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The first review is a detailed one from one of our very old readers ‘xzone’. This page will be updated with more reviews very soon!

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Had decided to post my review by night but couldn’t hold my excitement, hence posting it now itself.

Note: As far as reviews are concerned , I try to be brutally honest. However, I should be excused, if at any instance, I sound like a hardcore SRK fan instead of a neutral movie buff.

So here we go :

Instead of getting into the technical terms like screenplay and editing , I will directly come to the +ve’s and -ve’s of Raees.

Positives :

Let’s discuss each segment in detail.

1. Acting : SRK has nailed it and he is fantastic as usual. He proves it yet again that when it comes to play an antagonist he has no match. (Just look at his eyes when he kills Atul Kulkarni and Mooosa, intensity says it all. He is equally good expressing his resentment when Government declares his ambitious project as part of agricultural land). However, it’s Nawazuddin who steals the show. I remember when Raees trailer was out , many called Nawaz the major disappointment of Raees. Today I urge those people- just go and watch him. He is absolutely amazing and comes out as a winner when the movie gets over.
There was nothing much to do for Mahira, but even in that small space (which was allocated to her), she disappoints and looks misfit for her role.

2. Action :

Action is “Desi” and typical of 70-80s era. You are bound to remember Big B and Dharam Paji while watching the action sequences as mostly they follow the same lines.
Particularly, the fight sequences of Butcher market and one took place in truck are commendable.

3. Songs :

What I liked is none of the songs are misplaced. Every song follows a sequence and connects directly to the movie, so audience will never feel that songs are forced (as it happens with most of the movies now-a-days).
I didn’t like Udi-Udi at the time of it’s release, but it looks absolutely mesmerizing on big screen.

4. Dialogues :

They are the heart of this movie. You will listen a lot of cheers and whistles with every dialogues. I was watching it in plex but I can imagine what euphoria these dialogues would have created on single screens.

Negatives :

1. Story is not well connected :

It seems Dholakia had tried everything which was available in his platter.
He drives a number of parallel events/issues together, yet fails to establish a convincing connectivity between them. Examples of such individual segments are –

Nawaz chasing SRK
Corruption (in police department)
Political conspiracy
Communal riots
Philanthropic aspect of Raees
Plight of workers working in unorganized sector

He deals with all the above topics and honestly, they all are shot well but he fails to bind them together at the end.
So, though people enjoy these sequences thoroughly (honestly, each of these segments are well crafted individually) at the end they look confuse as what they have gained from Raees- the movie as whole.

2. SRK-Mahira Chemistry :

This is yet another drawback and at times their chemistry looks forced. I felt a heroine was added to this movie only to strengthen the commercial aspects of Raees else there was no need for a leading lady as such.

3. Climax : It was surreal for me though it is ‘strictly’ individual opinion of mine.

Conclusion :


Now comes the major question- whether one should watch or skip Raees.

I would categorize the audience into three groups and pass my remarks accordingly.

1. SRK haters : These are the people who always have a prejudice about SRK movies and they don’t even appreciate the positive aspects of his movies. If you are one among them, skip it as you will not like it at all.

2. Neutral audiences :

Please understand that the decision – whether to watch Raees or not- totally depends upon your ‘Taste’. Raees is not a Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijan or CDI. If you love wholesome entertainment and want to be completely engaged and involved for two and half hours, then Raees is for you. I guarantee it you will never get bored and will thoroughly enjoy the movie.
However, if you are expecting Raees to be a perfect crime thriller with major twist and turns then I would request you to give it a miss. Because story is quite predictable and what makes it enjoyable is the characterization and performance of the casts, specially SRK and Nawaz and not the story as a whole.

3. SRK fans : Book your tickets if you have not already. You will love this badass yet sensitive Avatar of SRK.


Rating : *** (3/5) (I always get afraid while allocating *(stars) to a movie because I am not good at it. Still trying my hands for the first time :P )


Commercial side :

Raees is already a winner at single screens and it will attract large number of audience in coming days. What remains to be seen is, how it fairs at multiplexes. Though SRK’s presence has ensured fair occupancy and phenomenal advance booking for first three days, but will that continue when the actual weekend (Sat-Sun) peeps in, that’s the biggest question.
If Kaabil is anything near to the reviews what it has received, it will put a formidable competition in front of Raees.

My expectations : Will wrap up within 150 cr (HIT)





  • We Hrithik fans want Kaabil to be hit ( 100-120 ) cr. Nothing against SRK. Hope both movie does good business as a lot of hardwork has gone in making of both Raees nd Kaabil.

