Phantom Monday (Day 4) Collections and Tuesday Update

Phantom has done well on its first weekday at the domestic box office by collecting Rs 4.4 crore on Monday. The drop from Friday is around 45%, which is better than normal.

The film has collected Rs 37.58 crore in 4 days and the first week total is expected to be in the 48-49 crore range.

The problem for Phantom is the competition that it faces in its 2nd week. A big film like ‘Welcome Back’ is scheduled to release in theatres this week, followed by ‘Hero’ the week after. Even films that carry good word-of-mouth have very little breathing space these days. Classic example of which is a film like ‘Drishyam’, which had the potential to do 90-100 crore business if it released during a more favourable period.

Tuesday Update: Business on Tuesday was steady at multiplexes. The drop from Monday is less than 10% at most places.

Phantom Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 8.46 crore
  • Saturday – 12.78 crore
  • Sunday – 11.94 crore
  • Monday – 4.40 crore
  • Total collections – 37.58 crore




  • Compitition+ average reviews and Bussiness economics ensure Phantom failier. Same director who gave Bajrangi baijaan a 575 crore plus world wide grosser will struggle to get 100 world wide gross. Budget = 70 Crore even with good trend life time = 70 crore nett…it means @43% distributor share=30 crore only. Overseas bussiness max = 13 Crore Gross means @33% distributor share=5 crore only, Sattlite and other revenue= 30 Crore. Now total 30+5+30= 65 Crore recovery against budget of 70 Crore means another Flop/ below average for Saifu darling. Agent vinod 2 so boring

  • watched last night .very average movie
    poor action,poor screenplay,poor casting.but i found it better than ett and agent vinod as a spy movie.ett was more romantic and musical than patriotism.
    Saif did average job but not suited for a raw agent due to his hight and body.katrina’s acting and dailog delivary very bad.zeeshan ayub is miscast.not suited for a raw officer.

  • Very good movie…

    Now waiting for PRDP to create storm on box office..also dilwale will shatter earth.. So waiting for them n also azhar biopic..

    phantom 3/5 ratings.. From me…

    Watched bajrangi bhaijaan also.. Marvellous movie ..gr8 concept.. 4/5 ratings.. Phantom and bajrangi 2 best films of 2015

  • 4.4 cr iz vry less considering Sunday 12 cr ..
    Brothers with Bad WOM collected 6 plus..

    Below 70. lifetime ..lock it

    & wat else u want For an offbeat film like drishym ??
    Other offbeat films :-
    S26 clash
    Baby clash
    Haider clash

    Drishym still solo with 2400 screens with no competition in 2nd week except MI4 retained good screens in 2nd week ,which matters the most BT still drishym didn’t manage to get some benefit …!

    It was a big hit in all other languages BT in Hindi it failed Even by getting good WOM nd review …! Akhirrr q …we all know D reason I think 👍😉😂😜

  • Welcome back flop – 65cr bcoz no akki
    Hero hit -70cr bcoz Salman
    Katti batti average -45cr
    Kiss kisko pyaar karoon-super hit-68cr
    Calendar girls flop-10cr
    So phantom-65cr

  • All upcoming big and small films i.e dilwale mohenjodroo shivay dangal sultan sib etc realeasing this and next all are going to be deasters except MSG 2 SAJID KHAN SHRISH KUNDRA AND FARAH KHAN NEXT.WHICH ARE GOING TO BE ATTB.

  • I read in an interview that budget was 50 cr, is it true ? If it is, then Phantom should end with the “plus” status, 75-80 cr lifetime. Good for Saif to find success after his last failures, he’s a good actor that just needs to be more careful in his choices !

  • I don’t know why indicine always has problem with baby..whenever u mention critically films every other films like twmr,bb,manjhi,piku comes in picture but indicine never mention baby as a good film even though they rated it best

  • Phantom is the worst thriller . Watched it and it sucks to the core. Lacks pace . No coherent storyline. Too much faux pass patriotism. ……

    Movie has too many loopholes to digest.. Hard to ignore them.. Also slow nature of film affects it..

