Pics: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif return from Muscat

It was a quick trip to Muscat for Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, as the two superstars returned to Mumbai after enthralling audience at the ‘Temptation Reloaded’ event in Oman.

Pictures straight from the Mumbai airport below. Have a look.

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif return from MuscatShahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif return from Muscat

Shahrukh with KatrinaShahrukh with Katrina

Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif new photo

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif  latest picture

Mushtaq Sheikh, SRK and Anusha DhandekarMushtaq Sheikh, SRK and Anusha Dhandekar

SRK, Katrina return from MuscatSRK with Katrina

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  • My word srk looks like bollywoods version of Jacko Wacko. So much use of botox and surgical needles on his face have made his face look like a rotten wrinkled up turnip…
    Kat rocked the show. Amazing. Poor lass though couldnt really enjoy the moment as she was babysitting the old age pensioner as he once again got carried away when his Dabangg nautanki act was underway. All that jumping around was awful to watch so paramedics were on standby backstage and Kat was forced to go back out on stage to act as a support beam for SRK to lean against and to hold on tight. The opportunistic that he is our King SRK took full advantage of this and was groping Kat and trying to get a kiss under the mistletoe but Kat was having none of it. She told him outright that I aint no Piggy Chops shah rukh….
    Lolz welldone Kat. Love you for being a caring ‘Human Being’ and taking good care of friends and foe. Bhai has taught his disciples the right way to be humane…
    @xzone You gone into Mental mode which is better that JTHJ mode!!!

  • Reports say that after watching katrina on the back seat of srk’s lamozine…..a “crap”star of bollywood got a severe heart attack…there is a chaos observed at the “mental” school run by him…his fans are so “distressed” and “aflicted” by this news…they are wandering here and there in order to prove this news wrong…they may also visit to indicine pages to bark…so be aware…:P
    this time our mental frnd “navin” rocks…

  • News indeed has reached bhai jaan about Muscats Concert. Bhai was overjoyed to hear that despite refusing to pay Muscat organisers to attend that still the loudest cheer of the evening came when Dabangg theme song was blasting out. Bhai still rocked muscat despite sleeping peacefully in Mumbai.
    This reaction of the crowd to bhai jaans music almost caused a stroke to srk who bacame agitated and disorientated. Confusion reigned as SRK couldnt decide on what track of Bhai jaans he would prance around too next. Kat managed to persuade OAP srk that it may not be a good idea to perform to Munni or Fevicol coz getting down and jiving would be very detrimental to srks already aching joints!!! Luckily organisers told SRK to take a chill pill and perform to a very slow and minimalistic dance number so Saans was played to the audience not once but twice. SRK stood on stage arms wide apart for 12 minutes while Kat had to dance around stage with the hunky dancers. (she was happy atleast and its Valentines so let the poor girl celebrate and enjoy herself) Needless to say audience did not like this as several thousand dozed off and the many who stayed awake showed their displeasures by chanting the same mantra:-
    Bhai roxXx bhai rocks bhai roxXx bhai rocks bhai roxXx bhai rocks
    No doubt on hearing this news our troubled and sick friend xzone will need to go back to the asylum for more electrical shock treatment.
    @star bhai still RoxXxXx despite being in another country… :/)

  • What kind of reporting is this yesterday you report that SRK-KATRINA at the airport for muscat valentine day event now you are reporting they are back?

  • srk show- all ticket sold and the show was houseful.
    lallu’s show- FLOP!!!

    perhaps thats the reason for frustation of MENTAL’S fans.

  • @navin. Hahahaha…… Rofl, you rock buddy.

    @xzone. ‘CRAP STAR’ is the other trade mark registered and copyrighted name of srk, so why are you using it for other stars and insulting your crapstar srk. lol… one has any worry about srk doing anything ‘private’ with kat, because we all know srk’s real sexual orientation and that he “LOVES” only male effeminates and also kat knows some martial arts too, to defend herself in case someone tries to force upon her, so no worries at all. So Happy valentine’s day oops i am sorry, its happy day/manish m day/arjun rampal day etc to srk and to his 4+ billion fans.