  • indicine trying hard to spread negativity like krk
    we was shocked when site like you ppsted krk review yesterday ?
    damn funny you was best till yesterday
    ya i am srk fan but i always agree with you when you said srk should do good movie and all but now totally disagree yup its someone else review but why only negative review about raees? when you know srk nawaz much better than hrithik yami btw not interested in your site now …you turned from boi to bollyarena ?? ps now i will only read boi i quit reading bollyarena long yime ago …

  • I fear indicine has created ghost viewers and writers. Xzone seems one of them. Plz indicine don’t spread negativity.

  • Quite well reviewed. You have put the pro & cons in detail..
    Based on your review it does not seem my type of movie so I will give it a miss and save my time and money :). I have already seen lots of Big B movies from 80’s.
    Kaabil looks more realistic though..

  • and ya we know srk dare to clash with roshan but it can be solved out but papa roshan just showed only attitude and now crying like child …srk never cried but i know he will destroy bhansali ? as he said in 2007 …..he is bad ass and we like his this badass avatar

  • it’s a biased review…he is pretending he’s honest but he’s lying. ..at plexes it is running like riot…

  • Being a movie fan (with no technical knowledge) I would summarise my review (experience)under following points:
    1. I watched the movie in a a famous multiplex chain today morning.The atmosphere during the movie was no less than novelty cinemas (the most popular single screen in lucknow). The movie starts with a bang. SRK’s entry was mindblowing. First half was very well paced.The transition of Raees Alam was portrated in an excellent manner.
    2. The love story part was really very bad. They could have easily taken any bollywood actress and avoided all the controversy.The Lead pair chemistry was pathetic.
    3. For me Nawaz was the show stealler.He did with SRK what shashi kapoor couldn’t do with amitabh in 80’s.
    4. Second half was inferior to the first one but the later half or pre climax makes it for the slow pace.
    5. The inner battle of raees with his heart,his principles has been excellently portrayed by shahrukh.
    6.Shahrukh fans have a perfect movie to cherish their idol’ performance.
    7. Dialogues are top notch..Bestest se bhi best…A number of whistle moments in the movie.SRK’s mannerism itself is whistleworthy.
    8. The movie willbe a riot at single screens..faad degi..Multiplex is a wair and watch situation.
    9. I have my reservations with few scenes viz the rath yatra one, the fight in the first half when raees meets moosa for the fiest time. These scenes are very controversial..I personally dont agree with these scenes.
    10. My rating 3***. A must must must watch for srk fans.For others its a one time watch.And i totally disagree with the fact that sunny’s presence will detach family audience.There’s nothing vulgar in the movie except the fact that few action scenes are voilent.
    Highly recommended for all

  • So, grown up hearing about Darr, Baazigar, and various other movies of SRK from my dad! Watching him as a baddie for the first time in my life( Gaurav wasn’t bad, he was sweet) didn’t let me sleep the entire night! And i enter the theatre, first row, whistles, cheers, applause as soon as the name in BOLD comes on the screen! It is a festival of sorts at Gaiety! So will SRK live up to the hype? Will he deliver?

    Story and Screenplay: Sheeba Chadda and the small Raees Aslam along with Sadiq start it off on an entertaining note. His mom is a believer that no business is big or small and there is no religion above business. She adds on something which needs to be seen in theatres. The entry scene of SRK was quite unusual, but got the cheers and applause. Raees is a bootlegger, who doesn’t seem to stop but wants to touch the sky as soon as possible. Good at heart for the good, but worse for the goons, that is what defines Raees. Then comes the MJ( Nawaz Siddique) and starts from the word go. How Raees carries the hopes of his people, how he expands his empire and his rat and mouse race is what lies ahead with it’s fair bit of twists and turns. The screenplay loses pace in the second half which made me play a game on my phone.

    Production: Creating a 70’s set is very difficult and getting the realism into is also very difficult. But the team pulls it off quite brilliantly. The BACKGROUND SCORE is the backbone of the film.
    The sets look great, the costumes suit the characters.

    Music and Direction: Personally, Zaalima is forced, shouldn’t have been in the film. But then people complain. Other songs carry the story forward but this one breaks the link. Loo break needed here. Laila is a major element. Rahul Sir has created a brilliant blend of realism and superstardom. He has made sure the scenes are edited perfectly. However he didn’t go to the extent of minute detailing of the film which is fine to a certain extent. But, all in all first commercial movie and he pulls it off nicely.

    Dialogues: Dialogues need a special mention here. And the best ones go to Nawaz which is surprising but good. The charisma and chemistry between SRK and Nawaz is bliss.

