Race 2 Review

Race 2 Movie Review by film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja.

Unpredictable – This is the very factor that defines the core essence of Race as a brand. This is what made the original such an enticing affair and this is exactly what one expects from the sequel as well. Well, you aren’t disappointed at all as far as the first half of the film is concerned. However as the film proceeds after a terrific kickstart, you realise that the narrative starts focusing more on set-piece action sequences and enthralling locales even as the focus on drama starts getting diluted. That turns out to be the undoing of the film which could have covered a much greater distance that it eventually does.

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The film starts in true blue Abbas-Mustan style. Twists after twists fill the proceedings as you try to decipher who is the one who is wrong and who has been wronged. The sequence at the casino where Saif meets a casino owner (Rajesh Khattar) and explains his plan, the game of double cross being played, the mind games played between Saif, John and Deepika, the secret being unveiled about Jacqueline Fernandes, inclusion of Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel into the plan, journey down the memory lane featuring Bipasha Basu, the motive behind each of the players coming together in this race of money and death – just about everything works in the film’s favour.

In fact this part of the film is as per Abbas Mustan template and moves at a feverish pace. Despite the fact that you are prepared for the unpredictability, the twists and turns surprise and at places even shock you. In fact the interval point of the film gears you to check what’s in store during the second half of the film.

However this is where the film gets into a different territory altogether. Just like it had happened in case of ‘Don 2’ where focus had shifted to a heist instead of the escapades of the man himself, even Race 2 moves into the ‘museum mein chori’ episode. Frankly, after witnessing many a heist thrillers from the West, this one sounds like an unnecessary distraction. Moreover with the entire premise being set so well, you want to see Saif and John take on each other instead of the former carrying out a heist and latter fighting it out in the ring.

 Race 2 Review
Race 2 Review

That doesn’t mean the sequences aren’t well done. In fact you do munch your popcorn as the sequences unfold. However the edge of the seat thrilling effect that the film had promised at the very onset isn’t as prominent this time around. Moreover the pre-climax, when all actors come together in a secluded spot, is way too predictable to be taken seriously. As for the climax set in an aircraft, one still waits for the day when a Bollywood flick would actually get it right in the VFX department.

What the film still succeeds in doing is keep your attention alive right through it’s narrative and not quite turning into a boring outing, even in the second half. Moreover with cinematography being top notch, locations eye catchy, background music excellent and music peppy, there is a cinematic value that Race 2 comes up with which makes it a good big screen watch.

Amongst actors, it is clear that the brief given to each and every one of them was to play it cool. So while John Abraham looks as good as ever with his mannerisms being cool enough to suit the film’s requirement, Saif Ali Khan plays it right with a straight face and clearly seems to be having fun. Surprisingly Deepika Padukone has a relatively minor role to play. However she looks stunning in each and every frame that she appears. Jacqueline has a bigger part to play and she does it well while looking her best. Anil Kapoor and Ameesha do bring in smiles whenever they come on screen though one does feel that there should have been more of the veteran actor. Rajesh Khattar is convincing in his part while Aditya Pancholi in a guest appearance is solid as well.

Overall, Race 2 turns out to be a film which pretty much fits into the franchise template and doesn’t intend at digressing from that. While that is good from the core thought perspective, one can clearly sense that the kind of water tight treatment that Race had boasted of is missing in the sequel. Though it is fun for a good part of it, one just hunts for that extra zing that could have turned it into an enthralling affair, a trait that had made Race a much watch outing.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Movie Review: Race 2 (2013)
  • Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandes, Ameesha Patel
  • Director: Abbas – Mustan
  • Music Director: Pritam
  • Runtime: 145 minutes
  • Budget: 50 – 55 crores

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  • I thought second one won’t be as good as the first one;anyways I’m gonna watch it somewhere around next week.

    It’s surprising that Jacqueline has a bigger part to play than Deepika, despite Jacqueline being a newer and lesser star than Deepu.

  • Sleek characters, smart one liners and a very stylish Saif Ali Khan. Deepika Padukone’s style will surprise you in the film. She is in a brand new avatar. But the problem with Race 2 is so high on style that no character is ready to talk normally in the film. Too many twists and turns. Too much to handle.

    Okay film. Hot babes, stylish actors. Not much else.

    2 stars

  • Wrong! GUYS! the film is AWESOME. very good acting, suspense, fantastic action.the first half starts a little slow but you would certainly be shocked by the secrets.

    The film is real good mate, I just saw it and don’t go by 2 or 3 critics, wait for user review, which can be taken by 1000s of people.

    I don’t know if it’s better but it’s definitely nothing less than the original.
    Deepika has a bigger role don’t worry. Jacqueline is important but not as much.

    RACE had many twists and turns, the more suspence there is in a movie, the more entertaining it is, so my rating is very good, as good as the original, 4.5 stars.

