Please don’t let out the suspense: Aamir Khan to fans

Aamir KhanAamir Khan’s Talaash releases in theatres tomorrow and the superstar has urged his fans not to reveal the suspense of the film.

“Hey Guys, Talaash is releasing. Hope you like it. One request to those of you who see the film, please don’t let out the suspense. Thanks! Lots of love” Aamir wrote on his official Facebook page.

Directed by Reema Kagti, Talaash is a crime thriller and it is Aamir’s first release since 3 Idiots in 2009. The film also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee.



  • he should have also told to the fans that “plz don’t take the decision to watch my film on the basis of boxoffice numbers…”
    as now-a-days.. it is a trend that a movie is declared as classic and watchable…
    only if it collects a tons of money….
    i wish it won’t be repeated in the case of TALAASH…

  • God bless aamir khan, i really hope his movie succeeds, his movie doing good buisness is the only way for indian cinema to move forward

  • Talaash will outclass every movie . Let it open 2morrow iam expecting a 18-20 crore opening and 75+ weekend and 110 crores first week total. Then even if it drops more then 50% then also it will end up doing 175+ crores wait and watch

  • my friend from dubai has watched talaash today.
    he said movie is good but pace is really slow
    1hr episode of crime patrol is converted in to 2hrs of film named talaash.
    he only says me that rani is the killer and aamir try to save her then he blame all on kareena

  • I have watched the movie .
    the movie has nothing good it is boring as jthj.
    so plz go n watch cid.
    nothing special in it totally waste of money no sex scenes as we expected from suspense film.

    no secret in the movie the killer is rani mukharji

  • nothing good totally waste movie aamir dies amd his ghost solving the mystery and finds original killer is rani mukharjee plz go for dabanng2

  • Frnds watched talaash now and truly to
    say …
    It’s Aamir who disappointed this time ..
    was not expecting from him such a crap after
    a such awesome movie 3 idiots ….
    Paisa waste hua .. socha thoda relax ho jau
    aur enjoy kar lu par mujhe us movie me ache
    scene ko talaash karna pada par kuch nahi
    mila …

  • after sucess of 3idiots I goes n watch the preview from several areas. I just known its huge dissapointment.
    totally bad direct movie .

    I request you enjoy ur weekend with son of sardaar.

    aamir u loose ur one fan right now …I just came to know your film is only successful due to huge promotion

  • Best movie on earth , Believe who wants to believe , Cry who wants to cry , bark who wants to bark , AAMIR is the best , HE will remain as Best FOREVER ……………….. TALAASH ROCKS BIGTIME ……. I don’t care about boxoffice coz his 3 idiots is still the best , but i guess this will be his critically best movie ever …………….CHEERS AAMIR ……………..

  • Taran adarsha gave 4 out of 5 to barfi,and gave 4.5 to talaash..guys don’t try to miss talaash…u will forget 3 idiots,Talaash is an outstanding movie ever made on earth…This is literally the india’s answer to inception.I don’t know how many crores will it make??bt u will not forget talaash until ur last breath because this time too talaash leaves u with a great impression…

  • Though Aamir has portrayed the role of a cop earlier, he brings something new to the table with his spellbinding performance in TALAASH. The earnestness and authenticity with which he enacts his character cannot be expressed in a few sentences. That would be doing gross injustice to the actor’s abilities, frankly. He holds the camera in every frame and charges assertively through the film, making you believe in Inspector Shekhawat’s journey in entirety. It’s a standout piece of acting, unquestionably. That Aamir is the best actor of his generation comes to the fore yet again!

  • Hey Guys, Just watched Talaash in Dubai. here the movie released on thursday itself. The suspense is Kareena Kapoor is a spirit and only visible to Aamir khan !!!. He will realise this in climax..

  • very dissapontig film…..

    Talaash suspense- Aamir is assigned
    to solve a case.. He is married to
    Rani.. Aamir n Rani lost their son in
    an accident.. So Aamir is disturbed..
    Kareena helps Aamir to solve the
    case.. Later he finds that Kareena is
    a ghost (bhoot).. Kareena was a call
    girl who was killed by 3 guys.. N
    only Aamir could see Kareena..
    Aamir himself killed her murderers
    but forgot because of his illness.. So
    Talaash = Karthik calling Karthik +
    Kahaani.. Wd horror effects

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