Raees vs Kaabil: Which film will you watch next week?

It’s a clash that should never have happened. Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil are two very different films, yet very similar as the main target audience of both films are the masses.

With less than a week to go for the theatrical release, Raees has upper hand as the makers have put together a fantastic campaign. All the negativity and delays prior to the release of the trailer, hasn’t affected the film and the presence of a Pakistani actress (Mahira Khan) is unlikely to make any difference at the box office either.

In fact, there is plenty of positivity in the trade that the film will take a strong opening at the box office. A lot of it has to do with the promos of Raees, which have been incredibly good. Star power only reaches its potential when the promos manage to excite the audience and the promos of Raees have worked big time.

On the other hand, Kaabil has been a mixed bag. The first trailer received a mixed response, but the second trailer and the promos that the makers have put out in the last one week, have received a good response.

Raees is almost certain to take a big lead at the box office on Day 1, but what happens from the second day onwards will be the key to the success of both films.

Hrithik’s last two films haven’t done as well as it was expected to. Mohenjo Daro was a huge disaster, while Bang Bang was expected to perform a lot better. SRK has had very similar results too – FAN was rejected outright, recording shockingly low collections for a solo-release featuring a top superstar. Dilwale, like Bang Bang, under-performed and lost the clash to Bajirao Mastani.

That makes Raees and Kaabil very important films for both stars and their teams. The best result would be both films succeeding at the box office. The makers of Kaabil would be happy with a 90 crore plus total, while Raees needs to collect a lot more. Combined, the two films need around 235-240 crore to recover costs, which isn’t going to be easy given the period of release. More so because the multiplex audience is likely to pick one film over the other – depending on the response.

To sum it up, a win for Raees would mean beating Kaabil by a fairly good margin. If Kaabil manages to surpass Raees, it’ll be a major box office upset. All eyes will be on the trend. The percentage of growth on Thursday (holiday for Republic Day) and the hold on Friday will decide the fate of the two films.

Which film will you watch in theatres? Raees, Kaabil, both or none? Vote and tell us!

Which film will you watch in theatres next weekend?

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