  • Tuesday, 25th December 04:00 PM IST
    It was an ambitious experiment by organisers Creative Hub Events to bring the current box office ruler Salman Khan and his lady of choice Priyanka Chopra to the shores of UAE to celebrate the NationalDay at the Dubai Festival City.
    Unluckily, what was expected to be roaring hit fell a little flat. The auditorium that had a capacity of 18,000 and was expected to house that many on the special night of December 2, had only 6750 odd people cheering for the actors.When contacted, Fatima Hayat, CEO of Creative Hub Events told us,”Yes, it’s a shocker. Salman, Priyanka and the others (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Zarine Khan) could definitely have pulled it off much better.”
    According to an official from the events company (whorequested for anonymity),the response at the ticket windows was disheartening. While that could also have been because of the exhorbitant pricing ofAED 6000 (INR 75000)per stub,the official blamed it on ‘lack of caution’.
    “We tried every trick in the book to reach out to people but failed. Wewish we had paid heed to some of our well wishers who had warned us not to have the show on such a large canvas,” the official added.
    Salman’s last show in Dubai was organised right after “Wanted” hitthe theatres in 2009. And reportedly, that wasn’t a money churner either.”The guy who organised the show hails from south India and has vowed never to visit Dubai again. However, we thought that after his recent string of blockbusters – “Dabangg”, “Ready”,”Bodyguard”,”Ek Tha Tiger”, Salman’s 2012 show would be a runaway success,”the official said.
    Apparently, despite asking Salman to spend more time on stage and word of mouth publicity of theshow, the ticket sales failed to pick up. “We are still looking for answers,” said the official.

  • @NVS…hahaha..after acting into a number of “unchallengeable”,”strained” and “stressful” movies, sallu only desrves this tag “crapstar” (i had not mentioned the name of sallu that time) plz don’t snatch this tag from after working 20 yrs, he really desrves a tag like other actors have…
    and by the way…if srk is straight , then think abt ur “crapstar” , who is still unmarried and had a lot of girls in her life, but none of them stayed with him for fulltime (katrina is also included in the list)…wat’s the reason? is he a “castrate” or an “eunach”…sorry..i ve written some intricate words , bcoz i know that majority of salman fans are they can’t understand the meaning of these words and in this way..they won’t be hurt…but u seem atleast intelligent to me…so read these words and ans me…
    @navin..”mental” rocks…

  • katrinas face looks very sad , thats right because such a lovely period of valentine with old , wrinkled , scrap person in muscut?

  • @navin d largest boo in d world was heard wen dabangg theme was played…nd immediately d track was changed…nd d guy who played d theme was fired(he was a cab driver) nw even foreign ke rikshawale r supporting lallu
    congo lallu fans..even lallu has bcum global

  • @xzone why thank you Sir for proclaiming it well in advance that ‘mental’ rocks as lets face facts It will Definitely rock the nation and the foundations of SRKs house will also be severly rocked.
    Now that I have thanked you let me add that its time- time for your next set of electrical shocks to be carried out by Bhais sponsored ‘Mental Asylum’ so users of Indicine please be warned that whilst these shocks are being carried they may be a temporary powercut across the State maybe even reaching far south as Chennai. Doctors down the institution at this early stage of xzones treatment do not exactly how much voltage is required so experimentation may last the whole weekend. Lets all pray for a quick and satisfactory conclusion. Sorry I meant to say a quick and speedy fix to the black out so we can get back our daily lives!
    @star Your mental bhai xzone roxXxXx in mental asylum… :-D

  • poor lallu fans dis is wat happnd wen lallu went to dubai(reality check to lallu fan@navin who is writing false thngs)
    At the UAE National Day show in
    Dubai, Salman’s presence on
    stage saw ladies screaming with
    joy. Some were too
    overwhelmed that tears of joy
    flooded the Dubai festival Arena.
    The star decided to bring a twist
    in the show, he picked fans from
    the audience and threw a very
    dicey question at them.
    He quizzed his two contestants,
    which of the Khans is the most
    popular with fans, the audience
    lapped it up with his obvious
    reference to arch rival Shah
    Rukh Khan.
    But the poor contestants were
    simply too scared to utter the
    name, skirting around with Aamir
    and Saif Ali Khan.

