Pics: Secret Behind Aamir Khan’s 8 Pack Abs

Aamir Khan, Bollywood’s very own perfectionist, has worked out for more than 3 hours every single day for more than a year to own arguably the best body in Bollywood today.

Aamir was trained by Satyajit Chorasia who owns a gym in Mumbai. The star trainer has also trained big actors like Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan.

Aamir has managed to loose about 25 pounds of weight, but remains unsatisified “We could have done a lot better if I hadnít been slightly lax because of Taare Zameen Par.”

Says Satyajit, who appears to be quite pleased with Aamir’s beefed up look “Although he was always dedicated to the schedule, he started giving not 100 per cent but 1000 per cent after Taare.. Heís known to be a perfectionist but even then his commitment and focus stunned me,Ē

Its rumoured that the Gym that Aamit set up in his house cost him upwards of 50 lakhs!

Check out the pictures from the press conference.

Aamir Khan Aamir Khan Aamir Khan - Satyajit Chaurasia

Aamir Khan - Satyajit Chaurasia Aamir Khan Aamir Khan Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan Aamir Khan Aamir Khan



  • Aamir Khan rocks! Cant wait for Ghajini. His 8 pack is much beter than SRK’s fake 6 pack which he neve ever revealed after Om Shanti Om. It wasigitally morphed to just create media hype.

    When it comes to Aamir its all about hard work and perfection. SRK is all about shortcuts and unnecessary hype.

  • U r absolutely rite, Suniel. No doubt Aamir is the most commited actor we have today in our country who is professional in his work. I mostly like his works (also Kamal Hassan) for changing his appearances n looks to suit accordingly with the character role he is offered with the script. Unlike him Shahrukh, Salman, Ajay, Amitabh etc who always is same as we have seen them in other 10 films. Thats y Aamir is best star in the sky of Bollywood.

  • Aamir khan is very handsome in favoyrite star Aamir.i liked the climax in hindi ghajini.songs were very very good.I liked the song guzaarish.aamir you are ossum in 8 packs.aamir you are the most hard worker in our bollywood.i liked the suit which you wore.

  • Amir is the one and only “The Rocking STAR “, and hard working hero in the entire film industry…..

    i can definitely say,”No one can reach ur their life times…(shahrukh,salman,sanjay, amitabh..)”!!!!

    Amir, u r the only King…n only Badshah…for the entire World….!!

    no one is REAL…except Amir…..”the only AMIR KHAN”..!!!!

    love ur hard work n spirit…tkkk crrr….my top HERO…!!

  • I have seen both version of Ghajini (tamil & Hindi) .. amair did well… but when compare to surya he is nothing… just watch the tamil version with subtitles … all the best for both surya and amir

  • I agree,because it was introduced as a great cardio workout which burns a lot of fat while toning muscles,Exercise is the best way of shaving weight.
    But why is it so difficult for most people to get a six pack?
    Brin @

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