PK First Day Box Office Collections: Early Estimate

Aamir Khan’s PK has collected around 27-28 crore (approx) on its opening day at the box office, as per estimates based on collections from a few centres.

The film has done well at multiplexes in cities, but the response was average at mass-centres. PK has collected Rs 1.38 cr in Rajasthan, while C.I collections are around 0.96 crore (96 lakhs). C.P is likely to be around 1.15 crore. 

PK has also performed very well in Mysore and West Bengal, where Aamir Khan commands a huge following. Business in Tamilnadu / Kerala was good, even though PK was competing against Rajnikanth’s Lingaa.

Film distributor and exhibitor Gaurav Gaur says “PK has under-performed due to severe cold in North India. Big centres were terrific on Day 1 and will continue to do well over the weekend. Single-screens in mass centres like C.P, C.I, Rajasthan were below par. Overall, a good first day for the film, considering the fact that Friday was a working day.”

“PK should collect more than 90 crore in its first weekend” he adds.

Note: The first day collections of PK are early estimates only. Final numbers will be published after a few hours.



  • Hope pk official collection won’t come 32 to 33cr, acc to me pk will collect less than 26cr(kick) which released during ramadan period in lower screen with lower ticket rates compare to pk.

  • PK has no mass appeal and is a non Holiday release. So opening will not be higher than 30 crore. But lifetime will definitely cross 250 crores. Anyone wants to bet?

  • PK will beat the lifetime of HNY in less than 10 days. HNY opened huge due to massy appeal and Diwali but ultimately crashed due as audience rejected it.

  • 300 crores is a huge possiblity as critic reviews are extremely positive with many critics giving 5 stars and 4.5 stars. WOM is amazing.

  • Saturday Sunday are going to be huge. Here, in Bangalore, you just search any theatre/multiplex on Book My Show and you will get “Sold out” or “Almost full” tag. PK is getting an exceptional acceptance at Bangalore which no other movies have received in recent times. I have closely observed the booking trends at multiplexes of movies like Kick,Bang Bang,HNY and PK and I must say that PK is leading with a huge margin among all. I don’t know about other parts of country(as indicine would be having better ideas/datas) but if only Bangalore is the parameter then I must say PK is all set to score a century in its first weekend itself.

  • OMG- Just come from My second show of PK with family and I loved it more than the first time. Short review as Im pretty tired from drive back n wallet surgery- expensive day but well worth every penny.
    Ok so repeat values are definitely there and content is strong n captivating. Second half has the right elements including the forsaken love angle which mass audiences would love so I dont buy ‘this forced love angle sentiment’ of yours Indicine. (Read your review and will not respond to it as its not the right place to do so)
    The best scene was the ‘The final Question’ segment- again similar to OMG but not many saw OMG n more will see PK so the emotions delivered by PK in his response n subsequent reasonings were sublime. Paresh did a stellar job but here PK is really exhausted searching for God n his suffering brings a silence to the room as we all can relate to similar frustrations/ fatigue. I get frustrated seeing dynamic made chameleons on Indicine roaming freely or SSS Khans spelling deteriorating or Indicine posting more silly Qs from
    Sambuddha Mukherjee about Arjun Kapoors potential debut in Tollywood or a possible reconciliation between Saruman and babaji kshitij Srivastava….!
    Also the Sarfaraz / Jaggu church scene retold brought a tear to my eyes n audiences held their breath during that part. Really heartfelt emotional ride- top work team. I think second half was GOOD n ofcourse first half rocked big time but the ending scene (I wont spoil anyones enjoyment here so relax) brought the house down.
    All in all PK the character was magnificently played by Aamir- cant see anyone else doing that role- he held the audiences attention with everything he did or said- proud of Raju Sirs direction as his friendship with Aamir ensured he got the maximum out of Aamir and PK….!
    The only thing stopping me from giving the movie a total 5 stars is I (spoiler alert) would have loved it if Raju Sir had shown the audience PK using his ‘remote’ to actually send out signals to his spaceship… This was shown in Jaadoo Mil Gaya n the kids loved this in that movie so more so for the kids this addition could have given greater scope for kids to come back for more.
    Film deserves more than 4.5 stars but thats the best I can give it.

    Watch it and forget 3 idiots- different topic/ different scope plus with 3 lead characters who brought so much to the movie- here PK and Jaggu are main draw so they are one man down compared with 3 idiots but still do enough to keep you intrigued through 150 mins. This ones a classic and boxoffice winner all the way into the 300 cr club.

  • All haters, just giving more dislikes wont work. I know you all are burning in jealousy because your star can never do this kind of movie, nor he can act flawlessly like aamir, but this is just early estimate. PK will surely open better than kick and smash all records. HNY was released on biggest holiday. That coward khan is always plying safe by working with big heroines, same genre and same crap masala movies which makes no sense and releases his films only during holidays. If that coward would do talaash or PK than it would bomb at the box office.

  • 300 cr domestic ha ha..

    and now wordwlide 300 cr difficult task for pk..

    amr fan just start crying

    kick is safe now

    worldwide hny safe now

    cheer salman and srk fan

  • pk trend will be similar to 3 idiots…slow start first but steady run till three weeks will make it all time blockbuster…..

  • Pk should be banned from screening , horrible movie I left
    At interval completely anti hindu movie. With no story line a bore movie.

  • @Legend. I will bet you, if PK crosses 250 crore india net, I will disappear from Indicine. If it doesn’t, I will not see you and your foolish and dumb comments on indicine ever again. Is this a bet?

  • Unbelivable 350 cr on card for sure. Mumbai @ 9.00 all shows in kandivali packed. My friend called for not finding tickets tiill 11.00 show

  • The Initial collections of Kick HNY and PK shows SRK is still the biggest superstar of India, the difference related to lifetime business is due to quality of films!

  • What I respect about P.K. is how it is giving “accurate” BO collection figures thanks to independent third party reporting.

    In so many words, 28 crores for Day 1 is excellent compared to inflated 33 crores, 35 crores CE, AGNEEPATH producers given “BIAS” collection figures.

  • Don’t worry! Everything will be cleared in 1st week. Many say that pk has no repeat value & again it is like OMG & 2nd half is boring. 3 open weeks always help every Aamir khan film. So pk can cross 200cr, but not more than 220cr. If Aamir khan films get clashed like every SRK & HRO films, then his films can’t cross 100/150cr. Truth is bitter, but has to be accepted.

  • This film is gonna reach 100cr I’m sure about this but it’s hard for him to reach 200cr if his first day collection is below 29cr.

    Let’s see how this film is running in BO. For now I would like to say that Dhoom3 became a biggest film because of YRF brand and not Aaamir’s STARDOM. lol

  • KICK : Pre-Eid period, lesser no. of screens, lower ticket price
    PK : Vacation period, more screens, higher ticket price
    Still can’t break KICK’s record

  • hope aamirs new box office team gives best figure .
    today 50cr as per Aamir fans are done .
    according to SRK Salman fans ( 10-15cr)
    according to neutral fan like me I think today( Friday will be 28-29 cr @ indicine we love u dude u have great sense of trades and analysis ) and Saturday nearer to 34 cr .

    as per indicine estimated if wom is extremely positive then 33cr day 1
    avg then 31cr .

    means the movie is _____ because it collect 28 cr

    love u indicineeee

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