Those who order war, should be given guns and made to fight: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, whose upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ deals with the turmoil that families of army-men go through, has said wars should not happen. The actor also gave a solution – “the people who order war should be given guns and made to fight”.

“In war, the Armies of both sides lose their lives. The families are without their sons or their fathers. They have to live their whole lives without them.”

“Those people who order war, they should be given guns and made to fight. Within a day all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking” Salman said.

The actor’s next Eid release ‘Tubelight’ is also a film about human emotions, a genre that the audience seem to love.

The Kabir Khan film is set against the background of 1962 Indo-China war and tells the story of two brothers who are separated by the war. One of them joins the Indian Army to fight the Chinese and gets captured by their Army.

Also starring Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Om Puri and a few other actors – Tubelight releases in theatres on June 23.



  • Global/local ruling elites and politicians order wars for consolidating more power and money. But only those who lost their dear ones feel the pain.

  • War should be the last option in any conflict. Because it creates lives of common people more miserable. But who will convince warmongering people to stop preaching hate and wars? Because many of them haven’t lost anyones in the wars .

    Love and humanity should be prioritized. War should be the last option

  • Totally agree with salman…Today’s leaders just want to start war which cost lives of many soldiers and even citizens…War is not the option of any conflict and history has shown that but we dont learn anything from history…

  • Hahaha…National news channels have gotten the masala for their prime time debates for next two weeks…That’s mean Bhai will be the main income source for them for next couple of weeks. Bhai cares for everyone… That’s Golden Hearted Bhaijaan for you.

  • Some BHAKTs (on Twitter/Facebook) have already started calling Salman a anti national/Gaddar/Pakistan premi for this. But they might have forgotten that Modiji also wants peace with Pakistan. Modiji visits Pakistan and eats Biryani seeking peace between India and Pakistan. Indian soldiers are being killed in border…. But Modiji is releaseing Pakistani prisoners instead of bringing EK SIR BADLE DUS SIR. These things make Modiji much bigger anti national, Gaddar, Pakistan premi than Salman Khan. What do you say Bhakts???

  • @TIGER-the real king
    Well dude I am also against these BHAKTS/Illiterate double-faced, TRP hungry presstitutes
    But u were the same guy who at first defended SRK’s intolerance statement and then went on to call him “HS Ki Begum” kinda stuffs insinuating Sadhvi Prachi beliefs!
    Correct me if I am wrong

  • Absolutely movies me paisa kamane ke liye desh seva is natak karne wale ko real me desh ke liye kuchh karna chahie A.c. cabin me baith ke media me bayan dene se kuchh nai hoga

  • @Begum, Indian Judiciary has set him free calling him not guilty. So, you have no right to say that he committed such an offence on the footpath, which you are not a witness to, and insult Indian courts.

  • Whatever Salman says, good or bad, National headlines toh ban hi jata hai . After all, he is a national megastar whom many people depend on for their bread & butter.

  • @Rejan

    I have always been stood by srk whenever he got bashed for wrong reasons…. Be it intolerant India thing or Rail station accident. But if I see srkians bashing Salman for wrong reasons (eg- calling him murderer, criminal etc) then I use worst possible terms (eg- deshdrohi, HS ki begum) to bash srk and I’ll continue it. Hope you’ve got the point.

  • Totally agree that War is not the solution, because no matter who win the war, we lose life in both side…….There are so many families who are suffering from this war, at least we should think about them before declaring war…….

  • @Rejan; what Salman is saying and what Srk said are totally different things…..What Srk said was wrong but I still oppose to those who are trolling him for his statement, because its a free country, here we have a freedom of speech, if you don’t like what he said then you can say it politely, trolling him and abusing him and boycotting his movie is not the solution…….And I know that if Salman fans are trolling him then its only because Srk fans troll Salman all the time (that too without any reason), they (Salman fans) are just returning the favor……..

    I hate when fans become personal, yaar talk about their (stars) professional life, why getting personal……Do you feel good if someone say bad about your personal life…..We all fans here to cheer our stars professionally, we are here for their movies and Box office collection…….

  • Indicine Salman also said that Arbaz is not Directing Dabaang 3, make an article on that too…..You only pick those statement which cause hatred for Salman, 1st Aamir statement and now this……Everyone knows that what he said is right and in deep down they also don’t want war, but as we all know that Haters are Stupid, so now they will call Slaman Pakistani and now suddenly for them War become very important and they will encourage War…..How BIG STUPID they are…….

  • Those who are bashing him for this are biggest stupid, I watched the video where he said this and trust me didn’t say a word of Pakistan or China……He was just talking about his movie and said war should not happen, because it causes lose of life on both side……But Idiots are bashing him for such nice statement, like they want war and they don’t bother if their soldiers die in war…….Before bashing him watch that video and then say, let see what haters have in their heart…..They are so blind in Salman hatred that they have no problem with war…….

  • cheap publicity stunt. during sultan release he made a statement on rape victim and now on this topic. whether negative or positive but he needs publicity for promoting his movie, as it is not a regular masala one and he needs more publicity for this movie.

  • Please don’t gave any controversial statement during movie promotion in coming days,it’s my humble request.

  • @5:52pm javeeeeda

    War is good… I advocate for war with your Prisonstan so that we can bomb your peasant nation out of the 8th century n into the 11th century… nuclear war though could further benefit you guys n bring you into the 14th or even 15th century…!

  • War can bring about much needed change to peasant nations stuck in the dark age like Peasantstan so we mustnt rule it out as an option altogether…!

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