Parineeti Chopra on CineBlitz and Elle Magazine Covers

Parineeti Chopra who awaits the release of her upcoming film ‘Kill Dil’ graces the cover of two magazines for the month of November 2014 – film magazine CineBlitz and fashion magazine Elle. Both cover shots are close-ups that capture her beautiful facial features.

Parineeti Chopra on CineBlitz Magazine Cover

Parineeti Chopra on CineBlitz Magazine Cover

Parineeti Chopra on Elle Magazine Cover

Parineeti Chopra on Elle Magazine Cover



  • @baba G,one request-since u know kill dil wil b a disaster therefore plz don’t watch the film no matter wat happens.I m tired of ur behaviour where u first watch youngistaan film,praise them,give them 3+ rating our of 5 and then start bashing youngistaan shamelessly without any reason.if u r a mard then stick to ur words and pls dont watch kill dil

  • Don’t worry i am not going to watch it even at gun point…
    It is just bcoz of u that i bash youngistaan…
    I replied to what u commented regarding akki..
    Anyways tevar trailer is coming tomorrow! Best of luck.

  • shes a good actress …..can do diverse roles…..if she can just be a bit slimmer, it’d add to her forte….overall i think shes quite good!

  • @babaji I also dont hate akki but I m unhappy with many film choices that he is doing in last few years.I dont know y u ger hurt by those cmnts as they r nvr offensive.anyways all d best for baby

  • @ arjun kapoor- go and open acting class for all massy heroes like Salman, akshay, emraan cuz they dnt acting acording ur multiplex pizza audience.

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