PVR Pictures apologises to Aamir Khan

Aamir KhanPVR Pictures has issued an apology to actor Aamir Khan for misquoting him on Hollywood filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow’s new film “Zero Dark Thirty”.

The actor was quoted talking about the Hollywood film, and Bigelow, in a statement issued by PVR Pictures.

“The team at PVR Pictures would like to clarify and categorically state that the quotes and comments attributed to Mr. Aamir Khan in the story are not his at all. We sincerely apologise to him for the hurt and offence caused by this gross error from our side,” Kamal Gianchandani, president of PVR Pictures, said in a statement.

“Like millions of Indians, we hold utmost respect and admiration for him and his views,” he said, adding that the team “regrets this lapse immensely”.



  • @indicine Dont copy from others:( try to be authentic and maintain originality of your beautiful website
    Write yourself:)

  • @Indicine, plz publish the news of Salman dancing at a wedding for a fee… Now what do the Bhaitards have to say?? Sure they will come up with some crap like they always do.. And he is also going to host an award show.. Copycat Khan always copies original Khan :)

  • Aamir khan is a gentleman and he is not like srk .he will not take this small issue seriously and will not create any controversy.

  • Its good gesture by PVR pictures of issuing apology.eagerly waiting to see the sureshot blockbuster probably all time blockbuster “dhoom 3” in PVR multiplex.

  • @star Its true what you say. A wedding is taking place this sunday in Mumbai. At first The couple/organisers were contacted by Gauri Khan offering her husbands services but the bride said she doesnt want SRK at her special day after reading stories of how he behaves like groping the bridesmaids and making sexual advances towards auntys/ future mother in laws.
    But just a small correction in your statement. Instead of a fee the happy couple were advised by bhai to make a small contribution to the ‘Being Human Foundation’. Bhai has agreed to dance to some romantic numbers which will be better that dancing to crappy songs like saans.
    Great news is that with this donation to the foundation bhai can continue to sponsor ‘Mental Asylums’ and you ( star/xzone) can continue to receieve electrical shock treatment for free. Bhai jaan is Bade Dilwale indeed.
    Come on xzone say it loud and proud:
    Bhai roxXx bhai rocks bhai roxXx bhai rocks bhai roxXx bhai rocks bhai roxXx……

  • I really think that Gauri has better things to do, than to find her husband a job. Seriously now! :))
    But after all, I’m not in India…so who knows how the things are made there…still hard for me to believe, that SRK needs his wife to find him an event.

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