Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Videos

The first video of Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is out. Its the trailer of the film that released on Shahrukh Khan’s birthday that he celebrated with the media and colleagues from the industry.

The Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Video looks quite different and SRK dances to the Haule Haule song. Anushka Sharma is pretty, but looks significantly older than her real age (20), which could turn out to be a positive as she is acting opposite a man who turned 43 today.

With just about a month and 10 days to go for the release of the film (December 12th), the music should be out shortly and with it more video trailers will be released. So keep checking this page for more RNBDJ Video updates.

Go through the videos and leave your comments below.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi First Trailer




  • It was treat to have the first song aired of ” Rab Ne Bana De Jodi” on your birthday. Its a sure shot hit song and I can predict the film is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters.

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday.


    Subhro Chakraborti

  • Many2 Happy returns of the day. Best of Luck. The God bless you.

    You r the best in the world. you are the real king of bollywood.

    from Nepal

  • I loved it oh Allah, he is so cute, not as always, more than always… He is getting ‘perfecter’ =D I m lokking forward to see this movie, too.. My heart and me are waiting for it

  • By the way, Happy Jaanam Din My King Khan :) May Allah give you another 50 years… may Allah give you a healty and full-of-love lifetime.. Be with us, be happy, stay happy :) Lots of love from the country you have never come, from Turkiye… Today i m gonna make a wish :) May SRK come to Turkiye :) LOTS OF LOVE FROM HERE TO SRK =D

  • Interesting song, Shahrukh is the best, this movie will be nice for us.. for girls..ladies.. who love romantic comedy but quality movies.. who loved “Mohabbatein” for Aditya Chopra, and for many ppl in this world.. but there’s another fact.. that the movies which we love and admire, there’re also millions who find them crap or say (Bakwas movies!) or say about Shahrukh he’s chocolatly for a simple reason because they’re (not) romantic by their nature, tough ppl therefore they consider a man who’s romantic as a (weak) and not a man!! and that’s bacause they never understand women ( and God knows how these ppl treat their wives in their personal life, if these wives r really happy and their tough husbands fulfill their desires as women!!)

    Every movie got it’s audience and ppl r different in what they like and dislike.. so this movie ( for sure) isn’t for ppl who love Rajnikanth, Govinda type movies, not fo the audience who love Golmaal, Welcome or some snesleless meaningless acting.

    Shahrukh is intelligent, knows what women in this world love and dream of.. therefore most of his movies fulfill women’s desires and give them some “happiness” by watching them.


  • If a Tiger starts eating d fruits and leaves . they would nt call it as goat . Lyk Dat Only IF m nt Srk Fan Den Hw can u Say who r nt srk fan’s they r nt romantic . v dnt have 2 tongue’s lyk him to say sumthing n do sumthing , v r nt selfish lyk him nor a gay who always wit d another gay . . V No D Meaning of Romantic n v no well how to love our wife’s cuz a man with tough body will b soft hearted . v dnt need 2 learn it 4m srk .

  • If a Tiger starts eating d fruits and leaves . they would nt call it as goat . Lyk Dat Only IF m nt Srk Fan Den Hw can u Say who r nt srk fan’s they r nt romantic . v dnt have 2 tongue’s lyk him to say sumthing n do sumthing , v r nt selfish lyk him nor a gay who always wit d another gay . . V No D Meaning of Romantic n v no well how to love our wife’s cuz a man with tough body will b soft hearted . v dnt need 2 learn it 4m srk .

  • hahahah.. bad boy.. your name (bad boy) reviels what u r.. that u a really (baddddddd!)

    Fine.. Shahrukh is a gay.. were you in the bed with him to confirm that he is gay?!! Were u his boyfriend or saw him in a party flirting with a guy that u confirm he’s a gay?!!

    People like u r just “jealous” and want to ruin any actor who’s famous and who ppl love and adore him.. that’s the point.. R u Indian bad boy? If u are.. then it’s shame on u to talk about Shahrukh this way.. and all these rumours said by men and not by women.. also Hrithik has been accused that he’s gay, Akshay Khanna, now Ranbir Kapoor.

