Phurrr Song Video: SRK, Diplo, Pritam

With less than 18 hours to go before Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal releases in theatres, the makers have the final song promo and it’s a biggie. Diplo teams up with Pritam and SRK for “the Biggest Collaboration in Bollywood History”

The song is called ‘Phurrr’, which has been composed by Diplo and Pritam.

As for the film itself, there will be no press screening of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ today. It’s scheduled to take place tomorrow morning.

The film releases in theatres worldwide tomorrow.

Check out the song:

Song Video: Phurrr
Music Director: Diplo & Pritam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Mohit Chauhan & Tushar Joshi



      • hello i did say that i am fan of salman or anyelse. that was just my opinion . This is the first time that i dont like any single song of him movie.otherwise i realy love to watch his songs and movies

  • Disappointed..Both from Pritam and Diplo
    The last solo hit and good song Diplo had was Where are U now which was also a bit cringy but this takes the cake..

    Akon in Ra.One was much better

  • super awesome… outsatnding…. bollywood stars are going to hollywood for doing films…and here king khan is making hollywood to work for bollywood….! 2 legends made this song historic..! booked the tickets for tomorrow now too much excited for the movie

    • First of all, Diplo is not hollywood LMAO
      second of all, there are no legends involved with this song
      third of all, control excitement, else film will be underwhelming and u won’t enjoy then

      • third of all u go and watch it is the biggest eid disaster of all time
        fourth of all srk is legend he dont need to prove anything more..he is more than a legend.
        fifth of all whenever srk movies came we will celebrate his movies like a festival..! u illiterates never gonna be positive..!

  • It looks like another chartbuster of the year after Laila. Ideally It should have been released 3/4 days early so that buzz could have increased and first day could have been in the range of 25-30. Lets see what happens now. Hope for the best!

  • Phurrr or Hurrr release whatever you want… But you can’t stop Jab Dadaji Met Poti to become a disaster..

  • Fantastic. What a song! Will rock every party and Barat dance. Its not like sallu’s desi type dhinka chika, selfie le le, etc etc. Its different and much higher in quality. Now jhms is perfect from every aspects. It will surely go past 250cr, I bet

  • It’s beat is just awsm…highly foot-tapping Creation…Mohit rocks…Best Song of album for me atleast!!

  • When you collaborate with international artists like Akon and Diplo but still end up making songs like #chammakchallo and #phurr.. such waste of money and talent..
    Ovet the top promotion.. jhms is literally everywhere in promotion.. its shameful..

    • What do u mean by “shamefull ”
      Evry actor promote his films
      Whats wrong in that
      Salman , akki , Hr , Ad who is not promoting his films in tv, commercial, liveshows , citytours
      R u guys crazy ?
      Or just know 1 thing dat SRK jo bhi kare usme ake kuch bakwaas karo
      U guys r nonsense n irritating

    • tu rehne de bhai. tere megastar ka munni baadnam,character dheela,dhinka chika,jumme ki raat aur po po se toh bohot accha hai ye

  • Biggest collaboration in bwood history lol ?? If makers pay money, diplo will even collaborate with Rajpal yadav..
    lets see how much this “BIG” collaboration convert into ticket sales.. looking at advacne even 16cr looks doubtful

  • Go ahead SRK fans……. say this is the best song and video of the year.
    You guys are hypocrites to the core

  • “As for the film itself, there will be no press screening of ĎJab Harry Met Sejalí today. Itís scheduled to take place tomorrow morning.”

    it means they aren’t confident on content of Jab Per(v)ert met H(o)e. Hence they wanna avoid bad reviews on first day only and wanna save film for atleast half of the day.
    If press were happened today Bad reviews would have harmed it from morning only.

    So now there are some chances that this film will collect some more crores due to late reveiws and it will get one day time before reviews start killing the film.

  • It’s looking like Erotic song with erotic dances by Anushka and Half nude girls…. Family will avoid this movie…

    • But in Paglapur families have no moral compass so such things are common practice there…!

      Will be a huge hit in Paglapur n Bakrapur for sure

  • @ tiger, abe chamiya Same Anushka was also there in Sultan she was 45 years old and suddenly became 28 years old.

    • @rotu Abhishek
      When did I deny that? Yes Anushka also worked with Salman. But Salman didn’t looks
      Hahaha like Dadaji of Anushka..

  • good beat song ..sure shot chartbuster..patty clubs will rock with tis song forever..300 cr+ guaranteed..even first 400cr possible now…

    • LMAO…. even haters are wating for TZH but we wish SRK never releases his film in future. We wish JPMH (JHMS) wouldn’t have release to torture us.

  • Incredible.. International Level… Bollywood’s biggest chartbuster of the decade
    Excited as a hell… #JHMSTomorrow

  • catchy one… JHMS will start in range of 18-20 cr but the collections will pick up !!
    lifetime collections of JHMS will be more than Dilwale.

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