Politicians and celebrities seek clemency for Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay DuttMaharashtra Governor K. Sankaranarayanan has been flooded with at least 60 representations either seeking or opposing clemency for Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, an official said here Friday.

These representations have come from various individuals and organisations including politicians and celebrities across the country after the Supreme Court sentenced the actor to five years in jail for his role in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts.

Governor’s secretary V.C. Rastogi has sent all the petitions to the additional chief secretary of the state home department.

Among prominent representations supporting the clemency for Sanjay Dutt were those made by former Supreme Court Justice M. Katju, former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh and Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Prada.

At least 25 individuals and organisations have opposed any leniency to the actor, who has expressed willingness to undergo the sentence.



  • Pardon Sanju Babu.
    Free Sanju babu.

    Justice for the CommonMen of India.
    Justice for the Wankhede Stadium Security Official.
    No leniency for SRK.
    Punish SRK and Free Sanju Babu

  • @navin..u bloody fool!!..u insensitive shameless git…wat kind of filthy family did u come from that ur commenting like that..u want to sentence srk who slapped a security guard in Wankhede rather than sanjay dutt who had a hand in the mumbai serial blasts of 1993 or salman who kills beggars sleeping on the pavement or hunts down endangered species!! A slap to u from all those poor families who lost their near and dear ones in that blast! Fools like u should be treated equally like terrorists..u uneducated scumbag!!

  • @TS so Mr Barrister could you enlighten us all with the facts of the Sanjay Dutt arms case and give detailed reference to how exactly Mr Dutt orchestrated, funded and carried out the Mumbai terror blasts??? Im sure the families of the victims would like to see your secretive detailed report into the findings of the case and if you would be so kind as to inform us all of your top secret findings then that would be just bloody marvellous. ;-)

    Dont keep us waiting as its already been 20 years. :-)

  • @TS hey buffon, 2 wrongs dont make a right. The Sanjay Dutt case was 20 years ago and hes already been behind bars plus hes willing to go back inside but you ever wondered whats being done about the real culprits and masterminds of the actual attacks? No I bet you havent as you sound like a media spoon fed fat baby whos been too lazy to get of his own backside to A: research the facts and B: to ask the relevant questions to the appropriate authorities. Google the name ‘Dawood Ibrahim’ as a starting point in your investigation you half head…! :-P
    Justice for the Wankhede Stadium Security Official.
    This is a just cause and every commonman of India wants this justice. We been waiting 1 year for criminal proceedings to begin aswell as judiciary hearings to start and the Indian public no longer want to wait 20 years like the Dutt case for justice to delivered, rightly or wrongly.
    Both cases of Dutt and SRK need to be dealt accordingly and preferential treatment should not be given to King Srk just because hes rich, famous and powerful.
    @TS go ask your mummy and daddy to enlighten you about the Mumbai blasts case you illiterate uneducated spineless swine. :-P

  • @TS : Salman’s allegations are NOT proved yet, if navin is talking nonsense then what u r talking kid? U r speaking as if an eye witness to Salman’s crimes or chief justice of Supreme court.

  • @Damn…!
    “Nice said TS”

    I guess my education really was inferior to yours. :-P

    And agreeing with TS doesnt mean much when hes a retarded psychopath and you yourself over several months have proved time and again that your buffoonary knows no boundary. Get a life you half baked potato head or better still make some good use of that stuck up middle finger of yours you sick perverted soul.

  • @sach Clearly the pain of losing a loved one of yours due to someones negligible driving whilst drunk will haunt you forever so I guess your comppassionate levels aswell as kind hearted forgiveness have done a houdini disappearance forever, forever and ever. Saying that that still doesnt mean you deserve any compassion from fellow readers like me who very much doubt your integrity and honesty with regards to this conjured up and convenient tale of woe…!
    Fact or fiction- doesnt matter as you have proved your spiteness over several weeks so you deserve no compassion from your fellow man in regards to your so called ‘loss’ and suffering. Take a hike kid and leave Salman bhai alone cos as far the law is concerned- hes innocent until proved guilty.

  • @hrithik lol, yeah bro as the saying goes: ‘fight fire with fire’ and in the case of these deranged psychopathic srkians then it goes like this: ‘fight garbage with superior rubbish…!’.
    Im only giving them Grade A rubbish as opposed to the Grade C standard garbage they are capable of spouting out. Losers cannot even talk nonsense that makes an inch of sense, its just mumbo jumbo hot air emanating from their empty skulls which has been taken over by this phenomenal disease called ‘JTHJ’ mode. :-P
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx hrithik roxXxXxXx but TS + Damn…! + Sach as a trio suck even more than they did solo…! :-P

  • I am not saying that Sanjay should be given a huge panalty. He should do the time of he has done the crime. But this decision is kinda unfair. He should have been given a lower prison time. What I am saying is that you navin Is arguing in a completely idiotic way. Let’a forget that I lost someone close to me in a road accident. But alegations against salman is much more severe than what u are accusing srk of. Srk should be asked to take forgiveness from that man as the toughest punishment. Imprisoning a person for such a small matter is rubbish. I mean srk probably has done more crimes in his illegal building of manat mansion than the wanka scene. So what u argue and where u stand in this debate is totally flawed.

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