I prefer to project ‘healthy body image’ says Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who was recently seen in action films like ‘Akira’ and ‘Force 2’, has said actors are always under pressure to look perfect wherever they go, but she makes it a point to promote a ‘healthy body image’.

“I think actors are always under pressure to look perfect all the time. However, it depends on the particular person on how you feel that pressure. I have always been somebody who has been projected as a healthy body image” Sonakshi said.

“I know that young girls take us as an inspiration. They follow us in every way. Therefore, I don’t want to give any wrong message regarding health related issues. What I feel is that you have to be healthy and happy if you want to do something noteworthy in your life.” she added.

The ‘Force 2’ star also said, she is happy with the business that ‘Force 2’ has done considering the current circumstances in the country after demonetisation.

“Considering the situation, we are happy that ‘Force 2’ has done good business at the box office. It could have done better but we are all part of that situation. So, whatever collection ‘Force 2’ has managed to make we are pretty much satisfied”

Sonakshi’s next release is ‘Noor’.



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