Priyamani’s item number in ‘Chennai Express’

PriyamaniNational Award-winning southern actress Priyamani has worked in Hindi films earlier but in Rohit Shetty’s “Chennai Express” she is doing her first ever item number. The actress can’t wait to shoot for it as it would allow her to meet Bollywood superstar and the film’s lead actor Shah Rukh Khan.

“I am very excited. I am just waiting for the shoot to happen so that I get to meet Shah Rukh Khan and to shoot with him,” Priyamani told IANS.

The actress, who won the National Award for 2006 Tamil film “Paruthi Veeran”, is doing an item song for the first time and said: “I have never done an item number. It is the first time and there is always a first time for everything.”

With item numbers becoming a staple in Hindi movies and actresses like Katrina Kaif and Malaika Arora setting the benchmark, Priyamani, 28, is unperturbed about the competition.

“I am not scared. That is a completely different league. They are excellent in what they do, which is fantastic. I am not going to be scared to be branded,” she confessed.

When it comes to playing lead roles in Hindi films, the actress, seen in “Raavan” and “Rakht Charitra”, is very clear about what she wants.

“You need to see what kind of offers come your way. Just because it is Bollywood, doesn’t mean that you have to take it. If something nice comes my way, I will take it up,” she said.

“It has to be something substantial. I am not saying that I have to do films like ‘The Dirty Picture’ or ‘Kahaani’. It could be something commercial as well,” said the actress whose work down south also includes “Yamadonga”, “Thirakkatha”.



  • Priyamani will also wear dhoti or lungi like srk and deepika in the item number and this is a good strategy of limiting clothes expenses bcoz the movie will find it difficult to recover its

  • Priyamani has won national award before and now srk will buy filmfare award for her for doing item number in chennai

  • Insallah chennai express will join 200 crore club and break 3 idiots record. After mnik all films of srk get negetive review although all of his join 100 crore club but behind sallu’s film as its class oriented film. Ce is a comedy/romance/drama/action a complete massala entertainer which is class and mass both oriented film therefore it did good business not only multiplex or oversease but also single screen and domestic boxoffice. Last 3 film of both srk and rohit shetty cross 100 crore mark so there is no doubt to cross 150 cr mark at domestic boxoffice. Ce is releasing this dushra 11 oct according to boi calendar so that it get 4 days holiday in a week and 2nd friday is also a holiday, there are no clash like jthj and no big film release after k3 sothat it will 3 weeks free run. If ce get good review then all srk fans know that ce difinately cross 200 crore mark. It has also done mind blowing busines in south india as sothstar involb in CE. So, my pridicetion dhoom3 due to franchisis & christmas holiday also new year adventage and chennai express has golden chance to join 200 crore club. No other film of 2013 has no chance to join 200 crore whatever the much hyped publicity by sequles like krish3, ouatim2,race 2, ypd 2.
    Rohit shetty=100cr plus
    srk=100crore plus
    deepika(my favourite)= 30cr plus
    vishal&sheker music= 20cr plus.
    srk/rohit/deepika/vishal&sheker= 200 crore plus banta hai yaar. The king is back with comedy &romance with CHENNAI EXPRESS.

  • Chennai Depress is gonna need a a whole truckload of Item Numbers by Munni and Sheila to save it from being an even bigger disaster than and JTHJ!!!!
    Rohit please wrap up the shoot as soon as possible so you can get back to working on the scripts for Golmaal 4 and Singham 2 with Ajay. All the best in your future endeavours Mr Shetty.
    Bhai roxXxXx

  • Eagerly waiting for this movie.though i am an amir khan fan,but i am a big fan of rohit shetty’s films.singham and golmaal are one of my most favourite films of all time.

  • Next day i will see many srk hatter say that it will collect max 120 cr. Then i told you that if you comapare jthj with ett& d2 i say if there has been no clash then jthj has earned more than dabangg 2 can’t cross 200 crore as it get negetive review not forget sos collect 105 cr and jthj collect 122 cr total bollywood collect 227 crore highest collection till date. CE release this dushra get 4 days holiday in a week and 2nd friday also a holiday and also get 3 week free run, no big film release before 3 week, no clash and also done great business in south and single screen due to the item number performed by priyamani sothat ce is has golden chance to join 200 crore club. I agree if ce get negetive review then it hardly touch 150 crore due to massala entertainer by rohi shetty but my heart says ce get possitive review and if it will get possitive review then whatever srk hatter says i and all the fan of srk 100% sure the chennai express will cross 200 cr mark at domestic and minimum collect 350 cr at worldwild boxoffice. Remeber srk is the real king/sultun of bollywood you cannot editted it.

  • glad after knowing that a national award winning actress is dying to work with king srk….means king has a lot of fans in tollywood as well…may be, this will be a shock for that “crapstar” fans…whose idol spent his whole life while making south remakes, but still he couldn’t find such reverence and approbation…

  • Hope, this item song will create a sensation like munni, sheela and chikni chameli.But personally, i am not ecstatic with this news as i have been saying for a long time that these item songs and action scenes are cheap tectises to collect more numbers on box-office.
    But, as all stars are using it now-a-days, so no offence to SRK.
    But i am sure that CE will be a good entertainer.I have also listened about the tweet of SRK that he is quite impressed with the direction skills of SRK and they are planning to work on 3 more scripts.Let’s see , what is going to be happen…!!!

