People should respect our point-of-view says Boman Irani on PK controversy

Actor Boman Irani, who featured in the 2014’s most controversial and successful film PK, has said that people should respect the concept of PK.

“People may agree and may even disagree but then they have to respect it, because we are also respecting their view. It is a point of view and you have to respect that” Irani told reporters.

“Ofcourse people will (protest), everybody will do. But it is so nice because everybody is having discussion about it and anything worth a debate is a good film,” he added.

Talking about Rajkumar Hirani films and the message that he tries to convey with every film of his, Boman said “Rajkumar Hirani films will always have something to think about. You agree or disagree with the film or you like or dislike a film, that’s a different thing but his films will at least make you think”

“His films will make you re-assess your own values and re-evaluate yourselves saying “may be he is right may be he is wrong but I am thinking” and that thought has to be respectful because he is respecting the audience” he added.

Boman Irani

Boman Irani



  • Boman is absolutely right- ppl should respect one anothers views but I find that difficult to do when there are so many idiotic views from first class idiots out there like nipoon kumar, some buddha mukherjee and rasputins love child kShitij SriWasteTevar….

  • Boman was good in PK- just a shame he did a crap film this Diwali as otherwise his 2 200cr films would have been class apart but sadly he has a crap film stuck in between them…!

  • well said boman i think these controversey will help pk more to collect huge in coming days and every people is loving the movie whether he is hindu or muslim or any other religion so all fraud babas aware now pk has come.

  • True words, yes pk made the audience think.It could be better film but still is very good film and collection shows movie was getting huge appreciation.

  • I agree with Boman Irani . It is important that we should not make a big issue of the movie . It is simple if you like the movie then watch it again but if you don’t like it say to everyone that you should not watch this movie . There is no need to ban a movie only because it is on religion . The Supreme Court has said that we will not ban the movie if you don’t want to watch the movie don’t want . If some religious organisations and Dharmgurus do not like PK then some of the dialogues should be deleted . I don’t know no how India will be become a developed country if we have such a stupid mentality !!!!!!!
    It’s high time we need to grow up and improve our thinking then only we will be secular and developed in the real sense .
    @ Indicine I request you please delete all the comments that you find regressive, offensive and stupid . Some people will post unnecessary comments and the comments article will be screwed . I request all of you please show some maturity and behave like adults if all of you are really adults . Thank You . I hope everything will be fine . Jai Hind ! Jai Bhatat !

  • m not a fan of aamir bt one thing i wanna say dat ppl shud respect d point of view of everyone whether dey like or nt… smtym we have to think above d box office collections n records… dey will make n brk records dis process will b going on bt d viewpoint/msg will remain d same…

  • indicine.please ban dis guy ranbir fan.he is commenting same nonsense on each article n spoiling v readers mood.pls warn him atleast.

  • Pk record is unsafe due to tamasha, jagga jasoos and bombay velvet. And so is srk,salman due to undisputed ruler rk.

  • Yes,he is right..some ppl don’t havt anything to do,so they all this nonsense in the name of God..damaging theatres is’nt going to settle the issue,india is a free state,opinions should be respected.
    @navin uncle aka navina tandon: i know ur infatuation with all three of us,you can’t forget us for a moment.A free advice for u though,better target somebudha alone and kindly leave me n nipun out of ur dumb comments,that would be better coz you and sambudha are same piece of shit,irrational,dumb and spambot..

  • The so called “Big Issue” over the movie will disappear very soon.
    PK is against superstition and blind-beliefs. If you don’t want to watch it, stay away from it.

    @Navin: the views of Kshitij Srivastava and Nipoon Kumar are much better than uncleji’s biased and hate views. So, we even find it difficult to tolerate your regular childish posts.

  • @indicine u should not publish offensive comments of navin where he writes highly offensive things about me,nipun and’s a kind request from me.kindly delete navin’s offensive comments of navin bcz if I start giving navin reply in his tone then things will get really ugly

  • Yes what bonam is saying is correct but what about the golden chance he missed,he could have played arjun kapoor’s father in upcoming atbb tevar.
    He should not do crap films like hny and though pk was ok but its collections were on a lower side.

