Oscars 2014 Winners – Full list

Below is the full list of winners at the 86th Academy Awards.

And the Oscar goes to..

  • Best Picture – 12 Years a Slave
  • Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)
  • Best Actress – Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
  • Best Actor – Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
  • Best Cinematography – Gravity (Emmanuel Lubezki)
  • Best Film Editing – Gravity
  • Best Production Design – The Great Gatsby
  • Best Original Score – Gravity (Steven Price)
  • Best Original Song – Let It Go (Frozen)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – 12 Years a Slave
  • Best Original Screenplay – Her
  • Best Costume Design – The Great Gatsby
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling – Dallas Buyers Club
  • Best Short Film (Animated) – Mr. Hublot
  • Best Animated Feature Film – Frozen
  • Best Visual Effects – Gravity
  • Best Short Film (Live Action) – Helium
  • Best Documentary Short Subject – The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
  • Best Documentary Feature – 20 Feet from Stardom
  • Best Foreign Language Film – The Great Beauty Italy
  • Best Sound Mixing – Gravity
  • Best Sound Editing – Gravity


  • Gravity was a nice movie.happy for it. .also wanted it to win for best film. .;( many ppl are disappointed by this year oscare.

  • LOL. .american hustle won zero award out of 10 nominations JUST LIKE YJHD WHICH DID NOT WON ANY AWARD OUT OF 11 NOMINATIONS IN FILMFARE!

  • @nipun,

    you have put your question wrongly.

    you should ask which is the biggest “fake award”, filmfare or iifa. lol.

  • @nipun,

    Two questions. Check which one you can answer faster

    1) Which movie won the best film award in 1997?

    2) Which movie had Aamir, Ajay, Juhi and Kajol?

    I bet you could, or rather, should answer the second one faster.

    So, all the crores spent on the award show, glitz and glamour did not have anyone remember who won it, but people still remember a movie by the name of its actor, song, or story.

    That’s my friend what awards are all about. No one remembers it. Who won, how many, which year, which category, nothing.

    All people have memory is of the movies they enjoyed, the actors who acted, the songs, story etc., Our memory only retains the things that have touched us the most or we loved the most.

    So, quit enquiring about awards and watch movies you like.

  • Huhh…again dicaprio didnt win the academy awards.. Y dis discrimination.??
    He is among one of the best actors of hollywood.but I think the jury doesnt favour popular stars dere in hollywood unlike in india…btw christian bale was deserving too. I think dicaprio wil win the oscars when shahrukh wil win the national award or vice versa..

  • Leonardo deserves it for wolf of the wall steer.great acting but matthew macgounay acted in a way that i think wasn’t possible for him…

  • @jc:actually some of my friends were on debate with me over the topic.i was saying about filmfare,and they were wid iifa. . .so i asked that question directly to indicine.:D

  • this is totally cheating. no leonardo,no bale,no michael, no one but only inter planet star srk deserved oscar for lungipur express. oscar jury is most biased. srk deserved every award of oscar, best actress, best stuntman, best cameraman, best spotboy it all belongs to my srk.

  • Interesting to note,We,some Indian people believe in Oscars but call our award ceremonies fake.the moral of the story is ,we don’t believe in ourselves

  • @JC
    Nice thought…its all about liking the movie..
    We don’t get a crore from the 285 earned by Dhoom 3..

  • @Laila Filmfares are fake because they are mostly decided boxofficewise.
    Oscars nominate only great movies, not only big hits. And the people who get Oscars are really deserving. Filmfare Awards are a disgrace to India.

  • its sad leonardo didn’t win it…and 2014 oscar award for best actor definately will win by my fav johnny depp…and as well as waiting for 2016 as if johnny depp will look again as captain jack sparrow :)

  • Good to know that Gravity won as many awards it could…it deserves the best..A out to out different and never seen before experience…

  • @vikram,I was talking about the people like u.now indian cinema us growing people from all over the world watch our movies ,which is great.I have never seen an outsider say that Filmfare is fake.just because ur or mine favourite actor or actress didn’t get particular award that is why it is fake. Every award does have their own method.Filmfare has their own rule and oscer has their own rule.if we can’t respect 60 years old award ceremony, how we can expect other to believe it?anyway,what is the defination of good?what is good to u ,maynot be that good to me.it’s really disheartened me when some Indian actor give importance to them rather than our own.if they think that something is going wrong ,make it right dude. When film industry giving them money, fame ,name everything,why they don’t take responsibility to make it good rather than making their disinterested.

  • Where is CE ? CE deserve oscar because of there ‘ Nadah, salwar, choli, LUNGI and pajamas. Ok, srk.. next year for Cry new boy(hny). .. from die hard fan of srk…

  • Best film Bodyguard 2
    Best Actor Salman Khan
    Best Director Siddique
    Best Actress – Kareena Kapoor
    Best Supporting Actor – Rajat Rawail
    Best Supporting Actress – Hazel Keech

    By the way Gunday will sweep all Oscars in 2015 and become the worst film on imdb record to do so.

  • Dicaprio is overrated. He acts like he desperately wants oscar. overplaying. laud. overacting like bollywood movies. He is at best a decent actor. not even close of HOLLYWOOD GREATS.

    Matthew Mccaughnehay really deserved it. Lost 50 pounds for a role!! gave a steller uncompromising dominating performance as AIDS patient in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.

    Best picture of the year GRAVITY is already robbed because of Oscars apologetic attitude giving 12 yrs a slave best picture. But GRAVITY is better and Alfhanso Cauron won rightfully won best director.

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