Dhoom 3 stars at Radio Mirchi: Photos

Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra were at Radio Mirchi to promote their upcoming release Dhoom 3, which releases in theatres this weekend. While Katrina Kaif was missed, Abhishek and Uday who weren’t a part of too many promotional events were present to talk about the mega-budget action film.

Aamir plays the character of Sahir, while Abhishek and Uday, who have been a part of all Dhoom films, play the characters that they are most famous for.. that of Jai and Ali.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Abhishek Bachchan and Aamir Khan

Abhishek Bachchan and Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan promotes Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan promotes Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 promotion at Radio Mirch

Dhoom 3 promotion at Radio Mirchi



  • Believe it or not,Dhoom 3 will break all the records…and i bet these records will be safe for a long time!!!

  • Big movies collecting 30 crore+ on holidays, so even on average count Dhoom will surely collect 150+ crore on 5 clear holidays it has got (22 Dec,25 Dec,29 Dec,31 Dec,1 Jan) and add another 100+ crores including Fridays , Saturdays and Christmas holidays in store so making collections 250-270 crore without hinderances. With no major releases before Salman Khanís Jai Ho and another run of 20 odd days it can be expected to collect 0-50 crore easily. So Dhoom 3 is not just going to be another movie; itís gonna be a storm this holiday season with Aamir emerging a winner, all set to regain his Bollywood supremacy taken away

  • KRRISH 3 rockssss…..Noone can break the 245 crores Nett record of Krrish 3..HRITHIK rules, the No.1 STAR of bollywood

  • lovely pics of D3 actors, storm is coming on 20th dec.
    D3 is biggest release ever domestic & overseas both.
    already booked my tickets for dec20,6:30pm show.
    i was wondering haters are saying that they hiked the ticked rates while i check in jaipur, the ticket rate for all cinema’s is same as it was for CE & K3. even not a 5% rate hike.
    for 900rs show for PVR is only for IMAX theatres and if someone made a movie in IMAX and if a theatre owner having facility to show a movie for IMAX which is first of its kind of technology in Bollywood, why wouldn’t he can charge a good amount,he has every reason for the same.
    never the less this will do wonders at box officen, no one can beat Aamir,Abhi.Kat and Dhoom3. All the Dhoom 3 fans congrates, its time to rejoice.
    a liitle over 1 day go for Dhoom:3, be ready for Dhoom Day.

    @indicine team are you people are seriously doing you job with honesty?
    A big movie of D3 type no update for D3 in last 5 days, no repory yet about Prediction, Advance Booking, even no positive update about the buzz or achivement done by this movie so far, do you people aware that D3 game was highest downloaded game ever for any Bollywood movie, forget that you even didn’t updated any article about D3: game. its not complain from my side as you are extremely underreporting D3 on your site, we have witnessed how much you overreported CE & ETT, how much you are biased towards srk, you people even not missed any single article of skr in this site, but what happen to your team when it comes to star like Aamir,Aksha, Ajay even Hritik roshan whose K3 was also underreported by you before its release though you reported for that movie much better than D3 but still not as much as that movie deserves. as a regular visitor we fans heare celebrates,fights & sometime frustrated about our particular fav’s movie, but as an admin you should be stay away from any biasness, and please don’t even reply that these bias kind of allegation you are going throughout mny fans, they will say so because there is no doubt about your biasness towards SRK, you people even not updated Rapid fare round of Aamir-kiranof KWK episode, while you updated for Salman’s & Ranbeer-kareena episode.
    its been very upsating for me as a regular visiter of this site from last 2 & half years and first time i was feeling so much disappointed and sad by seeing this kind of dead response for My fav actor Aamir & its d3. i think you people should change you site name Srkcine instead of Indicine.

    Srk fans don’t take this comment against srk its not about srk its about every actor’s fans hopes when they are visiting any particular site, if this site name as srk name than it doesn’t sound bad for me if they are doing the same, atleast as a fan i prepared myself if i visiting thisi site as it is srk’ but they are cheating us by giving a name of INDIcine insted of srkcine.

  • After watching the above pics, now I can certainly say that Aamir would be apt for joker and clown role. But I’m highly doubtful about Aamir as biker.

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