Preity Zinta on why Ishkq In Paris was delayed

Ishkq In ParisPreity Zinta’s comeback film Ishkq In Paris was slated for theatrical release late last year, but the film was postponed indefinitely after director Prem Soni was diagnosed with cancer.

At a press conference to discuss the film and it’s release date, Preity said ‘human relations’ were more important to her than business.

“Prem was unwell and he had to go for surgery immediately and I decided not to release the film without him. I think there are times when we have to give importance to human relations than business and finance”

Asked about her decision to release Ishkq In Paris during the last week of the IPL season, Preity said “We were looking for a solo release. I agree it’s not a safe bet to release Ishkq In Paris during the IPL, but I dont think it’ll affect the film. I am happy the film is coming out on May 24.”



  • Preity knows that releasing her film in the last week of IPL6 will not affect it because she knows that it will be a flop anyway. Comeback movies with a lesser known or new co-star fails miserably at boxoffice.

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