothing left.. Kishore, R.D. and Rajesh Khanna… they brought this industry where it is right now..

    A Great man, great actor, who lived his life on his own terms and conditions till end. We brought up watching Rajesh khanna’s movies and the characters he played submerged in our lives in such a way that we started thinking that the hero and a gentleman having innocence should be like him,

    We miss you sir, no day is going without thinking of you.. we wont forget you………may God bless you.. Rest in peace !!

    Your biggest fan

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