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Yet another Shahid Kapoor movie after Kaminey and Dil Bole Hadippa (releasing next week), that is all set to release in 2009. Chance Pe Dance also stars Genelia D’Souza alongside Shahid. The title of the movie seems to be inspired from the song Dance Pe Chance in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Chance Pe Dance is a musical and talking about the film, director Ken Ghosh who directed Shahid in Ishq Vishq and Fida says “You can’t ignore the relevance of the word ‘chance’ here. Life just gives you one chance and you have to grab it with both hands. This is what happens to my protagonist in the film too who makes best use of the chance available to him. He dances on it… pun intended, and what happens to him from there on is to be seen in the film.”

Chance Pe Dance will release in December 2009. Check out the first look. How do you like Genelia and Shahid as an on-screen couple? Comments below

Chance Pe Dance



  • I saw them together on Farah Khan’s show “tere mere beech me”.. they fit on-screen.. but shahid with Karina.. neither on-screen nor off-screen.. I think they were wrong pairs in Jab We Met and in their affairs too.

  • I am so happy for Shahid. He looks great with Rani, Genelia. i would like to see him in a movie with Kathrina and Sonam kapoor.

  • shahid you were simply mesmerizing in kaminey. hope this one adds one more feather to ur rocking career. best of luck

  • ues it is the rock star shahid is coming back to back hits no….and this is great….to be in no 5 possion to replace that flopmaster sallu….anyway i am very happy for shahid,to left karina….she is not beauty enough for shahid…….lov u shahid

  • Shahid you are the best and I wish you all the best for 2009 movies and future movies. I like your movies. You are and will be great entertainer for bollywood Industry. Best thing happen to you that to left karina.
    I agree with beeky comment good luck and keep going

  • sahid rocks….i can see a rising superstar in this bollywood film industry…he is d future shahrukh….You r looking just too cool…

  • i have no doubt on shahid’s talent in acting……………i wish god give him sucess and a big stardom…….. best of luck for his rest of life…………….

  • ABSOLUTELY Magnificent Actor Man!!!! I just LOVE him!!! HE rocked in Kaminey.. His chemistry with Priyanka, Rani and Genelia are rocking… This movie will definitely be superhit…

  • he is the bomb teh second srk for me
    love him and his acting too
    whenver speeks sweet is hot
    like his new movie with rani hope too see a lot more of you !!!!!!!!!!

  • Well I will go to watch this movie for Genelia………She is superb on screen……. She really looked beautiful in Life Partner I think……. And I would love to see her getting into the top league with Priyanka, Katrina and Kareena……. She is the future of Bollywood……. For Shahid, I think He is getting better by each and every film but still a long way to go from here as the competition in guyz is very tough these days espacially when everyone is giving good hits like Salman’s recent hit has pushed him back to top 5….. Saif also has got some good movies lined up…. I think it will be interesting to see that who takes away the credit this year……Shahid hasn’t got any gr8 hit under his belt this year as both of his movies Kaminey and DBH turned out to be Above average Movies…….So we will have to wait and see……… So far, Salman and Saif are the ones who have got big hits under their names this year………

  • what the hel r u talking bwt , knw yr facts b4 u say smethin , kaminey gt 4 and a half stars and is the best movie so far ths year and thats nt my opinion but ”peoples” and after dil bole hadippa hes prety much gt a 95 % chance of taking best actor for kaminey and the best song wil prob go to aaja aaja (dhan ta nan) , dil bole hadippa is jus a boost for shahid to take sum awards , and if thats nt enough hes gt paathshala with ayesha takia , chance pe dance with genelia , milenge milenge with kareena and yash rajs nxt movie which hasnt bn titled yet with anushka the girl frm rab ne banadi jodi and on top of all tht hes gt mausam with hes father, yr jus saying tht salman and saif hav big hits unda their belts cuz yr avoiding the truth , yr right bwt one thng only tht wanted salmans latest flick beat dil bole hadippa , i saw wanted and dil bole hadippa lst week and i like them evenly , But dil bole hadippa beat luv aj kal , saifs latest film , but above all kaminey has beaten dil bole hadippa , wanted , life partner , paying guests and luv aj kal , shahid wil definetly take sum awards , no one til date has dun wat shahid has dun doing 6-7 movies in one yr and half nt including kismet konnection , which is kaminey , dil bole hadippa , paathshala , chance pe dance , milenge milenge and yash chopras untitles movie with anushka and mayb even mausam with his father, and in the last 2 years hes had 4 big hits , vivaah and jab we met super hit , kismet konnection average hit and kaminey super blockbuster hit , and hes guna hav lot mre cuming , search up is shahid eligeble to be in the top 5 actors on utube and see wat u get !! shahids the only one wus reached to the level hes at nw ever at the age of only 28 , in 3-4 years he’l be on par with sharukh , salman , aamir , saif

  • love the poster !! and i totally wish that the movie rocks !! i love you shahid ..your looks ur body ur acting
    is the best !! all the best to both!!

  • Shahid looks real cute and has boyish charm. I find him very handsome and adorable. As much as I adore him, I have to put it frankly that in certain scenes of his films he lost his concentration and focus of the character that he portrays. But considering that he is cramping so many characters in one go, that is understandable. Anyhow, I believe he will emerge as a great actor one day like his seniors- Big A and SRK.
    God bless him with success and humility.

  • Shahid Kapoor is awesome! he is totally hot and an amazing dancer too. hope this movie is a hit. it seems cool. but in the meantime GO SHAHID GO!!!

  • u rockd lik hell in kaminey as charlie, n did dashin shots in dil bole haddipa,n u will sizzle d dance floor in dance pe chance……………………………………………………..

  • Shahid rocks. He is the best. His new hair style is verrrrrrrrrry rocking. Wishing him best of luck 4 this movie. hey shahid wass up?? I`m 1 of u`r teen-aged fan.

  • sahid is really a talented actor…sons of super stars can take a lesson from him……sahid;s acting speaks…i really pray god that u may achieve a huge success in ur life…u r really a hot guy sahid..n so natural..all the bst..u look perfect wd genillia…

  • i have no doubt on shahid’s talent in acting……………i wish god give him sucess and a big stardom…….. best of luck for his rest of life…………….

  • shahid is a best dancer in whole bollywood …………. this film will rock the bollywood ……………….. i think that i m ur biggest fan in my college……………. shahid is the best …………………. his hair style is best…………… i’ll go to watch this movie for shahid bcause i love his mooooves of dance ………………… i have join jym by seeing shahid body n 8 pacs……………………… in future u r the best actor in bollywood……………………….

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