Pic: Amrita Rao in a Sexy new vegetarian ad for PETA

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Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao are back, not for a film, but the Vivah stars are going nude for a PETA ad which is said to be shot next month as both are vegetarians.

Shahid is so pumped on vegetarianism that he even drafted his dog into it. And Amrita who is popular for her traditional roles will now be seen in minimal dressing. The actress will be wearing shorts and a t-shirt that reads “Powered by Tofu”. She is also supposed to twine tomato wines around her body for PETA India with a tag line that reads “Let vegetarianism grow on u”. The ad was shot by Gaurav C Bhat and styled by Swapnil Shinde.

“I Am Amrita Rao, and I Am a Vegetarian” she says.

Amrita Rao has teamed up with a number of celebrities like Lara Dutta, Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, R Madhavan who have joined Peta in order to promote the healthy vegetarian diet. Reportedly Amrita and Shahid will rub shoulders with Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson who is going to pose in a cabbage bikini. Ex-model Aditi Gowitrikar will be seen covered with leaves and Sherlyn Chopra in a racy Lingerie.

Amrita Rao whose a vegetarian from past ten years says “I call being vegetarian the ‘Wow Rao’ diet. Wow because I know that being vegetarian is the best thing I can do for myself, the animals and the environment. Pulses can get pulses racing, while corpse cuisine slows you down. Kick the meat habit and you’ll look and feel better than ever.” Amrita rao is also of the opinion that vegetarians are on the average more fitter and trimmer.

Being a vegetarian has its own benefits. It avoids killing animals apart from that meat especially red meat is not good as it clogs the thinking power. Excessive intake of fats can result in having a high level of cholesterol. Not eating meat is not going to make a person look scrawny or unhealthy the best examples are cows, goats, gorillas, elephants and not to forget these herbivores animals have a longer life span compared to carnivores animals.

Following vegetarisim is the best and kindest gift a person can give to Mother Earth. It is a way of fighting for the worst effects of climate changes.

Amrita Rao Sexy Peta


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