Raaz 3 Movie Review

For the Bhatt’s the formula for success is simple – sequel to a hit franchise, good music and sexual content. The presence of Emraan Hashmi is an added bonus at the box-office. Each film that stuck to this formula has done well – Jannat 2, Jism 2, Murder 2.. the only film that didn’t was Raaz 2.

For the third instalment, Vikram Bhatt, who directed the first film, returns with bankable stars like Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu. Can they recreate the magic of Raaz?

Story: Raaz 3 is about the evil Shanaya (Bipasha Basu), who is a superstar. Her dominance ends when a younger star Sanjana (Esha Gupta) makes it big, takes the awards and gets to best of roles. Shanaya then explores her darker side and takes up black magic to ruin Sanjaya. She also uses her boyfriend Aditya (Emraan Hashmi), who later falls for Sanjana.

Raaz 3

Raaz 3 Review

In terms of production value and scale, Raaz 3 is easily the most ambitious film produced under the Vishesh Films banner. I’d also recommend you watch the film in 3D as it significantly enhances the impact.

Raaz 3 starts well, the director wastes no time and quickly establishes the plot and the characters. The first half has some thrilling moments and Vikram Bhatt’s who†specialises in directing horror films, has complete control over proceedings.

The second half though, fails to match up. The screeches get too loud, Esha Gupta goes insane and there are way too many loop holes in the script.

Raaz 3 has an abundance of sleaze on offer and provides enough titillation to ensure the masses walk out happy. Emraan Hashmi has love-making scenes with both Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta. The music disappoints big-time.

Bipasha Basu gets everything right – her expressions, look, body language and dialogue delivery is spot on. She is the star of Raaz 3. Emraan Hashmi sleep walks through his role, he’s done this several times before. Esha Gupta is strictly okay.†Manish Choudhary is very good.

Overall, Raaz 3 is one of the better films to come out of the Bhatt camp in recent times. Way better than Jism 2, which released recently. At the box office, business should be best at mass centres. The 3D version will ensure good returns from multiplexes.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • Film is very scary in parts , but its definately better than rgv horror films , go and watch for emran and bipasha’s good performances.

  • Emraan Hashmi ..is getting faboulous..mvie by mvie… Surely he gonna b in d list of next superstars of bollywood .. Raaz 3 is superb fantastic .. Itz superhit.. Emmi rockkd

  • @marz this movie is doing bussiness only because of emraan and his fans of single screens. nobody knows bipsha that much. emraan did brillint job and movie is only doing good because of him. emraan the next superstar rising

  • @ahmed, The comment at 7:39pm was not done by me, it’s done by some loosers. And any way I did not see the movie and I hate bipaaha.
    I agree with your comment.

  • Hi, guys new update on Ajay & srk clash on divali, ajay and son of sordar production co. Has warned to the theather & multiplex owners thad if they donít offer same screen space for SOS on divali they would not release their upcoming movies Oh my god, aaiya, chakravyuv films in those theaters and multiplexes
    so cheers!!!!

  • Emran again rocks. I dont know y i think that
    1 day emran wil be a king of bollywood
    But although, movie is scary,hot,thriller, and i wil be a fabulous film
    Whole india must watch this movie

  • Vishesh film’s another best.far better than raaz-2.better effects and blake magic creates some novelty idea.horror effects can be cheered by masses and both vfx & story cheered by multiplexes.comparing other bollywood(not hollywood),it is amazing.but climax is somehow can be more interestingly it will be more better.but though it is amazing.

  • Movie is superb…..must watch in 3D.but the climex can be better if keep the black magic in suspens….all over movie is fabolus……

  • I can’t give a honest review for this film coz I planned to see it at cinema, but I didn’t get a chance, and in our country it didn’t work for more than one week! so I missed it.. and I was really surprised why it didn’t sustain for longer time and has been removed from all cinemas.. so I saw it online now coz couldn’t wait till the dvd is out

    The best thing in Raaz 3 is the script and Bipasha’s role.
    It’s a film which u will watch till the end and wl enjoy, but I still think that Raaz one is the best part.

    Weakness points:
    1) In the scene where Sanjana was too frightened and scared and screaming, in the first half.. Emran starts suddenly kissing her.. hahaha.. that made me laugh!
    2) Bipasha uses bad language in one scene
    3) I’ve never seen in any horror film that a ghost would dial a telephone number and would talk in the phone!! that was also funny
    4) Sanjana could run away when she sees those fleas around her and could leave the ladies room immediately! why would she wait trying to push those fleas away with her hands till she gets naked and then she’d run and leave!!!
    5) Bipasha in the last scene of the film becomes a superhero!!!! she breaks doors with a push of her leg!! wow.. with one push a woman can break the whole door ( and she does it twice!!)

    This film required a better director otherwise it would’ve come out a very good film

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