The plot of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is different, created by Ali: Kabir Khan

Filmmaker Kabir Khan, the director of blockbusters like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, expressed happiness over his close friend and director Ali Abbas Zafar taking the ‘Tiger’ series forward by directing Salman Khan’s 2017 Christmas release ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.

Kabir, along with other top directors from YRF and stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, were speaking at the Kirori Mal College Alumni meet on Wednesday to raise funds for reconstructing the college’s auditorium

Talking about ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, Kabir said “The series was started by me, and Ali is taking that forward. I feel very happy for him. He was my assistant and my close friend too”

“As Yash Raj Films has the rights of the series, so Ali will be directing the second instalment. He will go with his vision of ‘Tiger’, though the characters and the basic set-up will be the same. The world which was created by me will be the same, but the interpretation will be different” Kabir siad.

The ‘Tubelight’ director also said the sequel completely belongs to Zafar

“Whatever the characters were in the first part, those will be carried forward, but the plot is different and is created by Ali only”

‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ releases in theatres on December 22. Both directors will be directing Salman this year. Kabir directs ‘Tubelight’, which releases first during Eid. Followed by Ali, who directs the megastar in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ scheduled for the biggest weekend of the year – Christmas.



  • Wanna a clash between TZH nd Dutt biopic.. It gonna b interesting how Salman will survie.. Real test for him

  • Christmas is biggest only when megastar aamir khan has a release. Salman cant do anything on christmas. And what megastar? Aamir is biggest megastar who has top 2 highest grossers of all time. You aukaatless lallu’s ass lickers, calling him megastar repetedly wont make him one. Real megastar is not the one whom media and social thirdclass sites like indicine crowns him. The real megastar is the one who proved his mattle at box office by giving ATBBs and All time highest grossers. Salman never was and never will be as big as megastar aamir khan. Tiger zinda hai wont even cross 250 cr and tubelight will never break pk’s record. Only thugs of hindostan will cross 400 cr next year and megastar aamir khan will make diwali weekend the biggest ever. Get this in your tiny head you jerk. First learn how to spell. It’s not siad but said*. LoL on your grammer.

  • the plot is difference, another emotional action drama kyaa, where our tiger will go on mission to save kidnaped children from terrorist ..

  • I don’t think tubelight will work like bb did.
    Dutt biopic win the clash against criminal zinda hai.
    The Ring will be the biggest hit of 2017 .

  • Interesting
    Salman name is enough to watch Tiger zinda h atleast one time watching him on big screen is a dynamic experience
    More depend on Zafar’s work

  • Hope tubelight will also have some different plot otherwise from pics of shooting its look like bajarangi bhaaijaan2 same hand made half sleeve sweater and almost same locations with again some over the top emotions inspired by bajarangi bhaaijaan hope that time you serve something new

  • #TZH is being tauted as the Biggest Action movie ever made, Ali already showed his capabilities with #SULTAN….If #TZH comes Solo on XMAS with Response Same as of #SULTAN then 350cr is ON.

  • TZH is releasing on the same day as Sanjay Dutt’s Bio Film by Hirani.

    Keeping in mind how bad the original was, sequels are even worst usually. And now the new director. This is definitely avoidable on big screen.

    I will bet Hirani’s bio movie will destroy and bury TZH on boxoffice. He keeps it light hearted, gives it enough masala .

    Final prediction:

    Sanjay Dutt bio film: 201 crores
    TZH: 95 crores.

    As both are releasing on December 23.

  • It’s a perfect combination of movies in single year, Tubelight is a Emotional Drama, and TZH is an High Octane Action movie…..Two different movies with two different plots, if everything goes well then these 2 movies will become Biggest Blockbuster of his career…..

  • The name itself bring huge buzz so blockbuster written all over it…. Dont expect a story line but must see a mass entertainment with some breathtaking visual & stunts… Megastar Salman will make sure its a historic year for bollywood


  • All sallutards have gone mad after digesting the fact that their so called superstar motu will lose the clash very badly !!
    May god bless them !!

  • Few think that TZH is not a content base movie, I don’t know whether it is content base or not, but according to internal source it will be the biggest Action movie of Bollywood, action sequence is of Hollywood level, and I think it is something new for Bollywood…..Though I also believe in Ali now (after Sultan), I don’t think he miss this huge opportunity and he will definately deliver a Content base Action movie……lets wait and watch…

  • Keep dreaming. This mahacrao torture will never break dhoom 3’s record even with solo release. And with clash you all know. Salman is all time clash loser. So RH will show him his place and dutt biopic will easily thrash this crap. Only TOH will shatter all records as the real megastar will come next year to break his own record.

  • If both Tubelight and TZH gets the solo release then both will enter 300cr easily, and if everything goes well then one of them may cross 400cr mark…..But since now nothing has revealed yet, so I am predicting only 300cr…..

  • Tubelight Atbb
    Tiger zinda hai Atbb
    Bhai jaan all the way
    Salman or aamir or aamir or salman
    So called king nowhere close to sultan and mr perfectionist

  • Both Salman film will be ATBB. There wont be a clash for TZH u cannot touch salman khan during this period he is beyond imagination this is coming from an srk fan.

  • Heard tat srk next is with flop movies ka beta at badshah imtiaz ali get ready so witness the all mega disaster film of imtiaz …..indicine if in ur opinion rakesh sir figures of kaabil are inflated. Ok .can u prove it ?? If u and ur team have guts then prove producers figures are inflated .if u cannot prove ..then silently shut ur mouth and honestly give producers figures ..u yourself had One day said tat only producers can track total collections from pan india….sites can only publish those already collected producer figures on Internet. ..BTW hrithiks future is very bright…….right now I m feeling pity and sad for shah rofl khan for giving all time classic like raees.?????

  • Keep dreaming. This mahacrap torture will never break dhoom 3’s record even with solo release. And with clash you all know. Salman is all time clash loser. So RH will show him his place and dutt biopic will easily thrash this crap. Only TOH will shatter all records as the real megastar will come next year to break his own record.

  • Stop this megastar jokes please. Why is he called megastar who doesnt have capability to give ATHG and sticks to one particular safe genre? Aamir has given 5 ATBB and 5 ATHG in just last 9 years and you are not using that word for him? Shame on you. You are lallu’s paid site. Or either you are too dumb and psychopath to make such mistakes again and again.

  • TZH at most 90-95 crores
    SANJAY DUTT BIO film at most 195-200 crores

    clash is definitely on.

    ETT was a bad film. Imagine how bad the sequel will be.

    Hirani has the talent of serving up good family film with just amout of light hearted masala.

    Dutt bio picture will be a family entertainer with social message as usual vvc hirani films.

    It will cross 190 crores. when screens will be split 50-50 on 22nd december.

  • I just want TZH to be better than bhais last Xmas release- D2 from Xmas 2012 so I guess Im setting my expectations low….

    250cr will be a total I will be happy with.

  • Its all about who will finish 2nd this yr as Tubelight will without fail top the End Of Year rankings so the rest are competing for the silver medal…!

    TZH (with clash) vs Robot 2.0 or Bahubali 2

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