Prachi Desai rejects offer to endorse Pakistani beauty brand

Bollywood star Prachi Desai has rejected an offer to feature in an ad for a Pakistani beauty brand.

The actress has said in a statement that she did not feel the time is right, considering the strained relationship between the two countries, to accept the offer.

“As of now, I am not taking up any endorsement deals in Pakistan and yes I have turned down the offer since I feel it is not the right time” Prachi said in a statement that was released to the media.


Prachi was last seen in ‘Rock On 2’ a film which did not do well at the box office.



  • She is very cute & pretty girl.I liked her comment!BTW,watched Rock On 2 & i have to say it is a pathetic movie which was destined to be a disaster!It is the most crappiest movie of the year closely followed by “Mohenjo Daro” &”Great Grand Masti”.

  • Good comment but she should know that “Pakistan Sudherne Walo Me Se Nahi Hain “.I want a Hiroshima & Nagasaki condition for that country!!!

  • indicine it’s really disgusting of you!! You never published any news about dangal’s full music album which includes arijits song and aamir’s rap song!!
    nor did you publish about its new kickass dialog promo , ?!! i am sorry . but you are have disappointed me

  • @Death ranger I disagree. The worst movies of 2016 were Houseful 3 and Rustom.
    Akshay should win Golden kela award for one of those movies.

  • I don’t know why Akki still keeps getting movies. He is very wooden in acting, and his dialogue delivery is very weak. Also his movies struggle to cross 100 cr even if they have good content.

  • At least she got a thing to be in news for sometime… Well ! if she had taken up the project then also she would be in news !… ha ha ha…

  • Very good of Prachi to do so.

    @Death Ranger – fully agree with you friend, the ruin of that country shall be celebrated soon. JAI HIND

  • Good decision by Prachi not endrosing pakistani advertise she is cute , I like her chemistry with Emraan in Pee Loon Song & beautifully sung by Mohit Chauhan .
    @ dad what’s ur problem don’t like Indian or our bjp government or Deshbhakti .

  • @Hojo,If Akki is a wooden peice of acting than why he got appreciation from various critics & most ppl of india for Airlift.Did HR got any appreciation for MJD??? First understand the difference between acting & shivering ?!Don’t just comment for the sake of commenting! First come with proper facts.Now?Buzz off?!
    And plz don’t talk abt 100 cr!!!50 kaudi ke tatte.
    @RK,?Thanks! ? for ur stand.
    @indicine, kindly plz post this comment. Thank you

  • @hjo houseful 3is hit every where in India and overseas too and you are calling it worst Mohenjo-Daro is disaster in India and flop in overseas

  • @Hojo ur jadoo boy is nothing without his papa his career is almost finished by kangana ranaut and speaking for 100 crores club your jadoo boy couldn’t even achieve 60 crores by his disaster crap mj… akki 60-80 crores films are considered hit at boxoffice eg special 26 (66 crores hit) gabbar (86 crores hit) and this year back to back 100 crores something that your jadoo boy will never achieve ??? so buzz off

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