Ragini MMS 2 with Sunny Leone

Balaji has officially announced the second film in the Ragini MMS series and it’s none other than Sunny Leone who has been signed to play the female lead. Sources say, it was Ekta Kapoor who was keen on casting her, as she felt Sunny fitted the role perfectly.

From what we hear, Ragini MMS 2 will be made on a bigger budget and is likely to be based on a real-life incident. With the presence of Sunny Leone, the film promises to be sexier!

The porn star, who was seen in the television reality show Bigg Boss, was first signed by Mahesh Bhatt for the sequel to Jism.

Sunny Leone was unavailable for comment, as she is busy shooting for Jism 2, in a secluded area in Thailand where there is no mobile coverage.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ragini MMS2.



  • i dont understand all of this craze for sunny leone. when people watch dan dan somg from department, they say its vulgar and dirty when its not, and when theres news about sunny leone, people get all excited. thats bias.

  • Wtf…..she should be never accepted in cultural country like INDIA…
    but bollywood seems to make it a porn industry,…..F*@K Mahesh Bhatt

  • if salman khan would not there katrina kaif would have been a pornstar like sunny leone. #boom have anyone seen?

  • this is the changing of bollywood movie into porn & its so bad for indian culture atleast they hv to think about childrens n family…

  • @liton, u cant say dat, phir mai bhi agar salman helen ka beta nai hota to he wd be nothing today, so never underestimate one’s talent.

  • sunny Sunny Leone should be provided movie so that she can lead a decent life instead of working in porn industry for living.. what say guys?

  • @suman
    i think u are right….
    Even she wants to settle in India and wanna leave that dirty industry…

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