Pics: John Abraham lifts and throws a bike!

Everyone knows about John Abraham’s love for bikes and the actor who has owned some of the fanciest bikes in the world, has done several bike-related stunts for his upcoming solo action film Force.

For one of the scenes, John was required to pick up a Pulsar bike and throw it. But all crew members were surprised when John decided to do it all by himself without any cable or strings attached to it. The bike, weighed approximately 150 kgs, but all those years of strength training at gym certainly seemed to have payed rich dividends when the actor performed the mini-stunt with ease.

Vipul Shah’s Force is a remake of the 2003 Tamil blockbuster ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. The hindi version, directed by Nishikant Kamat, also stars Genelia D’Souza as the female lead.

If films like Dabangg and Singham did wonders to the careers of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, Force could push John into the big league too. Check out the pictures and tell us what you think.

Force Pictures
John Abraham in Force

Force Pictures
John Abraham in Force

Force Pictures
John Abraham in Force

Force Pictures
John Abraham in Force

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  • The trailer of Force was the worst trailer of this year so far. Mind you i liked Khakha Khakha and i find Surya an extremely talented actor but hell how dare they put a non-actor like this in his place sight!
    I really doubt if this will succeed!

  • WTF!
    Seriously we have many talented actors around there why to cast a wooden non-actor like John!
    And not only that, the guy has no star-power at all! i mean Imran is also wooden but at least Imran has a screen presence and charisma he can make a movie open big. Actually his movies open bigger than those of Ranbir! But hell this guy has been around 8 years in the industry and still he has no solo hit!
    I hear a lot about Abhishek being Flopstar, but at least Abhishek has done some nice movies, he is also a fine actor but just he doesn’t have the charisma of his father.
    I will be really surprised if this one works.

  • @Indicine Team: Please you can’t compare Dabangg to this one, Also it’s Wanted that saved Salman’s career not Dabangg.
    Salman has a starpower and charisma he can carry an average film and make it BB.
    Ajay is an extremely talented actor, he can perform any role.
    But John!! He’s the most wooden actor i have ever seen.

  • i think john is correct 4 the script…if nt john defenately salman becaz they both hav good body…as they both can do this role vry well..

  • I feel really sorry for a director like Nishikant Kamat he could have chosen a better actor. Guys imagine Sallu or Akki or even Hrithik he would have rocked big time. I watched Khakha Khakha wonderful movie, it’s different from the other south movies(read: Ghajini, Singham…) it rocks and Surya is a wonderful actor, yeah Aamir is a great actor and he was competent in his role, i frankly found his performance better than that of Surya. Ajay too is an exellent actor he rocked in Singham, and Sallu in Wanted was good too.
    Anyways hope this one works.

  • Please don’t compare actors, He is the best personality i have ever come across…cool and calm human with a positive attitude !! which is a rare now a day…. God Bless him !!!!

  • lol forget about the movie or John Abraham’s acting, pulsar bike is being thrown around :P
    nothing surprising as john endorses yamaha! ;)

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