    Nw iss se badi insult kya lallus show dey dint tak lallus name..

  • Indicine please show this message.
    @xzone. Hahahaha rofl….Dude i already said that ‘crapstar’ or any title which has crap in it like ‘crap khan’, ”crap-‘srk’ap’ , ‘crap rukh khan’, ‘crap crab’ etc are exclusively and specifically used only and only for srk. To put it simply, crap means srk, as everything about him, be it personal or professional is all crap. He indeed is the ideal epitome of crapiness, that’s why crap means srk and srk means crap, crap=srk, you can even replace both the words as both mean the same. So please remember that the word crap is only and only applicable to srk and not to others. Well, everyone in the bollywood and majority of people know that srk is a confirmed homo, a born gay, there’s no denying this fact. & your crapstar’s physical intimacy & closeness even overshadows that of romeo & juliet.’s & srk’s famous personal live-in relationship for many years is know to almost everyone in the industry including gauri herself. Many people still doubt gauri’s character and they claim that only gauri is the biological mother of her children but srk is not the biological father of his children and how can they be, when he is a impotent homo. I have seen some of your crapstar’s interviews where he indirectly indicated that he indeed was not straight, so nothing can be a much bigger proof than your own crap khan admitting that his sexual orientation is not straight i.e he is a gay, a homo. The way your crap-‘srk’ap speaks, his body movements, his body language, his gestures, his mannerisms, his behavior and his overall personality itself directly indicates that crap rukh khan is gayish, womanish, effeminate, a eunuch etc. Now coming to the ultimate mega star salman, yes he may be unmarried till now, but it has nothing to do with his non-masculinity and even if you think he is not straight, then give me one sensible reason why he had 7 girl friends so far(give me sensible reasons and not the stupid, rubbish reasons that many of crapstar srk’s fans give)? If he was not straight, he could have stopped at the 1st or 2nd gf itself instead of having affairs with 7 of the most beautiful ladies and why dont you think in a different way i.e that salman enjoyed all of his 7 beautiful girl friends physically but somehow things did not work out between them when it came to their marriage and it has more to do with his volatile tempered nature, mood swings and his cultural differences rather than than anything else. And lol how can you even imagine that the ultimate megastar is castrated, did you see him nude or did you castrate him with your own hands. Hahahaha:) I am assuring you that the ultimate megastar salman is a real ALPHA MALE unlike your ‘crapstar’, ‘crap khan’, ‘crap-‘srk’ap’, ‘crap rukh khan, ‘crap crab’ srk who is total opposite…

  • @ navin
    what you said goes in accordance on both salman and amir khan
    who makes hair transplant facelift and botox sessions evey now and then
    look at the extent of srk haters frustration
    their heart itches them to talk in srk concerts too
    love me or hate me but you cant ignore me

  • @navin, oh please…srk is not like ur lallllu who need hair transplant and some stupid fake surgery to look handsome…
    He looks handsome the way he, it’s god gifted and Thank god he hasn’t modified this gift from god..unlike ur lallllu..
    Any if ur lallllllu mallllu khan hasn’t done any surgery he would be surly looking like a combination of the worlds ugliest dog and pig with small pox ( it’s a bit different from chicken pox, the thing is u get those in each and every part of ur body. Not a clear skin would be left, all dot dot every where )
    And yet after surgery helps more worst than what I have described..:p

