Rafeeq beats Salman Khan

This is a fun article that we found on Times of India. Dedicated to all the Salman Khan fans on Indicine.

Where there is a Salman Khan, there is bound to be truck-loads of tamasha. The temperamental Khan who was in the city for the CCL curtain raiser, kept the entertainment quotient in his “Bollywood only” party high with an impromptu arm wrestling match between Shera, his favorite bodyguard and Mohd. Rafeeq, a bouncer from the city, who was part of his security cover for the evening.

“Salman bhai saw me standing with the other bouncers, walked up to me and said, ‘Biceps acha hain tera, arm wrestling karta kya?’ And before I could react, he called his favorite bodyguard Shera and asked him to arm wrestle me.”

With his massive 19-inch biceps, Rafeeq, who confesses that he’s an ardent Sallu fan, effortlessly managed to defeat Shera in the first round of arm wrestling. “I won, but Shera joked about how I cheated, so Salman bhai asked us to go on for another round just to prove a point. I was anxious about rubbing them on the wrong side and I told him I will lose. but he told me, ‘Agar tu mera fan hain, toh Shera ko hara ke dikha.’ Prove to him ki tere muscles mein hawa nahi bhari hui hain.” Bhai said that, so I had to defeat Shera again,” says Rafeeq, who admits that he was scared of Shera initially.

Not one to be satisfied easily, Sallu then called his brother Sohail Khan and challenged him to defeat Rafeeq. Sohail, who was in no mood to accept the challenge, tried to bribe the young man with ` 5,000 and asked him to let him win. Md. Abrar, owner of the Kings Group security agency, says, “Salman bhai was cross when he saw that and said no one would cheat. he then summoned Rafeeq and said he will take up the challenge himself. That’s when I gestured and told Rafeeq to take it easy and let bhai win.”

Bhai however, would have it only his way. He pulled the star-struck Rafeeq closer and asked him to put up a true fight, failing which, he threatened to bash him up. “Salman bhai was joking of course. He took his bracelet off, and I took out mine (Rafeeq wears a bracelet that looks identical to the one Salman sports). Soon, I was able to defeat bhai. He was in a very happy mood; he hugged me tight and said I am a strong man. But if you ask me, I think bhai let me win on purpose just to make me happy,” says an excited Rafeeq, who refused to wash his hand for a good 24 hours after this encounter with his screen idol.

“Salman Khan has been my inspiration always. I started building my body and working out only after watching him in films. My dream is to become his bodyguard. I couldn’t have been happier.”

The audience, who cheered the 24-year-old Old City boy as he defeated Salman Khan, included the likes of Suneil Shetty, Sohail Khan, Kangna Ranaut, Shriya Saran, Genelia D’Souza, Riteish Deshmukh and Neha Dhupia. In high spirits, Sallu then had the bright idea of starting a friendly cat-fight by asking the ladies to arm wrestle each other. And since saying no to Salman is not an option, the ladies joined in the fun. “Kangna and Shriya were pitted against each other, and Kangna won. Then Genelia and Neha Dhupia got into a match with Neha defeating the petite Genelia,” reveals a source present at the party.

Source: Times of India



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