    So the question is: ARE ALL BOLLYWOOD ACTORS REALLY GAY?! If it’s true, then that proves that Indian men, and most of them, are gay people!

  • Ya , m an bad boy but nt 4m india , m 4m Norway . If Ppl r Saying Dem a gay then there wud b proof witout ne meaning they wont say ne one gay . All Indians r nt gay but few bollywood actor’s lyk dem has destroyed d value of india . yuck . they totally suck’s .

  • In Dis Whole World . Everyone is jealous of other’s success but no one has get dis award lyk gay . Few r listed here by u . thank u i was nt knwing abt dem . .
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  • I Had Saw Srk in Many Interview’s n etc Alwayz With His New Luvly Gay Wife Karan johar nt with his real life wife gauri much nowadayz . Watch Der Reaction’s Especially king of gay’s karan johar .

  • Srk n etc mentioned actor’s r truely gay only u also no well abt dem so only u had mentioned abt dem ere . Good Live in dis world lyk common man/women dnt b an alien . which alwayz tries to prove it d best . allah hafiz

  • Badboy: So u r a muslim?!! God will punish u for your bad thinking! Karan Johar being a gay.. we don’t need any prove that he’s because 1) his body language proves it 2) He never gets married.. so we don’t need to see any video for him in a bed with any guy and that would be enough evidence and 3) that he “always” says that he can’t do any movie without Shahrukh! So that also proves that he’s deeply in love with Shahrukh..but.. does all this prove that Shahrukh is Gay too?! No dear Badboy because Shahrukh thinks only of his career, and if one of his best directors/friends is gay.. so it’s nothing to do with him.. If Karan is in love with Shahrukh so this doesn’t make SRK a gay person!!

    Many gay ppl fell in love with straight ppl, this happend with thousands of gay ppl in this world, even in our country.. I know lots of stories about gay who loved straight and they couldn’t make a successful relationship with the same sex but failed.

    So don’t be a fool bad boy as u don’t have any evidence that Shahrukh is gay, nothing in his body language proves it, and he’s married and have kids and loved his wife for years before marriage.. if he was gay, he wouldn’t be able to love a female.. but male!

    If u say all the actors which I mentioned r really gay.. what about Ranbir who got a (girlfriend) and not a (boyfriend) any explanation?!

  • To all female haters:

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  • U Knw Onething Pal . Past is 2 4get n Remember only sweet memories which create smile in our face . Present is der 4 Achieve wat u want n fullfil ur & ur family needs . Future is left On God ( Allah ) . He ll Take Of Us n Dis World . Allah apki har dua puri kare Dost .” Ameen ” ( Allah Hafiz ) .

  • Shahrukh, you are the real king of bollywood and not the SINGH IS KING (I mean Akshay)..God only know how that movie declared hit…I didnt find any king character in that movie…I just found only a bunch of jokers!!! :)

    Tujh mein SUPER STAR dikhta hain yaara mein kya karun!!!!!!! :)

    Tujh mein SUPER STAR dikhta hain yaara mein kya karun!!!!!!! :)

    Tujh mein SUPER STAR dikhta hain yaara mein kya karun!!!!!!! :)

    Tu sabr tho kar mere yaar..zara saans tho le mere yaar….chal phikr ko maar goli maar yaar…Haule Haule MOVIE super hit Hojayega yaar….. :)

    Shahrukh does not require any special occasions to attact crowds to release his movie!!!….GOLMAAL RETURNS is a horrible movie, I wonder how this movie declared hit…thanks to diwali occasion. :)

    Shahrukh, I watched the trailor more than 200 times till now!!!!!!! But never felt bored at all!!!!!….


    There are so many good actors in bollywood like Aamir khan etc…but no one entertains us more than you!!!. As those people look only for oscars and get their fame….BUT YOU ARE VERY DIFFERENT!!!


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