Raees, Kaabil Advance Booking Report

The clash between Raees and Kaabil is one of the biggest in recent times and the verdict on who will emerge the winner, will be out tomorrow morning. But as far as the advance booking of the two films is concerned, Raees is way ahead of Kaabil at the moment.

The difference between tickets sold in advance, varies from place to place, but Raees holds the lead almost all across India. At some places, especially the bigger cities, Raees has taken a huge lead with estimates suggesting 8-9 crore worth of tickets have been sold in advance (until 1PM on 24 Jan).

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer is way ahead in cities Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and even the NCR region is strong. Mumbai city and the Mumbai circuit in general barring Gujarat (where Raees leads) has taken a slower start for both films as compared to other major cities. Kaabil is closer across the core Hindi belt.

Some quick points:

  • Even though it was announced that the ‘show sharing’ would be equal, it isn’t. Raees has been allotted more shows at multiplexes. The higher occupancy screen at a multiplex (i.e screens with higher seating capacity) have also gone to Raees.
  • As per our estimates and internal trade reports, the all-India capacity of Raees is around 20-25% higher than Kaabil.
  • Raees is getting a wider single-screen release too.

Overall, Raees has a big lead when it comes to advance ticket sales. It also has higher number of shows and higher capacity screens. Kaabil is good, better than many films that released in 2016 and better than Mohenjo Daro – but it hasn’t been able to match up to Raees so far, both because of Shah Rukh Khan’s star power and a solid trailer with mass appeal. But the pre-release reports are good and Kaabil could gain momentum towards the end of the day.



  • Just opened pvr app and look into bangalore segment. Kaabil has actually got more shows but raees advance booking is bigger

  • I will watch Kaabil based on the reviews given by my friends. If none of them watch it, then I will resort to indicine’s reviews. If indicine leaves a positive review , I will definitely give it a shot.

  • Raees
    Day 1 – 21 cr
    Day2 : 25 cr
    Day 3: 20 cr
    Day 4 : 24 cr
    Day 5 : 26 cr
    Wknd 1 = 120-130 cr
    Day 7-8 : 30 cr
    Wknd 2 = 35-40 cr

    Lifetime = 220-240 cr

  • Saw the raees…..last Night in dubai….and I would be saying 1 thik about Raees….one of the best thrilling movie in recent time…..what a superb acting by srk….milestone movie of srk

  • @ Indicine: What is the screen count of both movies and why Raees makers have not released any preview shows for their industry friends? Is Raees has to totally depend on SRK star power to make business as the makers are not confident about their movie.

    In Hyderabad, Kaabil is also releasing in Telugu so Kaabil & Raees are set open evenly here. I guess throughout India, Kaabil will start leading from Saturday.

  • SRK’s best movie. I think Kaabil also will work but not to the level of Raees.. This is going to be History Raees will be the first film in a clash to cross 200 cr and become blockbuster.

  • raees will lead only on first day after that kaabil will lead because of positive wom
    expecting good film raees
    dont disappoint rahul dholakia
    i. not a srk fan
    but srk has done hard work for raees he really needs hit film

  • Now indicine takes u turn Raees taking good opening due to his stardom . When Rustom taken good start because of smart marketing campaign . Keep my comment on awaiting moderation . Jai ho Indicine ki .

  • Kaabil is good, better than many films that released in 2016 and better than Mohenjo Daro. – Indicine
    Looks like They ( Indicine ) have already watched Kaabil nd I can sense it .

  • “the verdict on who will emerge the winner, will be out tomorrow morning.”

    I’m sorry, but what do you mean by this statement? Verdicts are out after the end of any film’s run, isn’t it? Dilwale opened better than Bajirao, but Bajirao was the ‘winner’ of the clash.

  • If you are Kaabil enough, you would get Raees to but just being Raees doesn’t mean you are Kaabil too. Beta padh likh ke kaabil banna lekin galat kaam kar ke Raees nahin :) :).
    Both films will be Hit in best case scenario otherwise it will be Kaabil who will have the last laugh.

  • Kaabil Makers Has Paid Money To KRK for Promoting Kaabil.. Right From its Trailer KRK is praising it On tweeter.. And Today Hrithik ,Sanjay Gupta & Urvashi Tweeted Thanks to KRK for praising their movie ..

    Haha KRK ki support Ki Jarurat Hrithik KO? ?? watte level

  • Stupid article. Clearly shows the fear in writing. Verdict is already out. Kaabil whom the excel entertainment n SRK underestimated has turned out to be Hrithiks career best performance and an outstanding movie. 4 stars everywhere. Raees is again average. The buzz has again shifted for kaabil in last 3 days or so. Clearly SRK loosing another clash here.

  • If you are Kaabil enough, you would get Raees too but just being Raees doesn’t mean you are Kaabil too. Beta padh likh ke kaabil banna lekin galat kaam kar ke Raees nahin :) :).
    Both films will be Hit in best case scenario otherwise it will be Kaabil who will have the last laugh.

  • Good reasoning to cover your asses after Raees crashes Kaabil, keep going Indicine.

    You guys should have been at the railway station yesterday to see SRK mania. My heart filled condolences to the family of the deceased, Farheed Khan Pathan, a local politician from Vadodara, who succumbed to a cardiac arrest after the crowd went ballistic on spotting the superstar.

    Even Gods of cinema were frightened with the heights of stardom of a simple man from Delhi – SRK!

  • Many Multiplexes have allotted more shows & higher occupancy screens to Raees…hoped for equal distribution!!any way i want Kaabil to earn 12 cr + atleast and a great word of mouth from unbiased mango peoples!!

  • It’s always like this with SRK’s films. All films starring SRK take fabulous starts at the box office, but fail to bring in audience after the first weekend. HNY collected 44-45 Crores on Day 1, but the business finished under 175 Crores. The same happened with JTHJ, Ra.One, Don 2, Fan, Dilwale etc.

    As for KAABIL vs. RAEES: Dilwale took a much better start than Bajirao Mastani in 2015, but what happened to Dilwale after the initial start? The movie fade out as soon as it hit the cinemas. SRK has huge stardom, the massive fan following that gets his fans excited for his films. That’s all SRK has. There has been no quality in his films for the past 9-10 years. This is a FACT.

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