PK Photos: Sanjay Dutt with Aamir Khan

Exclusive PK Photos from the sets of the Rajkumar Hirani directed film. The first is a candid picture of Hirani’s favorite actors Sanjay Dutt and Aamir Khan, caught sharing a laugh with the director.

In the second pic, Aamir Khan is seen shooting for the film on the streets of Mandawa town in Rajasthan. The movie has been in news for all the various costumes the actors have been captured wearing. The below two pictures are no different!

Have a look and tell us what you think.

Sanjay Dutt First Look in PK

Sanjay Dutt First Look in PK with Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan on the sets of Peekay

Aamir Khan on the sets of Peekay



  • Indicine predicts unbelievable 300 cr for PeeKay. Despite Raju-Aamir-Khan trio, the movie won’t touch 200 cr given it’s genre.

  • this time aamir work with raju because of his freindship but not due to good script.peekay is nt looking great like 3 idiots.

  • Great pictures.PK is looking a fun movie.characters of a raju hirani movies are always memorable like his movies and here also its looks like the history will be repeated.Sanjay dutt traditional rajasthani character is looking great and no need to say anything about Aamir khan bcoz he is playing the character of Godman in the movie.Baba ranchoddas is ready to teach the world again.

  • @kas you need to get your eyes tested. Aamir looks half his age and believe me Im 33 looking 43 but despite that I can appreciate another man older than me but looking younger than me. Give credit where its due I say and dont sound bitter just because you are sounding like a grumpy old man yourself.
    PS the photo of Aamir in the streets (second pic) he actually looks lean and mean- no doubt its his Dhoom 3 look on display so Aamir will really look agile yet strong enough in D3 aswell as PK. The true perfectionist that he is suggests hes spent alot of time in perfecting the perfect physique for this role.
    Aamir roxXxXx

  • @ G.One or Geewone, whatever your real name, If Aamir is not happy with a script, he will not work, simple. Whether it is Raju or anyone. He will not change is perfectionism for anyone.

  • 150 crores will be crossed in first 5 days mark my words Ricky! This movie will create records which wont be broken till next 5-7 years or 1 decade!

  • @ IMAM : basically you want Salman to do such kinds of movies which will affect his box office stardom so that you can sing about your chindi king’s reign again ?

  • @hrithik Lol spot on. These cheap srkians will try anything to bring bhai down to srks level but even if bhai jaan does a half hearted film like a Ready, it will still stand tall for years next to srks crappy films…!
    Get a life IMAM or simply go back to preaching to losers like remotecontrol and giving sermons down Mental Asylums to patients like John Cena Fan, star, Damnnnn…! and the biggest deranged loon out there Mr ‘xzone’.
    @star Golden Kela winner srk roxXxXxXx at IMAM sahbs dungeon.

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