PK Update: Rajkumar Hirani

Rajkumar HiraniRecently, there have been plenty of rumours regarding Rajkumar Hirani’s PK starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma. There were reports that Hirani was re-working on the script, as it has too many similarities with the recently released ‘OMG! Oh My God’.

Expressing surprise over the rumours, Hirani says “I have been on location hunt in interiors of Rajasthan and Delhi. Songs are being recorded for PK. All my energies are focused on the film. Nothing has changed. I wanted to capture the winter of Delhi and that’s when we start shooting. We are on schedule. Aamir and Anushka join the shooting in mid-January. We would be announcing a young dynamic actor in the second lead in a week’s time.”

So there you go, PK is on schedule. Shooting begins in January 2013. Aamir and Anushka join the crew mid-January.



  • All the best for PK, but this Dewaali peekay, dhol, nagara bajyenge aur bhangra nachenge on the beats of Son of Sardar, kyunki iske bina Diwali bekar.

  • i dont understand why so much negativity surrounding aammir khan first talaash is similar to kahaani amd now p.k is similar to oh my god? srk and his fans stop it plz stop ur monopoly in industry

  • eagarly waiting for this movie. after 3 idiots, PK is gonna be yet another masterpiece from the pair of Aamir Khan & Raju Hirani.
    All the best to the entire team.

  • next year will surely belong to Aamir Khan. Dhoom:3 & PK both are gonna be the biggest blockbusters of next year.
    and among heroines, Anushka will be no.1. MTBKMD will be a great film & PK will be a masterpiece as well as a huge blockbuster.

  • Bhai Akhilesh PK ka director to Raj Kumar Hirani hai. Par Happy New Year ka director kaun hai pata hai na? With due respect to SRK, Happy New Year is not promising in front of PK.

  • Tum log hr jagah srk ko kyu kheech late ho rhi baat happy new year ke pk ke samne hone ki to uski director farah khan hai aur rhi baat movie ki to wo star power pr depend hai na ki director pr jo ek mahine me pta chal jayega who is best aamir or srk jthj is realising with sos but talash is realesing alone phir bhi dekhte hai who is winner

  • Some ppl saying srk fans spreading negativity abt talash. There is nothing like that we always like class product talaash . But dont like south craps. Kab tak duniya ko ye south crap over the top action dikhate rahenge duniya hasati hai ye sab dekh k so please stop this.

  • well there’s no point discussing any other film on this page. this page is about Aamir Khan & Rajkumar Hirani’ PK. so lets just comment on that.

  • another classy movie from Aamir Khan coming next christmas.
    Expectations from the movie will be humongous. and i m sure all the expectations will be met.

  • Aamir Khan & Rajkumar Hirani coming again! PK shall be another class movie of these two geniuses! It will also set new records like 3 Idiots did & then other wannabes will keep chasing those records for next 3-4 years!

    Media can keep spreading as much negativity as it wants to but the world knows Aamir-Hirani combo is a WINNER hands down!

  • well u guys have already declared PK a masterpiece & dhoom 3 the year biggest 1. well there r few serious contenders as well. the 1st 1 is KICK from trio of chetan bhagat, Sajid Nadiadwala & Salman khan. Than we will see salman again on eid 2013 with either brindavanam remake or Sher Khan. Well thats not all we will see Akshay kumar in Thupakki remake, Ramana remake, Naam hain Boss, special 26, Ouatim2 etc. also we will see SRK in chennai xpress & happy new year which we can never underestimate and ofcourse there is huge franchise in the form of kriss2. also include surprise package such as SOAW Race 2 Himmatwala YZHD Bulletraja Besharam etc and list keeps going. Now to right off any of these movies will be sere understatement specially KICK from salman Khan chennai xpress from SRK OUATIM 2 from Akshay & Kriss2 from hrithik looks extremely promising & are serious contenders to top the list this year.

  • this one’s gonna be an ATBB for sure. thank god Aamir is doing films of different genres & not like some other actor who stick to their comfort zone.

  • well Raju Hirani & Aamir Khan’s name are enough to make it the most anticipated movie of next year. have huge expectations from the movie.

  • by comfort zone, i didn’t just mean south remakes. i also meant abt actors who have done only romantic films their entire life.

  • @tia. we both can make a good movie without remake where I ll finger Ur hairless p u s s y and u ll
    s u c k lil_waynes lu nd. than u both need to do blow job. this movie would break 3 idiots records and all you t ub e records. plz tell fast

  • why people are blaming every time to stupid srk fans. are any body counting them the loosers of the century. plz dont take name of srk here. I am die hard fan of aamir and I love him whatever he does except Talaash.
    our actor has give us the teaching to respect olderones. so we can respect the budhha srk.

    for clashing odmf srks HNY. is confirmed on 31st dec2013 so why people are been so arrogant against it
    srk has announced release date due to jeleosy to aamir. hence that aamir has only 5clr days to rel
    .srk’s movie is mass oriented and class oriented too. so its not fare by star like srk to clash a smaller superstar than him only for jeleosy.
    in such a way that aamir has only five days to run and then srk film comes.

    definately both will suffer because both are being better content. wheather hny has theme oriented release so it will take huge advantage than Pk.

    also third king of bollywood mr.salman khan already booked Kick on 25th too.
    kick has huge buzz than hny and pk. so people support sallu.

    it will intresting fight within 10days of that time.
    it will increse so much negatively against srk due to fan war. it will increase. .

    and who be winner he will be undisputed king of bollywood

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