Priyanka Chopra wraps up Bajirao Mastani: Pic

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who recently returned from the United States of America, haa wrapped up the final shooting schedule of her upcoming film Bajirao Mastani.  Sources say,  the actress returned from US for 2 days just to complete her part of the film.

Priyanka flew down to Mumbai on Friday night and shot for the film over the weekend.

Priyanka plays the role of Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani. She has been cast opposite Ranveer Singh.

Priyanka Chopra wraps up Bajirao Mastani

Priyanka Chopra wraps up Bajirao Mastani



  • This movie has the potentionality to flop at box office even solo.
    Remember bombey velvet.
    I don’t know why slb is too keen to release it alongside Dilwale.
    If clash Happens
    dilwale : 500+ crore worldwide
    bm : 140 crore worldwide.

  • It is really pitiful the fact that u can’t get out of ur ego and ruin sth which is ur dream project.
    Slb u still have the time to reconsider.
    Once the sth is done regretting won’t help anything …!!!
    I don’t want this clash .
    bhai releases two movies both are solo.
    When srk releases one movie and that faces clash it is really not fair.
    Becoz of clashes srk has not managed to deliver highest grossing movie of the year.
    How sad is that !!!!!

  • Can they really afford clash with SRK starer Dilwale? Even Varun will defeat Ranvir @box office on any given day..

  • I am having the feeling this movie will not work just because It would be typical slow movie… And You know how Srk promotes his movie

  • I am honestly not excited for BM . But i am amazed to see the hardwork of SLB . The shooting took more than 320 Days and that is almost a year . The trailer was ok there was nothing special . I will wait for the 2nd trailer to see if it is intriguing . I believe this will be the acid test for SLB, Ranveer and Eros . Bhansali said this is his dream project and wanted to direct this movie 15 years back . If this movie flops then Sanjay will be badly trolled . Ranveer has given 2 back to back unsuccessful films – KD and DDD . He has been criticized for being over enthusiastic and drama queen but now he has the biggest chance to prove everybody wrong . He is playing the character of Bajirao Peshwa who was a iconic figure in Maratha History . This year has been great for Eros with NH10, Badlapur, TWMR and BB . Now they have backed a movie which will clash with Dilwale starring SRK, Kajol and Varun Dhawan directed by Rohit Shetty and releasing on Christmas . So if anything goes wrong they will face a huge loss . The failure of BM will not affect Priyanka and Deepika very much . In their last few movies they both have been praised for their performances . They both are very popular and if something goes wrong they still have movies in 2016 which can make an impact . Till now there is no news of Clash being averted so it will be an exciting clash like JTHJ – SOS and Bang Bang – Haider .

  • Dear all srkians please support Bajirao Mastani if u are real Cinema lover , u should support this Bajirao Mastani film .

  • Priyanka really impresses me
    The amt of hardwork she is putting in her profession inspires me.

    But sorry pc BM will rewrite history
    It will break the toughest record
    The bombay velvet record

  • PRDP music review de do indicine otherwise ur review will also be outdated like the PRDP album

  • DILWALE Tornado will take & throw BM & SLB &Ranveer’s career into the Arabian Sea from Mumbai’s SRK house MANNAT.

  • Feeling bad for the entire cast and crew of Bajirao. Their ship will sink without a trace.

    @7:44 pm : Yes Aunt, after the awful debacle of “Niel Nitin Prem ko Doobne se Bachao”, you will only have ‘Bajirao’ at your side to save your fat ass but unfortunately even this trick seems not to be working. Lol

  • @indicine. Realistically speaking BM will not be a threat to Dilwale. These are not the kind of buzz BM should be having esp on saying priyanka to wrap up! Yes d movie can get some fairly good to above collection but we all know this is a movie starring Srk kajol varun. Rohit producers!
    Pls post something better like “British child celebrity Abigail dames to play AD daughters role in Shivaay with fast n furious action director Justin lin and several Hollywood actors involved. ” forget Bout priyanka wrapping up !,can’t wait for shivaay. Ajay has class such a quite but powerful superstar!,brining a director of fast n furious for his personal movie says it all topping it would Dr who child artiste Abigail in his movie is d cherry on d icing . Good luck Ajay Sir you rock!!! For BM I have a feeling Ranveer will do well but collection wise d opening day will be more than 55% lower than Dilwale except we are out for a stunning surprise!’ But let both of d movies do good. Dilwale 42 opening. Bm 15 at most shivaay nxt year 33.5 opening day .

  • This movie will be epic! Though it will be molested by srk over promotion, even If It needs to to go abroad or dance in wedding party srk won’t think twice to do, but I believe in slb,s story telling

  • All SRK lovers knows that its a sanjay leela vhasali movie who is behind SRK’s acclaimed devdas ..ur all hatred and insecurity shows that how much desperate, apprehensive and paranoid u morons are that bb will swap away box office and ur queen will drown in bajiroa strom ??sanjay leela is a director even if ranveer singh would av casted in devdas and the outcome would av blockbuster ?? so dont u dummies try to spred negativity by saying it ranveer singh movie .. actors die to incorporate with Sanjay leela bhansali. He is not like rohit sheety whose movie was rejected by Legend comidian Sharman Joshi ..?? its not ranveer or deepika who is clashing with SRK’s Dilwale its a BHANSALI whose name itself is so weighty and class ..

  • With Clash, Bajirao mastani will beat Ramleela box office records(115 crores) and Multistarrerwaaale will beat Rab ne Bana di jodi huge box office records(80 crores) Best of luck srk and her fans……

  • why to spread so much negativity? yeh bhi toh hosakta hai ke dono film hit ho boxoffice par… remember 3 yrs ago ajay’s sos and srk’s jthj clashed both of the films were sleeper hits… although jthj collected more than sos but overall both of them were clean hits… so therefore both of them will be hits it would be a treat for bollywood movie lovers this christmas…

  • Some people think they are more expertise about movies than directors like SLB !!!!!!!!!!! He is an acclaimed director he knows better than all these jobless buggers who are predicting movie to be flop just because it is clashing against a car fetish show called Dildo-wale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope BRM becomes Hit and gives a hard sl@p on these idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Christmas : Maratha warrior vs Maratha Mandir !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I sensed BRM will be more acclaimed than Dilwale. Being masala entertainer Dilwale will earn more but BRM may also emerge as Hit or successful venture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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