  • @nihal I dont recall me ever denying that Aamir or Salman bhai havent been under the knife. Its obvious they have so why deny it. Aamir had wrinkles in Dil in 1990 but in Ghajini 2008 he had none that were visible. Bhai has had a hair transplant, I never denied it. Ajay has had surgery aswell as Saif. They all do and its their life and money so good luck to them. No denials from bhai fans.
    The only denials come from intelligent and intellectually superior IT support staff fans of SRK.
    Well its your perogative whether you want to admit it or not but the fact remains all that surgery undertaken by the 3 Khans- surgery has actually done wonders for the appearance of Aamir and Salman but for SRK it has inadvertedly speeded up the ageing process…
    Get a better perspective on things rather than towing the official SRK fanclub party line which has been set out by a psychopathic maniac named xzone.
    @xzone You are Mental # 1
    @star bgai roxXxXx

  • All lallu fans already become mental before the release of mental.and after the disastrous performance of mental people will admit those mental people in the all lallu ullu fans keep barking till your last breath.way to go @xzone,@nihal.

  • @indicine team!
    Are you blind or what?why u did’nt moderate this @nvs comments??he is too much illetrate and abusing superstar like srk.its a request to check each and every comment and post only positive comments..

  • @NVS…well ..i m glad that u answered me and u understood , what i was saying (as i was confident abt it and i know that some “illiterates” like “navin” and “hrtik” are still scratching their head to learn the meaning of my comments)…although ur reply was too long and boring, but still……first…u have emphasized on word “crap” more than 10 this way, u simply wasted the space of indicine…now, if 10 demented people ll start saying a guy as “crap” or “sadakchhap”, then it doesn’t mean that he really is….this title shud be given for those “headaches” and “stress” created by that particular star…and in this way..i don’t have to say much that wat kind of stress is given by ur crapstar to indian audiences….so again i m repeating..plz don’t snatch this tag from him…Now u r calling a guy with two childs as “straight”, then it’s beyond my imagination, then wat wud u think abt that “senile” and “dotard” man, who has to take the help of medicines to get a strain in his —–,i guess…and u asked me that how i know that sallu is a “castrate”..then the same quistion i m asking to u..that did u enjoy a physical relationship with srk , as u know that he is straight…and coming to the last point abt ur “ultimate megastar” salman khan…u claimed that he has seven girls in his life…so, he is not a “castrate” or “impotent”…so dude..if a newcomer wants to enter into the industry , the she looks for the most “characterless” face in the industry (like “shakti kapoor”, “aman verma” or our crapstar “salman”)…and as salman is in a position to launch any newcomer into his “craps”, so they used to attach with him..but as soon as they get success into their target…they dump salman…..reason is, “success is not everything in life”..physical satisfication is a different thing..but our “budha” salman khan fails to satisfy them..thats y they kick off at salman’s —–u can take the examples..from sangita to somi ali and now katrina…so, this is the reason, why all females dump him so rudely…
    and don’t be so frustated yaar..take it easy…:)
    @navin..”mental” rocks…

  • @radha. Madam ji, Oh ya, so according to you only i am abusing and other people like ‘xzone’, ‘ANAND’, ‘goal’, ‘shown michaels’, ‘nihal’ on this page and many other such arrogant illiterates, foolish morons, mentally retarded & unstable perverts, weird, intensely irritating & simply unbearable fans of srk with their disgusting, rubbish, derogatory & filthy comments on the biggest superstar in the country salman on this page and many other pages were doing SALMAN ji ki POOJA or SALMAN ji ko AARTI chadarahethe, isnt it? Mam ji, please open your eyes fully and read the comments of others before singling out a person (and abusing that he is “illiterate” and ironically typing the word itself wrong like “illetrate” in your comment, just to show who is really illiterate and even accusing that the indicine team itself is blind) otherwise it doesnt speak good about you. You can also do a great favour, advising your srkian friends to post some sensible, intelligent, positive comments about salman khan rather than the actual rubbish & crap they generally do on indicine. Mam ji, please try to become open minded, pragmatic & realistic rather than believing that srk has no negative things at all because he is a god to you. So radha try to evaluate for yourself & All the best. And lastly, want to say that indicine is a neutral & unbiased site and the team are smart enough to know which comments to moderate and which not to, depending upon the circumstances, context and the situations and they are definitely not as blind as your are accusing them to be. indicine team is doing pretty good job, keep it up guys. Thanks.

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