PK New Year Eve Collections: Shows decent growth at places

PKOn the last day of the year, i.e the New Year eve, Aamir Khan’s PK has shown decent growth in business at centres where we have received collections from. The average growth seems to be around 5-10%, which suggests that the film has collected around 9.5 – 10 crore on its 13th day at the box office.

Tomorrow is a holiday in parts of the country for New Year and business is expected to pick up by around 25-30%. The film could finish its second week as the highest Hindi grosser of all time, beating the Rs 269 crore total of the Hindi version of Dhoom 3.

The Rajkumar Hirani film is likely to cross the 300 crore mark in its 3rd weekend.

PK First Week Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 cr
  • Saturday – 30.34 cr
  • Sunday – 38.24 cr
  • Monday – 21.22 cr
  • Tuesday – 19.36 cr
  • Wednesday – 19.55 cr
  • Thursday – 27.55 cr
  • First Week Total – 182.89 cr

PK Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 14.44 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 17.12 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 22.36 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 10.08 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 9.11 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday - 9.5 – 10 cr (approx)

Total Collections in 13 days - 265.5 crore approx



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  • 140 Crore Differnce between 3 Idiots and Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani is the highest Difference ever in bollywood between Top 2 Highest grossers of the year !!!

    i wish PK beat that recoerd of 3 Idiots too

  • Finally watched PK today.

    It was an excellent mystery movie with a superb cast that gave absolutely stunning and unforgettable performances!

    A masterpiece. An astonishing, brilliant, nail-biting, gripping, fast paced and spectacular edge of your seat thriller. It’s stunning, thrilling and absolutely breathtaking. It’s intelligent, stylish, remarkable and unforgettable.
    Director, Raj Kumar Hirani has crafted a beautifully constructed, anticipated and mind-blowing mystery. It has plenty of top-notch performances from it’s all-star cast. top-notch performance by Aamir Khan . Sanjay Dutt is magnificent. Anushka is terrific. It’s one of the year’s most amazing and exhilarating entertainments. It’s a total blast from beginning to end that you wont forget.

    I’ll go 4/5.

  • PK Movie in simple words :

    1. Sab ka malik 1 hi hai, alag alag nahi.

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    16. Musalman hai to wo dhoka hi dega ye baat galat hai.

    Wrong Number Dial na kare warna koi aap ki Firki lelega. ?

  • Great to see that non actor salman is far behind great actor Aamir at the box office. 2010,2011,2012 were worst years for Bollywood, as that non actor salman was somehow getting biggest blockbusters of those years. He was lucky that Aamir didn’t do a commercial potboiler in 2012 and talaash was strictly multiplex movie and released on nonholiday. But this year Aamir has given the tight answer to that non actor salman that baap baap hota hai aur beta beta. Salman chahe kitni hi masala movies Karle, Aamir se piche hi rahega.
    3 idiots>>>>>>>>> Dabangg, bodyguard, ready, ek tha bandar, Dabangg 2, jai ho
    Dhoom 3, PK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kick.
    Satyamev jayathe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bigg Boss.
    Power of Aamir khan. The real megastar and great actor.

  • really tired after reading so many post about pk. I am big fan of this side and hope this page give all news, not only about pk. Pk may be a good film but @indicine should understand that it it not a fan page of pk. We r different people’s fan and we also need same information from our stars. We r really unsatisfied.

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  • India population is 125 cr in that hardly 2 to 3% people watch movies in theatre… when % of people that time collection also automatically increase…
    then how can we predict lifetime of any movie…
    it’s all about word of mouth….which happens with 3 idiots and pk…
    3 idiots wom was much much better than pk and dhoom 3…
    at the time of 3 idiots ticket price was max 200 to 250 rs and now max 500 to 600 rs… morning shows that time 70 to 80 rs and now 120 to 140 rs… huge difference…

  • Happy New Year To Indicine & All Readers. Hope This Year Brings A Lot Of Success And Happiness In Your Life.

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  • great now todaywill cross 14cr after that pk,s 2week collection will reach to 280cr after that300cr will be cakewalk in the end of 3rd weekend my predictions for pk is minimum 320cr may go higher but yes it is All Time Blockbuster.

  • Dear Syed, Khan.. Do not mix ISLAM with all of thing.. worshiping one god is also the basic of Christianity. But No Christian friends are saying anything like you.. Take the basic of religion to improve your self in all respect.. I dont know why the website allows this kind of comment. Think INCINE please…

  • Once again proved the content is the king. With a good content even Amir khan make a 260 crore collections with his poor stardom.

    Then imagine ,if a good content is received by SRK, the biggest super star of the world;then only sky is the limit.

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  • pk is unstoppable, it’s very difficult for fan raess bb and prdp to break pk record all these 4 will take earth shattering start but only two movie has chance to remain consistent fan and prdp. 300 above way too much only strong content and +ve word of mouth can beat pk.

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  • OMG!!!…. Is my maths poor? Cos I don’t want to believe this!!
    Top..5 highest movies for 2014
    …..pick any 3 MOVIES from d top 5!
    Now…let’s pick KICK HNY BANG BANG!!!
    13th day collection of KICK.. 3.91
    13th day collection of HNY.. 2.75
    13th day collection of BAN. BANG.. 3.49
    .,,,,,……… for 13days collection – 10.15!! (3 superstars highest movies for 2014!!
    Now carefully look @ d 13th day collection for PK!!!…. Esp assuming it earns 10cres + according to @indicine approximated projection!!
    AAMIR. 13th day almost EQUALS to SRK +SALMAN +HRITIK 13th day collection!!!
    Or pick out 2 of SRK highest grosser movie 13th day..CHENNAI EXPRESS HNY… add them up!! does It sum up to AAMIR PK 13TH DAY??… No!!
    Next pick 2 of SALMAN HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIES 13th day!! Add them up!! ETT and KICK!! does their total on 13

  • @zeeshan…..nice 1 bro!! it’s people like him r supposed to b called terrorists sub consciously!! Too much negativity hatred and above all he is just an incouragable indolent!! Since its an article of Aamir khan I Wld rather he should go and watch MANGAL PANDEY again and see one of d reasons Aamir revolted against d use of pig and cow mixture for grenades!! KUN FAYA KUN!!

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