    Writing: It is patchy, could have been tighter and minutely- detailed. It seems various parts from the story have been removed. But that happens when a megastar is in the film. The essence is lost out somewhere. The “Apni Duniya” part seems a replacement for some other scene. It made the film lengthy.

    Performances: SRK gives a fabulous performance, but I still feel FAN was his best. He should have won awards for the film. However, the panache and charisma of Raees could have only been potrayed by him. Nawaz steals the show from the word Go. If SRK is the star of the film, he is no less. His dialogue delivery is just too good. Mahirah Khan is good in her shot role. Special mention for Zeeshan who does everything perfect. He deserved more. Atul Kulkarni, Narendra Jha and others provide good support

    Conclusion: Raees is a must watch because this kind of entertainment ( 70’s) will become extinct, i feel. Massy entertainers would not be the kind for the future. Watch this film for SRK, Nawaz and their sheer brilliance. With its loops, and patchy screenplay, you may get a bit exhausted, but then no other Raees than this Raees. I am going with 3.5 stars for Raees. That extra half is for Nawaz , mind you! Go rush to the cinemas , NOW!


  • kaabil will win the race…raees is a good movie but doesn’t have repeat value as srk dies at last …I m just looking public reviews of both film all raees people were sad and all kaabil viewers had light on face…Monday want to see srk dying at end not even jbra fans…so film will not work beyond weekend at max 165 CR…

  • The line “I guarantee it you will never get bored” is true only in Srk fans angle & neutral audience may find it tough.

    Yup you can’t compare it with BB or Dangal or even Sultan.

    Expectations were huge since it’s teaser & it considered to be compared with OUTIM which had same genre but it turned out a very average film & nowhere near to OUTIM.

    Overall it’s one time watch & even no big loss if you skip it.

  • KAABIL unbiased reviews so far:

    Indian Express: 1.5 stars.
    Guardian: 2 stars
    SpotboyE: 2.5 stars
    Rediff: 2 stars.

  • here i can say that surely this is best srk film but kaabil will win the race…raees is a good movie but doesn’t have repeat value as srk dies at last …I m just looking public reviews of both film all raees people were sad and all kaabil viewers had light on face…Monday want to see srk dying at end not even jbra fans…so film will not work beyond weekend at max 165 CR…

  • Y u haven’t posted occupancy report ? Kaabil opened to 20% to 25% occupancy in morning shows??? I was right ..I knew his stardom is only limited to mega budget movies on National holidays ..

  • Are waah!!!!

    Thank you Sir for making a separate article altogether out of my review :-)

    As far as comments on this article are concerned, I am not going to leave a reply for them as different fanbases will have different opinion vis-a-vis my review.
    But just to that reader who alleged me of ‘pretending’ to be honest – I never pretend. Never cared about likes or dislikes on my comment and wrote whatever came into my mind.
    If developing a ‘honest’ and ‘clean’ image would have been there in my agenda, instead of bashing and locking horns with almost every existing fanbase on this site, I would have started writing long spiritual comments like our very own ‘Baba Sakshamanand’.

    So criticize the review but don’t dare to call it as an ‘image building’ exercise.

  • @Xzone pretty good review though it is bit longer but your review not sound like a biased one.
    Quite honest. Hope you had a great time in theater while watching Raees.

    Now as the both movies have released, I came to this conclusion as far as critics rating concerned.
    Both movies are watchable, Kaabil had better rating than Raees but that was expected as the kind of genre they belongs. None of the movie are great and both will be loved by the fans of respective superstars though Raees will be the winner in final tally as the thing stand today in each and every department but what matters the most that Both will be hit. That’s a great sign for both Srk and Hr as well as bollywood.

    I am predicting that Raees will collect 140-145 cr and Kaabil 95-100cr. Both will be Hit.

  • Raees has some awesomely slick action sequences n best dialogues to suit d bygone era..
    Raees seems more of a Pitch Perfect Film For Eid, but the political n national angle to it makes for Republic Day
    People should know d story of Raees, his Golden Heart n d true picture n den decide d movie n d person is good oe bad..I Loved His Baniye ka Business Sense n Jugaad..Dashing Daring Truly..
    Raees is more Commercial, Massy n Entertaining dan Kaabil, afkos Kaabil z good emotional sensitive n superb in its own way..
    No Comparison between Raees n Kaabil..both r awesome efforts
    Kaabil has more Cinematic Liberty n Painful Angst n Great Romantic Revenge Angle
    Raees z more lyk a Biopic of A Shrewd Business, Who Does Not Do Business with Religion, but Just Business..Raees z More of A Brilliant Reality vd Masala Moments..
    2 weeks r open..njoy both d movies..have fun
    Happy Republic Day
    Jai Hind

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