Phoonk 2 Movie Review

After a successful horror flick – Phoonk (2008) – Ram Gopal Varma returns with its sequel Phoonk 2 written and directed by Milind Gadagkar. The makers promise one of the scariest films ever, atleast compared to those comedies in the name of horror that are churned out by Bollywood. The 5 Lakh contest has managed to create huge hype and expectations around the film, does it live up?

Phoonk ended with the death of Madhu. In Phoonk 2 Madhu’s spirit returns seeking revenge on Raksha, Rajiv and Aarti. It all begins when Rajiv and his family move into a new beach house. Each member of the family sense something unnatural, something spooky.

One day Raksha, happens to pick up an abandoned doll. Soon her brother notices that the doll moves its head, Rajiv’s sister senses someone following her, the swing in the garden swings all by itself.

Soon the ghost reveals its identity and threatens to ruin Rajiv’s picture perfect family. Does it succeed? Or will Rajiv with the help of tantrics shoo away Madhu’s spirit?

What works for Phoonk 2 (Positives)

  • The creepy background music, camera work and sound design cover up for the other flaws in the film.
  • The actors do a pretty decent job, especially Sudeep and Amruta Khanvilkar
  • Its unintentionally funny at times, especially some of the screeches and the makeup-hairstyling of Madhu. Not really what you expect while watching a horror film, but funny nonetheless.

What doesn’t (Negatives)

  • The problem with Phoonk 2 is, it never really manages to scare. Except for a couple of gory killings, the rest of the film is anything but scary
  • With extremely slow pace and no story what-so-ever, Phoonk 2 lacks suspense or thrill. The sequences are so poorly connected with frights too few and far that we remain detached from the trauma the family is facing.
  • The character’s trying too hard with their stilted conversations and slow terrified walks to make believe they are under immediate peril is quite irritating.
  • The film ends abruptly and leaves you perplexed with a number of questions lingering in your head (see below). The climax is stretched too long, you expect a surprise, especially since the film comes from someone as unpredictable as RGV, but soon the credit appear and the overall experience remains unsatisfying.
  • The evil doll seems to be an inspired version of Chucky from Child’s play

Questions unanswered

  • Where does the spirit disappear when Amruta Khanvilkar is killed during the climax?
  • What did Neeru and Amit Sadh see in the jungle, which led to them running for their lives?
  • Why did Neeru go out alone to the kitchen? The last thing you would do when terrified is to walk out all alone!
  • How does Sudeep survive 3 or more stabs and continue to fight the spirit?


  • Sudeep is good and proves just why he is one of the biggest superstars down South.
  • Amruta Khanvilkar does well and looks pretty throughout.
  • Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa have nothing much to do.
  • The kids are okay. The rest have no scope.

Overall, Phoonk 2 isn’t close as scary as we expected it to be. If you must, watch it on DVD.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • indicine u have abad habit of calling everything unintentionally funny..uve said this earlier with some other review too and u are good at giving out spoilers .. what was the need of telling amritas death in the climax ..yve ruined the movie for me and so many others ..i will write my feedback after a few days but will bw diffult to watch the movie now since uve spilt it all

  • Phoonk 2 is one of the worst movie i have ever seen in my life,main aur mere 6 dosto ne ye movie kal hi dekhi hai aur rote hue jaan bachake bhage hai…kasam se aaj ke bad ram pagal verma ki koi movie nahi dekhunga,aur plz friends is movie ko to kosis bhi mat karna dekhne ki…main to apne Rs 600 ramu se lene ja raha hu ,tum me se kisiko jana ho to sath chal sakte ho…koi samjhaye yaar is pagal ko koi hume aesi movie bana ke torture kar raha hai….
    from my side 1/2 star for Phoonk 2…

  • @indicine…is movie ke liye 2 star bahut jyada hai…ye movie nahi mazak hai…plz ek bar phir se sochiye…1/2 star bhi jyada hai…

  • Megha, the film IS unintentionally funny. If people in theater are laughing at scenes that are meant to scare, what else would you call it ? Regarding the climax that was revealed. Sorry to have ruined it for you, but you’d stop caring about any of the characters or the film much before the climax..

    Radhey, Manish.. Bollywood sadly is yet to produce a ‘good’ horror film. So yes, its yet another failed attempt.

  • Indicine Team
    OK if i will get time then may be. But today i need to watch Janay Kaha se Aai Hai and Hum Tum aur Ghost, Boths DVDs are on the table just need to offer prayer and then i will watch both, that after a long time i got Sunday day off from my job.
    Why you didnt post Paathshaala’s review ?

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