Secret Superstar First Look

The first look poster of ‘Secret Superstar’ is out. It features the lead girl – Zaira Wasim (also seen in Aamir Khan’s Dangal) – walking with school uniform and with the school bag on her back. There’s a microphone in her school backpack too.

Written and directed by Advait Chandan, Secret Superstar features Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij and Aamir Khan. It tells the story of a child who aspires to be a singer.

“Dream Dekhna Toh Basic Hota Hai” is the tagline.

The trailer of Secret Superstar will be out on 2nd August. The film releases in theatres during Diwali this year.

Secret Superstar First Look

Secret Superstar First Look



  • 1st 10M $ in overseas – kabhi Alvida na kehna 2006
    1st 20M $ in overseas -my name is Khan 2010
    My name is Khan 2010 me aaya February me fir v 22M $

    • 1 Question – why srk (you) fans live in past ?
      Can’t they live in present ?!

      Yeah, Present is bitter truth hence u live in past…..

      • no Bollywood film cross $30m in overseas without China collection Dilwale with negative wom reach at $28m in worst phase of srk career before 2008 even saif has better career than amir

      • We don’t engouth of aamir beacause he doesn’t do lot of movies so we stay in the past to watch mr average movies

      • Why we always feel proud on our historical memorials??
        Give answer or die in hatred

    • what the hell kind of comment is this in a poster of a completely different movie of a different actor????? Fans like you are just ridiculous. You guys just want to show the world what SRK did and that too 10 years back. Come on. Grow up.

  • Dilwale tubelight both get below average reviews ..but tubelight 119cr solo release or 4400 screens ..dilwale 148cr clash with bajirao and 3100 screens

  • It will be not surprise to become SS a huge hit but it might shock the entire industry by defeating biggie Golmaal return in lifetime. TZP weekend was not good but pick up slowly & steadily. SS will be the opposite of TZP as now a days people expect so much from Aamir & they will definitely go with SS from first day itself. Therefore, SS will collect above half or almost same what GR collect. If Hindi Medium can collect 70cr approx in normal days then imagine how much SS will collect with Aamir in it plus Diwali festival.

  • The poster looks very good . The tagline is very impressive – Dream Dekhna Toh Basic Hota Hai . The teaser was amazing but it was released in 2016 . Zaira Wasim was spectacular in Dangal playing Geeta and now she is playing the title role in this movie . I feel this film can be an epic children’s film like TZP, Chillar Party and Stanley Ka Dabba . It will be great to see Aamir playing a cameo in this movie . !!!!!!!!!

    • I wont say that if i were you…I know you you cant bear seeing Ajay movie beating JHMS,pulp and blue idiot.

      • abe records kangaal lo aisa kvi nii hua hai G4 won’t be even crossing raees figures

  • aamir is most intelligent producer he exactly knows which script to choose and which film will connect with audience this film will do wonders

    • Don’t do chapsuli… tere aise bolne se Aamir Khan k fans JPMH dekhne nahi jayenge! Kuchh bhi bolo wo to bilkul bhi nahi dekhenge… koi faida nahi.

      • this is not about jhmt btw this article is about an aamir film, and he is only talking about aamir humour..!! so just shut up..!! srk jabra is correct..!!

  • Dont know how much movie vl earn.. 100cr or 150cr or 50cr….

    But i m sure movie vl be good. Nd thts what audience want..

  • Lol on those predicting this movie can beat or compete with Golmaal 4. Will be 60/70 cr superhit bas. Golmaal 4 will be targeting 175 cr plus

  • First look is cool yet impactful……Zaira was awsm in Dangal!! and i will not be surprised if Secret Superstar emerge as a Big Hit…and Aamir will have an extended cameo for sure!! Tagline is kickass #DreamDekhnaTohBasicHotaHai

  • Padmavati is perfect for Diwali
    …golmaal 1st was good, all other are irritated & over acting filled..

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