Qissa The Tale of a Lonely Ghost Trailer: Irrfan Khan

After classic films like Paan Singh Tomar, The Lunchbox and the Oscar nominated film ‘Life Of Pi’, Irrfan Khan plays Umber Singh in his next film titled Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost.

The film was screening at the Toronto International Film Festival and has also won the Netpack Award for an International Asian Film.

Qissa is about a Sikh who wishes for a male child but is instead gifted with a baby girl. Instead of accepting the god-given gift, he embarks on a journey against his destiny.

The film is written and directed by Anup Singh. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.



  • This looks soooo good! Really interesting-looking trailer…aaand since Irrfan’s in it, it’s defs gonna be good!

  • Such a powerful movie. Irrfan Khan is on a roll. The true Khans are without a doubt Irrfan and Aamir, rest of them are fakes!

  • Hamza Khan, its a movie that actually makes you think. There are no lavish sets and moronic songs, as you see in 95% of Bollywood movies. You know the likes of Chennai Express and such brain dead crap.

    Its a movie about a man who has to move aways from his home, because of the partition. This makes him feel like a failure, and the only thing he feels that can make him come out of his melancholy is the birth of a heir, a son, who can cotinue his bloodline. But he keeps on getting daughters.

    When his fourth daughter is born, he pretends its a boy, and everyone plays along, even if they know that its a girl. Everything is going fine, until his daughter reaches pubery, then it gets hard to pretend that the girl is a boy, of obvious reasons. But Irrfan’s character is stubborn, and continues the charade, even getting the girl married off to another girl.

    For anyone who has children, this is certainly a movie that strikes an emotional chord. Obviously most of indicine readers are childrens themselves, so they wouldn’t understand the powerful message of such films.

  • Most Indicine readers are childrens? Really?? Just because a lot of people here indulge in fan wars, dont underestimate them. I am sure readers like Navin, Hamza Khan and so many others love and appreciate good films too.

    It is just that our movie industry is so star-driven that without fanwars and crazy fan following the industry wont survive. Its because bid budget films that theaters, distributors can survive and also invest in smaller films.

    Without big budget films, smaller films like The Lunch Box, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Paan Singh Tomar wouldn’t even be made.

  • Suniel… if you’re saying that all these chamche (who sit on the net all day worshipping their idol and hating on other actors) are infact full-grown adults, then it’s even more sad…

    So, in India, we have 30 year old men spending their time writing “srGAY sux, sallu rox” or “GAYmir sux, hrithik rox”… we have a population that chooses to divide itself into pathetic categories like “srkian”, “hrithikian”, “akkian”… as if these people don’t have any identity of their own, but their identity is based solely on the actor they worship…

    …and then we wonder why Bollywood is so far behind Hollywood.

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