Pics: Shahrukh Khan’s wax statue in Hollywood!

Shahrukh Khan, yesterday, became the first Bollywood celebrity to be immortalized in a wax statue at the Madame Tussauds Hollywood, the biggest star attraction in Southern California.

Here are pictures of the Wax replica of Khan, who last month, was named in the Newsweek’s list of 50 most powerful people in the world (ranked 41).



  • Good News for SRK fans ,
    indicine 3,4 years ago when i was in pak then i saw a statue of Big B, just let me know in which country it was ?
    SRK has real super star after Dalip Kumar and Big B..

  • LOTS of good news alaround the world for srk. lots of expectation for mnik.
    every critics easily sure about that mnik will be blockbusters.
    everyone sure about that it willl easily break the records of ghajini if it an average movie.

  • @Nauman can you tell me in which city of pakistan you saw statue of BIG B .I live in pakistan i never saw any statue of any person in my whole life.Can u tell me so i could see it.

  • ahmad khan:
    bhai i didnt say that i saw it in pak , i said when i was in pak i saw on TV and it was in a library may be usa or uk , i am not sure in which country.
    i am from lahore and in faisal town lahore. my home is near to Hina’s home just 10 min walk. what abt u where do u live ?

    u know that i am akki fan but before akki fan i am reality like person. and in reality it is true that in bollywood SRK is one of the most popular person in all over the world . according to me
    1. Dalip Kumar
    2. Big B
    3. SRK
    4. Aamir
    5. Akshay
    6. Hritik
    7. Salman
    8. Nauman ( hahahaha )

  • Indicine ::
    tell me one thing how it possible Srk to be first bollywood celebrity to have wax statue,,
    dont forget long before there was statue of great SALman also

    do u remember ???????????????

  • shankar singh!

    ary yaar bohut sharam ke baat hai u r so silly, why u r using a bad word about srk, i think u such big stuped.

    u know im srk’s fan but i respect all actors of bollywood i liked there works nd super stardom, may be its salman, aamir, akshay, rethik, or big b i loved them so much but my favourite s king khan, or ya mujhe acha nahi lagta ke koi osko bora kahi.

    avoid 8 yaar dont b stuped.

  • @ nazeer
    Good question.
    There are several Bollywood actor’s statue in Madame tussades in LONDON(U.k) including srk himself ,big b,salmaan,ash,etc …. Madame Tussades museum is present in hollywood(u.s.a) too……. SO SRK IS THE FIRST PERSON TO MAKE IT THERE>>> THIS SHOWS HIS POPULARITY!!!!!


  • no addi
    the classification should be
    1* shahrukh khan
    2* youssef khan /dilip kumar
    3* amitab bachan
    4* raj kapoor
    5* dev anand
    6 *dharmendra
    7 * amir khan
    8 * hrikhik
    9 * salman
    10 *akshay
    why because in a carear spanning for more than 40 years dilip won eirght awards best actor
    amitab 4 award byut shahrukh in just eighteen years one seven awards

  • Ok Omer
    tell me one thing as u said SRK is the person to make it there
    what to make there a wax statue which has done recently 2 days back
    can u explain me properly
    also in Hollywood there is no wax statue of SRk
    all the bollywood statues are located in London

    so plzzz explain

  • indicine team

    please open a thread on the recent controversy surrounding shah rukh and shiv sena. it seems mr khan is seeking publicity for his upcoming film through cheap means.

  • To All Muslim Around the World
    Boycott SRK films as he has made insulting comments about Our Prophet(PBUH)It was published and later he said he didnt mean to say that!!so please boycott him!!!it didnt come out in media as he is too friendly with them and he requested them not to give coverage about that alledgely incident!
    So if you are true muslim boycoot srk coz he has insulted central figure of Islam!!

  • khan
    im agree with you. shivsena is one of the taliban in our country.
    they do almost all these things which taliban do.
    such as, boycott western culture, freedom, etc

    india is country of peace, freindship and lots cultural , languages etc
    but shivsena always talk about mumbai and marathi.
    im always against him.

    they r doing only just cheap publicity. but no one with them.

    india is one country,
    i love my country.
    india rocks

  • hi nomaan i am a muslim and shahrukh khan is a muslim and he didnt say anything about the prophet mohammad salla allahu alaihi wa salam it s the magasine which published these rubbish to spot his image within muslim but thank allah everyone knows that shahrukh is amuslim wtch his interview and you will be surprised by his inshallah subhan allah zekr which no other muslim actor in the industry salman ammir saif doesnt it was amalconstruction of the editor so dont nbother because srk loves allah and mohamad and vice verca and this debate was fixed by shahrukh khan manifestaion and demonstration full stop
    look now for the debate of shiv sen when srk supported the idea of bringing paki players they showed trhe racism towards islam and paki people see how much khan is auslim he is the only actor who showed the friendship of india nd pakistan in dil se veer zara main hoon na then all actors started to follhim in ap hwale watan sathiyo including amitab

  • Youssef!!!
    Even i am also muslim SRk has insulted the muslim religion specially Prophet M Musthafa Nabi (SAWs)
    During the shooting for DON He also commented that ” I would have been born as hindu, there are many festivals to celebrate in hindus specially Ganeshotsav” saiid by SRK

    now tell me what do u want to tell

  • hi king khan ,u are the real king of india along with bollywood and hollywood,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am still 13 cyears old and i will become an actor in futur,,i want to become like u ,please i u can meeet me then please do this because i am your biggest fan all over world.and best of luck for your upcoming movies

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