  • Loved Pk.All the controversies surrounding the movie is unnecessary since the film is passed the censor without any cuts so there’s no point in discussing whether it should be boycotted

  • @ This pk team are amazing the message they laid out in 3 idiots was brilliant. Especially the the place where rancho changed silencer’s speech shows you that you don’t learn by cramming but by understanding.

  • Is religion the thing to make a fun with that…is it the subject to entertain for amir fans…why only targets hindus as they are calm and compose….mandir me jaana, gay ko chara khilana,shivling pe doodh chadhana is all that ANDHSHRADHA for amir and raju…being leave in 21 st century does not allowed to do such things on the name of freedom to express…HOW MORDEN NOW A DAYS SOME INDIANS R THEY CAN TOLLERATE ANYTHING….if vishvroopam makers have to delate such scenes then why can not pk ??? why same verdict not given that tym…thats what HYPOCRASY at its best…anyways whats your views on indicine on that controversy…IN ONE WORD INCREDIBLE INDIA

  • @Navin uncle, after u and ur family watched HNY u said it was a good entertainer, not u are calling it crap? Who can take u seriously dude?

  • The call for ban on PK is totally uncalled for.. If people don’t like it.. Better not to watch it rather than posting crap everywhere..

  • Some so called organizations(if i mention the name @indicine won’t post it) are demanding ban on pk, burning the photos of aamir, even forcing exhibitors to stop screening of pk……disgusting!!!

  • An M.P of current ruler party says pk produced by underworld an I.S.I and demanding jail of aamir…….don’t know whn wil these cheap politicians stop their politics in the name of religion. These politicians are real gurbage and shame of india.

  • @Tiger– not only hindu organisations are demanding a ban but muslim and christian groups too have not liked the content and want the ban,though they are not protesting.

  • dnt know when we 30 rs. ticket buyer will get equal importance, some quality peoples buy 600 rs. ticket for foolish entertainment and call their hero is superstar just for big collection but superstar should be judged by ticket sells and you knows who is biggest and only one superstar in current hindi cinema- Salman khan.

  • The protest is nothing but 2 minutes of fame. Same thing happened during MNIK and then? Nobody cared after a while. 80% of the population is Hindu. If the movie was so hurtful then the collections should have been a disaster.

    I bet that 3/4th of these so called protesters haven’t even seen the film. They are bashing it only after seeing the “Lord Shiva with pk image” which is going viral on twitter.

    And seriously, I’m a Hindu and I don’t want criminals like Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena to protect my religion.

    Love the way he says, “Tum kare ga bhagwaan ki raksha? Bhagwaan apni raksha khud kar sakta hai.”

  • @sem stop your nonsense, your argument are pointless as there us nothing derogatory applicable to particular group shown in pk.where were you when shivlinga was referred as kala patthar in omg. These issues are there because amir is muslim

  • I am not from India. I am a design engineer, I work at an engineering plant, to me 23 years.
    I love movies, I know actors from Mary Pickford, Henry Fonda, Jean Gabin until today.
    Indian cinema, Raj Kapoor heard from my grandmother, impossible to watch.
    2 years ago by chance had to watch the film “Never Say Goodbye”. There was a light shock SRK, Rania, Abhishek. Great actors with a modern style of performance, from India – only dance, but what! .. I was fascinated by cinema of India and the country itself.
    Often heard about the film “3 Idiots” – Film century, the best movie of all time, etc.
    Watching a movie – do not understand … I called friend – perhaps a mistake, the other gave me the film. Approved – 3Idiota film.
    But this is for idiots! A normal person it is impossible to watch? The film, made by idiots for idiots!
    This film is harmful to the young, they’re all taken seriously.
    Scientists claim that 30% of the world’s population are available subtle emotional feelings, higher education, etc. The remaining 70% – ??? but they are not to blame, it is the law of nature.
    The film 3 Idiots – for 70%, and 70% more than 30% therefore such popularity
    “Worst, most everywhere” – Bias of Priene, an ancient Greek sage and social activist
    “2 percent of people – I think 3 percent – think what they think, and 95 percent of people rather die than be thinking.” George Bernard Shaw Irish writer, Nobel Prize in Literature
    Any idiot does not prove that he is an idiot

  • What is this INDICINE ? We always get to see some disgusting comments from some disgusting ‘ranbir fan’ (that too, in irrelevant articles) . Please warn this nonsense.

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