    @sachin11.Dude, why you seem so hurry to comment negatively on any SRK page.Stop behaving like a kid yaar.Write something significant .These absurd and foolish comments won’t make any sense.

  • Hahahahahaha…….. My darling srk’s darling fans dont worry, in india chennai express will easily collect 300 crores on its opening day itself, 1500 crores in 1st week, 5500 crores in its lifetime in india (because it will be the “CLASSIEST” masala movie ever made and will has the ‘GREATEST EVER ACTOR’ srk starring in it) and will break ddlj’s longest running record and will run uninterrupted for another 380 years easily. In overseas it will collect 9500 crores, so its worldwide collection would be a astronomical 14000 crores!

  • Wowww srk is doing masala this time remember mhn oso is blockbuster movies..ce is definately going to be atbb nd earn more than 200cr in domestic and above 100cr in overseas mark my words..

  • @NVS surely this time the mass army of SRKians which stands at a grand total of 3.7 billion will flock to the theatres religiously and stand in queues for weeks on end just to watch this movie. It should comfortably beat Readys record firstly in 4 day weekend then break Rowdy Rathores record on the 5th day.
    The Global Superstar that is SRK will strike it big this time.
    Funny how some srkians are shouting it loudly that SRK has managed to get a southern Award winning actress on board to an item number which Salman bhai has never managed. That will make a huge difference they say and increase collections down south. Hhhmm it seems that some of these fans have forgotten all about that superhero debacle that was which had the biggest superstar in the history of the south- Mr Rajnikanth and still he couldnt save that All Time Biggest Flop.
    Lol but dont worry srkians, Im sure this documentary about train drivers will be a Super Duper
    Smashing Blockbuster if all the 3.7 billion fans watch it atleast TWICE. Good luck.
    @star bhai roxXxX
    Golden Kerala winner srk rocks down south thesedays… :-P

  • from 2009 ,before every srk movie release his fans are telling that his movie will enter 200cr club..ha ha..already 3 years over..what happened?.when he will enter 200 cr club!..100 cr and 200 cr record set by aamir khan either by D3 or peekay aamir will surely enter 300 cr club..

  • 3500 screens in India it will hardly touch 200 little chanses of breaking 3idiots record I am a srk Fan and i know it will be a atbb

  • @navin. Hahahahaha…. Small correction buddy, srk’s global fan following has already crossed 4++ billion people and NASA even got a message from the aliens living on a planet gliese 581g (which is approximately some 23 light year away from earth) that they will all descend on earth to watch srk’s chennai express. The aliens also said that srk somewhat looks like them. So, srk will not be having any worries this time, as apart from his 4++ billion fans, many aliens will also be watching his ce in theatres. The opportunistic Srk has even fixed the ticket price as 10 lakhs per alien. Let’s see, even if this time atleast, the ‘classiest’ masala movie of all time can collect atleast 130 crores net in india. Very tough but still possible, Come on srk, you can do it, just 130 crores net in india, we are not even thinking of 150 crores, just 130 crores!

  • @NVS…hahaha…correct urself…i think aliens get inspired by ur idol known as “salman khan”…..not only alians, but all monkeys,gibbons and buffaloes find themselve into “mr. salman khan”…
    where monkeys and gibbons aquire the best “flying” and “jumping” properties , at the same time , “aliens” can inspired by ” how to castigate 50-60 peoples simultaneously …really, they can implement it on their planet in order to make their defence “strong” ..:P

  • I remember shahrukh once said
    U can love me or you can hate me…
    But u cant ignore me….
    Really shahrukhs effect izz fantabolous…
    His haters like navin,nvs,n esspecially sachin 11 prove it.
    No matter whozz deir fav. Actor dey wil appear on srks post every now n then…
    Itzz srks charisma whichs attracts dem…

  • @NVS hahaha im rofl so hard… Heres an idea, after the aliens watch Chennai Express and get depressed when heading back on the expressway outta here then maybe they could do us all a favour and take that psycho xzone back with them to ‘HOME’!! Koi Mil Gaya eh xzone!!! Lolz
    @star ghanta srk roxXxXx

  • @xzone hey buddy you been a busy boy lately eh. You have managed to increase the armies of SRKians from 3.5 billion to 4 BILLION…. Man definitely now Readys 2 year old record will be beaten by CE this year… Cmon srkians fulfil SRKs and xzones longterm dream and make CE the biggest hit in both SRKs and Shettys career.
    @star bhai still roxXxXx

  • u again started on a different page…i had told u earlier that don’t empty ur already emptied brain…u ve to blether more and more …so keep charged and yes…u along with ur all “mental” frnds will go to watch “mental” (an epic saga on mentally disabled persons) till that time, control urself and take care of ur all “mental” frnds too…so that ur epic saga “mental” can take an earth shattering start…
    “mental” rocks…

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