Raees Teaser likely to release during Eid 2015

There are reports that the makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees are likely to release the teaser of their film during ‘Eid’ this year.

In a move that is likely to strengthen their decision to block the ‘Eid 2016’ weekend, Excel Entertainment are planning a huge marketing strategy to taken on the all-powerful Yash Raj Films, who have announced Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ for the same weekend.

Ritesh Sidhwani had earlier tweeted that he has a surprise in store for his fans this Eid “And a little surprise for all #Raees fans this EID… chalo ho Gaya sab confusion clear (referring to the clash with Sultan)”.

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Raees also stars Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.



  • Sarook still dnt have a blockbuster 100cr+ action film and he is clashing with salman’s action film sultan..Lol
    raees has no chance
    it will b disaster

  • Sultan will be a crap and will release in more no. of screens like Jaaneman but will lose the battle. Salman wiil lose to Sarook.

  • These producers are trolling their fans big time. SRK who released Salman’s BB first poster are good friends now. They won’t clash. YRF and SRK share a long history of friendship plus a YRF-SRK movie to release next year. Why in the world would YRF even think about clashing with a SRK movie. This clash would make no business sense. YRF and Excel have a lot more brains than SLB.

    In a few months, YRF will announce that Sultan will not complete in time and possibly release it during diwali or Independence day.

  • We are talking about latest example jai ho and talash but haters are jumping on 13,14 years old films paheli.lol.. Oh they have nothing latest flop from srk and never be.
    If we want to check then we have examples of clashes. Don’t vs Jane man.
    Raess will be a blockbuster and sultan will be a disaster. Hope before the shooting wraps salman will be in jail. Ha ha

  • @don,if your bhau can release in DEEWALI then why don’t KING KHAN can’t release in EID.it was your YRF/bhau’s plan that after release of teaser e though EXCEL/KING KHAN might change the release date.now they Aditya and salman must be tensed as RAEES teaser also will be out on THIS EID.and you know history very well ,what’s the aukat of your bhau in front of KING KHAN.

    salmir should be thrown out from Bollywood.

  • @ ultron :
    So you think that Don 2 was a fake-social-message-giving film like Jail ho … sorry , Jai Ho ?

  • dont want to give answers to any nonsense comment by lallu fans.
    they all are beaten everytime on eachnd every polls conducted by indicine.
    so better they stay within their limits.

    Raees will be huge on performance level.
    Waiting for first look/teaser.

    when real clash happened in 2006 , srk clearly beat lallu..
    thats it.

    now lallu fans will say he was not that big star at that moment means indirectly they are accepting that srk is top most consistent since last 2 decades while lallu has seen so many ups nd downs in his career.
    highly inconsistent.

    one more – recently was reading posts by some idiots in my free time – one lallu fan posted that aamir has all time highest grossers in both india nd overseas nd sallu has 5 back to back blockbusters so who cares about some 11-12 hits in a row ??

    dont want to say anything to these kind of idiots.

    ek hit ki kimmat tum kya jaano poor bhaitard??

    jaao jake pu6o akki fans se ki ek clean hit ki kimat kya hoti hai.
    vese jab bhai flop pe flop de rahe the shaayad tab ye log peda bhi nahi huve the isi liye kimat kaha se pata hogi.lol.

  • Ra.1ees will be flop no doubt from flop director flop production hous no big heroin sure flop . and if clash with giant production house’SulTaan then it wilbe disaster

  • Raees release on eid 2016 Srk confirm the clash of Raees vs sultan at the confrece on 29 th june
    Raees will win the race
    Sultan might release on 2016 diwali because shuddi release on 30th september

  • Make a way for Eid 2016 Release Raees…We don’t want to release any type of other chintu-pintu raziya or sultani movie on next Eid 2016. We want only Raees to Release on Eid 2016._King Khan Zindabaad.

    Hamara Hero King Khan Hai,
    Hamara Neta Raees Hai.

  • There are so many dislikes in my comment, but that’s not gonna change the fact that dangal is much more awaited than varunwaale, rice cooker and table fan.

  • @jyan,decade disaster amoor fans ,concentrate on your mangal pandey-2 aka dangal pandey or disaster talash returns.alas,this time no south remake, raju papa,dhoom brand ,who’ll save your chotu’s 11 hits career now?????

  • Rice.. its from the director of All Time Cult Classic Flops Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar And Lamha. Sarook will crush himself this time for sure. Farhan Akhtar also rejected this shit movie… ha ha ha ha ha

    SRK’s biggest achievement is making movies for low IQ people.

  • @lejhandu ,RAEES will be the best film of 2016,IF not then surely will be FAN.not even a mosquito interested in dangal pandey ,ROFL..

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