    I go with generous 1.5 stars.. Extra half star Just for afghan jalebi…

    Of course now looking forward to Dilwale, prdp, raees, Azhar Biopic ..
    Hope they aren’t disappointin like phantom

  • Win for peace and love between Indo pak= Bajrangi = All time block buster, Loose for hate = Phantom= Flop……………this shows people of indo pak do not want war the budget looter agencies + Gora arm sellers want to create. Lets talk and solve kashmir to automatically kill terrorism and be frndz 4 ever

  • phantom is nt good.its bellow average.saif is nt suited as spy agent due to hight.katrina is horrible.Baby was also average but Akki’s presence made baby heavier.
    phantom will do max 60/65.verdict flop/average.but its blockbuster for saif whose last movies could nt do even 25crs

  • @azhar flop aka ultron salmaniac…
    Retard, making fake id of azhar flops on 13th may.. Stop this or else i will pick up salman from galaxy apartment and drop him to tihar jail..

    Panga mat le.. Pachtayega..

  • @indicine…
    I like that well said…u spoke what’s in d mind of 90% of all neutral fans(excluding Ajay) who if they were asked the question… had drishyam date been more favourable .. will it make 90-100 crores their answers wouldv been a big Yes!!
    After pk bb(when drishyam released bb had 274 crores already… now? 320!) I never saw such huge praises for ajays drishyam(I can’t remember d number of likes I gave to users who even initially Normally bashes Ajay!) from many fans here (except certain idiots we all know) who had d same perception with you guys about d low buzz(many ddnt know wen it was releasing), opening weekend….robust continuation of BB bahubal numbers ..,New strange unfamiliar family genre but still 75-78 crores??!!
    Naaz ki bhaat hai ki…it’s still 9/10 highest rated hindi or one of d and that many people would have love d movie to cross 100 even though for me pre-release I said it won’t cross 100 if it does than bonus. But now am saying if it had a run like also another INDEPENDENCE RELEASE LIKE OUATIMD(commercial biggie)..which had 2 free weeks after CE (SRK highest grosser) but crashed 3rd day !,or had a free INDEPENDENCE RELEASE LIKE BROTHERS(commercial biggie/star casts/ buzzes)…which crashed 4th day….no doubts this would have been a well DESERVED 100 CRORES FOR D ENTIRE CREW OF DRIYSHAM!! am not going to say Ajay rather entire team! Why? Cos that’s the truth! All d actors did justice in every department!

  • If saif had not rejected DDLJ than sarookh would have been smaller star than harman and jacky. even harman and jacky could be bigger star than oldie sarookh if they got yash papa, karan and rohit papa’s support. sarookh is tiny star with most overrated stardom which he doesn’t have at all.

  • @indicine..
    My 2nd comment showed error so lemme just ‘re-summarize it in case not posted…
    Pls..clarify between
    1. Commercial high espionage action thriller movie like…eg baby,Madras cafe
    2. Commercial high thriller heist movies like special 26(I loved it though).
    1. Medium budget family suspense thriller like
    2. Medium budget family suspense thriller like
    3. Medium budget family suspense thriller like Drishyam…

    Seems some myopic minded fans thinks a critically acclaimed movie must always be synonymous with a family suspense thriller!!! This keep on comparing n comparing ???

    Kahaani was a huge hit…won Vidya awards …was d collection as high as female lead piku Mary kom genre type??

    Talaash…one of d 3 KHAN MEGASTAR movies…also family suspense.. why is it this megastar movie has d lowest collections among rest of his movies from 2008-2015?? 93 crores
    Free competition? But it’s our Hindi audience that don’t normally compact themselves much which these kind of movies!! But yes appreciate them could even win national or film fare but d collection is not as you expect!!
    Now bcos it’s Ajay Devgn following the same trend with aprx 78 crores which wen compared to any of d 3 megastar khans movie hitting a 93 crores shows how challenging he can be and I still give him kudos for that collection figures 15 crores less than an AAMIR!!! But for others it’s a downfall??? With 9/10 imdb?? Excellent reviews?
    Lessons I learnt from @indicine fans
    1. Those that despite hating an actor they narrate the worth of that actor wen he does an excellent job publicly!! Be them a Srk Salman hritik Varun Eemran Aamir Amitji etc fan!
    2. Those who hates an actor but despite a good work from him they just decide to stay quite and not post trash!!
    3. Losers 4,life…..I can name only 3 or 4..and I know many will concur wit me! Cos virtually they comment here everyday!!
    Y’all take care…I enjoy reading many of yr comments… May be that’s why I try to contribute too..but am still learning and will never be arrogant to admit my 1 is perfect😉

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