Players Trailer – Abhishek Bachchan

The first look trailer of Abbas-Mustan’s Players, which will be the first Hindi release of 2012. The movie stars Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

From the trailer, the movie looks stylish, promises lots of action and has Bipasha Basu in a two-piece bikini! Sonam Kapoor looks hot too!

Have a look and do tell us what you think


If the above trailer doesn’t load for some reason, check the Players trailer below!

Movie Details

Title: Players (2012)
Starcast: Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu, Neil Nitin Mukesh
Director: Abbas – Mustan
Producer: Abbas – Mustan
Banner: Studio 18, Burmawala Partners
Release Date: January 6th 2012
For more details: Players Movie Page



  • @aarakshan.. jus sau the trailor of players. jus one word. awesome. yeh film toh don2 ki waat laga dega… the expectation from don2 has also minimized due to ra1 failure.. i hopr aarakshan. u learnt ur lesson.. before release of ra1 . u were sayin this n that record will be broken. nt dnt open ur mouth until don2 is released…

  • I wish if this movie had an original story.Abbas Mustan is clever enough to direct movies with his own new scripts.Don kno why he made a remake.There is a high possibility that this movie will be a hit but I don like the concept of remaking.The value of a movie will be increased if it is an original one.

  • @aaaa111 first my name is Aashkaran…2nd Salman se acha actor Abhishek hai..aur Arbaaz se acha director Abbas-Mastaan hai..DON2 ka pata yeh movie tumhari Dabangg2 se zarur achi hogi..


  • Wats so awsome about this movie u got a bunch of flop actors and their copying the Italian Job! God Bollywood can never make an origInal story nowadays, it’s either copy this or copy tht! Damn the only good movie besides Ra.1 is now goin to b Don 2 lol original unlike these other retards!

  • no matter how big production company is but it cant make abhishek a huge star cause he does not have any talent and how rediculous this bigmouth aashkaran is by comparing him with salman. when he knows that even srk is no match for salman so why compare abhishek. I think aashkaran you are jealous of bhai’s success. all the big actor for instance top three khans and ajay, hrithik,ranbir and imraan have a talent thats why their famous but this actor doesnt stand a chance. i cant believe father is a huge icon and son is a epic failure but the movie I must say looks intresting

  • omg guess who is talking ashkaran thori sharam ha to ja k doob maro raone k bb ki predict karne wale bhai. atlest they r officialy making the remake of movie not like srk don2 by combining matrix and other hollywood scenes . now dont say that sallu is making south remakes and bla bla bla . i also like don2 trailer but u have to respect others. and all these flop actors under good director r making a official remake. they can also just copy the story and make some changes this might decreses its chances but we have to appreciate that they r open about that . mind u abbas mustan r pioneer of thrillers . aur dabang2 k figures to compare karen ga don2 se aur agar don2 k kam nikle to ashkaran sahab koe bakwas salman k bare mein karne se 100 dafa sochna. DABANG2 WILL BE BB & ETT WILL BE AN ATBB and thats the bottom line .

  • Just salman is king khan. No another dogs. Top ten 2012 upcoming movies. No.1.For ever DABANGG 2. No.2.EK THA TIGER. No.3.DHUAN. No.4. YRF,NEXT. No.5.TEZZ. No.6.AGNEEPATH. No.7.RODY RATHOR. No.8.OUATIM 2. No.9.BOL BACHAN. No.10.2 STATE. Also DHOOM 3 AND KRRISH 3 out of 2012 and go on floor in 2013 Both are Biggest movies

  • Mujhse pata
    hai ki srk yash chopra’s
    untitled movie k baad
    koun si movie aayegi
    uska naam hai ‘ Sallu
    Bhai Mujhse Maaf Kr Do
    Plz.’ phrr uske baad
    next movie ‘Kya Kisine Dekhi Thi ?’ phirr
    next movie ‘Sallu Bhai
    Kya Me Bodyguard Ka
    Sequle Bna Sakta Hu ?’
    0 0

  • SALMAN is the BEST… But Neil nitin mukesh and Sonam kapoor will surely rock in this movie!!!!! Abhishek is wrong choice….. They shud have taken ranbir instead of abhishek….

  • copied from italian job
    but it is abbas bhai mustan bhai film
    they look damn gorgeous
    hope to see some steamy sex/toungue kissing scenes or bikini or bareback/nude scene of sonam & bipasha
    will make audience to jump of there seat.
    best of luck

  • @ Inder: yes u r rite but indeed this time u gt it wrong, Abbas – Mastan had bought the copyright of Italian Job, so this time they are doing it officially and secondly, from trailers, its sure that its not the frame by frame copy

  • Inder you are right all the flop stars get together ooho superflop Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role and abbas mustan openly said that its a remake of Italian job, which way Bollywood is going most guys copying from south and Hollywood movies, this years great movie is till now and Don 2 because these movies raise the Bollywood standard unlike them pushing Bollywood back.

  • ABHISHEK will be at the number 1 position after this film &
    Salman will be finished & that is for sure. Pehle Abhishek jitni height to laaye , Buutke

  • don 2 will rock for sure..players will be 200% flop..abhishek bachchan will beat srk!!!!!!!! what a joke.. get ready flop abhishek for another super-flop..don 2 will be blockbuster!!

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