Raees Trailer beats Dangal to become the fastest to 10 million on YouTube

The theatrical trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees has become the fastest to cross the 10 million mark on YouTube, smashing the previous record of Aamir Khan’s Dangal.

While Dangal crossed 10 million in 30 hours, Raees has crossed the milestone in just 21 hours after its release at 12:25PM yesterday (7th December).

The other ‘YouTube viewership’ records that Raees could beat are as follows

  • 15 million in 48 hours (Dangal)
  • 20 million in 83 hours (Dangal)
  • 36.2 million (Dangal is the most watched Hindi trailer of all time)

Raees has also got nearly 2.5 lakh likes in record time.

How much of the interest to watch the trailer of film converts into ticket sales at the box office – that’s going to be the big question as Raees releases in theatres during the extended Republic Day weekend next year.

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  • currently 12M views on YouTube…
    20.8M including YouTube+fb
    242K+ likes….
    all this in just 24 hours…

  • @Indicine Ur review of #RaeesTrailer????
    @Indicine how is #RaeesTrailer according to u….
    2> as expected
    2>Better then Expected

  • Hey Lets Go watch Raees..
    Why ?
    Bcz it broke some youtube records :S :P :P
    Even 10% of these wont watch it in Theatre :D :D

  • Kaabil Should Move They Still have time there’s no buzz of kaabil Whereas Raees Has Never Seen Before Buzz No Matter How Well Made Film Kaabil is even with avg wom Raees Will beat kaabil For Winning the race Kaabil has to be as good as bajirao and raees has to be as bad as dilwale…If Raees Makers can Sustain the buzz then Raees May Open Above 21cr…All the best to both…hope both do well..

  • Bumper opening is guaranteed nowv….huge response to the trailer… It shows the BUZZ of the film …even the trailer was leaked 10hrs before its release but RAEES makers didn’t afraid and didn’t launch it before the allotted time like Kabil ….Trailer leaked still it makes such record shows the buzz man #kingKhan #Raees

  • Team Indicine really can’t contain their excitement. I think this should give them a sense of relief. Wait no bcoz #KaabilHoon is already heading towards chartbuster level.

  • Rakesh Sir:
    they’re following me…

    Raees makers: we had decided long back to release our film on 25th…

    Proof ?? here go

    Rakesh uncle came to know about this from somewhere that’s why he preponed…
    Ajay devgn seems good now..atleast he doesn’t ask trade people to bash other films.. and emotional games and blackmail by announcing a very big project on same date as that of other actor’s…

    Hrithik Roshan is anytime better…always play fair…be it MD vs Rustom OR bangbang vs Haider

  • But the all tiem views record will be out of reach for this mediocre crapfest. And this crap wont even earn dangal’s weekend collections in its life time.
    Dangal first weekend- 110 cr+
    Rice life time collections- 80-90 cr max.
    Butter truth.

  • i watched trailer 5 times bcoz i didnt get what was the topic and what movie is about
    dangal trailer is one of the best trailer i have ever seen
    cant compare it with dangal

  • This is just the start. Being an SRKian myself, I know that we have been DYING to see SRK in something like this and this is just perfect. It maybe a bit over the top but still its perfect. And even Salman fans would agree that this is their type of cinema too and SRK and Nawaz both have nailed it with perfection. Bohot line lagayenge is baar theatres ke bahar Bhailog :D

  • Dear Indicine…. afsos hai ap pr .. jb Dandal k Trailer ne record view kiye youtube pr to ap ne ek week tk koi article b publish ni kia but aj Raees ne record bnaya to ap foran he agae article publish krne .. it means ap Anti Aamir website ho …. ap b Aamir se jealous hote ho …… mere bhai ap ek website ho so you should be neutral ,,,

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