  • Indicine is the only site to rate it 3 out of 5 stars.Rest of all sites have rated in between 1.5 – 2.5.So you can estimate the caliber of the film.

  • i read Race 2 released with 3200screens n 3rd biggest release after D2 n ETT, so i think 1st day coll. Should be 13-15crs

  • @sam. Rofl ur comment dat don2 is finest thriller ever made in india is d joke of dis january. Its a shame dat ur comparing a cheap don2 with a real stylish thriller race 2 for race2 is seriously thrilling, stylish, entertaining,gripping,enthralling dan don2. Just watch it n u wil understand y. Its music,action sequences, acting performances, wow factor r much much better dan don2 & also has repeat value which means it will collect more dan don2. Guys race2 is just rockin.

  • IBN Live gave the soundtrack four stars of five saying, “Race 2’s soundtrack is racy to the core. In a nutshell, the album is bound to be a hit. Let’s just hope the movie is as good as the soundtrack is!” Shresht Poddar, of Score Magazine, gave the album three out of five stars saying, “Personally, as a standalone album with no biases, it is enjoyable but it could have done with better lyrics.

  • Movie is just awesome
    3.5 from me :)
    @sam, I agree with ur comment but no one is comparing them. Pls I request u not to make unnecessary comments which would lead to cat fights among the fans if various actors for example abhi..

  • If indicine is giving 3 star means something is available for audience to enjoy, I highly recommend indicine reviews rather other website paid reviews ;)
    will watch abbas mastaan race 2

  • It is a awesome movie guys, twists and turns make it even better. Totally loved the movie. I don’t know if it’s better than the first part but is definitely not worse than it. If you don’t believe me, then go above this page, on the left you’ll see the names of many movies, click on race 2. go to the site and then go a little down from there and you’ll see the user reviews. 4.5

  • Nice review! I seen the movie here in Melbourne yesterday on Premiere night! I was so excited about seeing it finally, and while i was satisfied, there is a bit i want to say.
    I agree, Ameesha and Anil brought in the crowd, the complete audience loving duo! Ameesha played her role with such conviction and lovingly.
    While i agree Jacqueline’s role may have been a bit bigger than Deepika’s, they were still not really well written roles. Too less they were seen, which made their alliance switches not that effective. You could sort of relate to what Saif gone through within Race, and how the two ladies in that play the game are very effective.
    It was disappointing seeing what Bipasha’s role was in it, especially how her role was fleshed out in the first one, so it is a bit unbelieveable that her character would just go like that. Bipasha also rocked the first installment, and Deepika cannot quite fit into her shoes yet. Bring Bipasha back!!

  • Race 2 is an awesome movie!!! The ultimate joyride – I’m going to see it again. Don’t listen to the critics! John is very good in his role – very menacing. Excellent job by all – except Ameesha was not needed in the film. Her role was stupid. And don’t blink or you’ ll miss Bipasha’s 1-minute long scene.

  • The film is awesome. if you don’t believe me, go above, on the right you will see names of many films, clic on race and go to the site. then go a little down and see the user ratings yourself. Don’t go on what critics say, as they are just 10 or 15 at the most. user rating is taken by 1000’s of people and the user rating is 4.5

  • WATCH RACE 2!!! This movie is excellent! Way better than Wanted, Bodyguard, Dabangg1 & 2! Finally some good, realistic & stylish action – like the kind we saw in FORCE. This is definitely comparable to a Hollywood film. I would rate it 3.5 or 4/5 for the story, style & action. Saif was good but he was over-shadowed by John, who was in much better shape & did justice to his role. John was absolutely fantastic & played the villain flawlessly. Deepika & Jacqueline were both great. However, Ameesha was annoying & served no real purpose. Ameesha still can’t act after 12 years – how embarrassing!

  • A good film! I saw it yesterday at cinema and enjoyed every minute watching it! it’s much better than part 1, bigger in production, luxury in everything, Saif looks v handsome in this film, Jacquline and Deepika too.. John did well in his role.. it’s a cinema film.. don’t watch it on a small screen..but a big one.. and I think there will be a part 3.. that’s what the ending says.. just laughed at one scene.. while they’re all in the plane.. when Deepika and Saif leave the plain riding a car with a parachute!!! that was funny!!

  • this movie rockxxx. i have seen it twice now in theater. All the leading cast is fabulous. Saif is cool, john is menacing, deepika looks gorgeous,jacqline is ok while anil and ameesha provide much needed humour and are too good with their comic timngs in the film loaded with superb action. and ameesha looks damn hott through out the film too. Race2 is much better than some of the senseless 100cr hits in last 4 5 years of bollywood. A must watch for thriller lovers!!

  • Race 2 is a must watch see movie love saif ali khan he look so handsome with those shade and suite…. One of my best movies

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