Prem Ratan Dhan Payo vs Ghayal Returns: Clash averted

The record-breaking success of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and the reunion of one of the most successful actor-director duo of Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya, has resulted in Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again getting postponed to a later date.

The big news is, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will now get a solo release and two open weeks at the box office, before the release of ‘Tamasha’.

Even though Sunny Deol’s ‘Ghayal Once Again’ wasn’t a big enough film to make a big enough dent on the collections of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, a solo release is always a major advantage for any film.

Since the first ‘Ghayal’ film was popular at mass centres and does carry quite a bit of recall value even today, it could have affected the business of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ at single-screens and also at circuits like East Punjab where Sunny is still a popular star.

However, now that ‘Ghayal Once Again’ has been delayed, the runway is clear for ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ to take off during Diwali.



  • No sensible actor will dare to clash with salman at this phase of his career when even the movie produced by him takes a better start than ‘BABY’ etc

  • Everybody is scared to clash with real megastars like Salman and Aamir, while noone is scared to clash with small stars like Srk or Fardeen khan.

  • I bet even Srk with postpone his Raees next year, as he is no match for Sultan Salman. Just like an snail is no match for a Lion.
    If they both clash
    Sultan-250 crore
    Raees-80 crore

  • Let Ghayal returns come on diwali still prdp wil hav two open weeks. Anyone thinks that sunny deol wil give any competition? So obviously it wil b like open week only..

  • PRDP without Ghayal would have crossed 350
    Now after this news,my Prediction Skyrocket to 400 crores @sss Plz tujh se ek request hai PRDP ke sucess ke Baad tu Gandi naali me jump kar ke Suicide mat Karna

  • Thats great news for salman but today he has turned bankrupt as hero has got opened to horrible reviews from both critics and aam janta

    salman khan productions

  • It’s gud.. I want both films to b successful..ghayal once again wud hav suffered big tym..nw both films can perform to their potential..

  • I want sulran vs raees clash. Siltan wil crush raees. Punjab or up or mumbai or Hyderabad whatever the place salman rules all over India. Sunny deol was a big star but not since last decade..

  • After seeing the Prdp toofani!

    Sajid nadiawala salman’s frnd wil postpone his tamasha by a week givin prem bhai 3 open weeks

    after Prdp release sajid wil say “ITS TOOFANI”

  • though sunny is no more
    a bankable star but he is
    still better than all flop youngstan should
    take some tips frop sunny how
    to do action movie.

  • So what?????Neil bhai ko dildos khilao will however struggle to cross 200cr with or with out clash,’s the clear expectation by looking at the bhojpuri 90’s expiry wedding double torturous crap,ROFL.

    BTW ghayal returns neither in a position to compete with prdp nor sunny deol is even a star anymore,ROFL.

  • Makers of Ghayal decided to postponed it on the day when PRDP announced for Diwali.
    But they kept silence because Gayal got free publicity & stayed in news due to that.

    Now they announced it.

    Similarly makers of Raees postponed it on day when Sultan announced for Eid2016.

    Now just wait for official confirmation.They will confirm it anywhere in Feb or March 2016.

  • Who would want to clash with the biggest megastar of Bollywood king salman ???? None. Sunny is sensible he knows gr would have blown away by prdp .
    Now he should release ghayal returns on 25th December 2015

  • Bhai Fans are deluded at times…Movies work because of good stories, scripts, music and direction. Of course star cast makes significant impact too. PRDP is an old-fashioned type movie and Sooraj B is outdated. Salman is enough for 150cr collections alone but i predict this movie will be around 200cr to 225cr at best. Remember this post guys. Good luck

  • Unlike bb,Neil bhai ko dildos khilao neither has any power house talent Harshali nor it is directing by Kabir it’s a obvious that it’ll struggle just like how kick struggle to surpass 200cr despite being south remake with freerun.and our bhojpuri bhabijaan not more has such big star power can break or make any record.he and his bhojpuri fans should have satisfy with another such idiotic bhojpuri success given by their record less 2rs masala stardo dependent talentless non actor bhabijaan,ROFL.

  • Now first day will be a record breaking and first weekend too.

    First day will be 50cr sure for PRDP.
    First weekend — 160cr
    First week — 260 cr

    Lifetime will be 385cr– 415cr

  • In EID 2016:

    REAL SULTAN(RAEES) VS bhojpuri sultan(sultana daku),ROFL.

    Last time in 2006 towel utaray thay,abhi chaddi utarenge,ROFL.

  • ONE KING KHAN OF BOLLYWOOD IS FOUS WORLDWIDE am dknown by even Hollywood actors.

    and another our sultana daku aka bhabijaan is famous at tihar jail of bhojpur,ROFL.

    Feel the difference,what more I can say?,ROFL.

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