One Two Three Movie Review

Introducing One Two Three

Directed by Debutant director Ashwani Dheer, One Two Three stars Suniel Shetty, Tusshar Kapoor and Paresh Rawal in the lead. The supporting starcast includes Esha Deol, Sameera Reddy, Tanisha, Upen Patel… and loads of character actors… One Two Three is a slapstick comedy with a decent starcast.. Is it funny enough to tickle your funny bone for 2 and half hours?

One Two Three Story

One Two Three is a story of mistaken identity of three men with the same name and the hunt for diamonds worth 20 crores. Young love birds Chandu (Upen Patel) and Chandni (Tanisha) get hold of the diamonds of dangerous don Papa. They hide the diamond in the fuel tank of an ancient car thinking nobody will ever buy, but to their dismay, their boss Laila is hell bent on selling the same car to save her showroom.

A wannabe bhai (Tusshar Kapoor), a silly geek (Sunil Shetty), and a lingerie salesman (Paresh Rawal), are the three men having the same name waiting for messages at the hotel reception desk. They get the letters and photographs of the wrong girls meant for the other person. Although they end up at the wrong places, they actually end up doing things for the right reason.

What is the duty assigned to them? Where do they land and what do they do?

One Two Three Review

A movie like One Two Three demands a couple of things. You’re required to leave your brains back at home and dare not look out for a story as more often than not, there aint any… Some movies of the same genre and style works wonders but most of them fall flat. Unfortunately One Two Three belongs to the latter category. Its nothing but a set of silly jokes put together in a senseless plot with a few actors hamming throughout. A few sequences are funny, especially those involving Sanjay Mishra but that’s about it. The direction and screenplay are below average. The music is bad. The dialogues tend to get repetitive (especially those by Suniel Shetty) but some of them are hilarious.

Sanjay Mishra stands out with a brilliant performance, his dialogue delivery and comic timing is superb. Suniel Shetty comes second with a good performance. Paresh Rawal is as usual good. Tusshar Kapoor needs to work big time on his dialogue delivery and body language. Esha Deol hams. Tanisha is irritating and so is Upen Patel. Sameera Reddy is strictly okay. The rest of the supporting cast performs well.

Overall, One Two Three is a below average comedy movie. Watch it if you have nothing better to do.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


  • i dont agree with this review.the movie is really funny,yes there was no story but the acting and the comic scenes are brilliant.suniel shetty is in form this time he really handle his role very well,paresh act very good,tusshar is average,sameera was just ok,rest of the cast also perform very well but dont include upen patel,tanisha and esha deol,they are irritating.on the whole the movie is really funny. 3/5

  • The review is just right perfect n correct … I have watched it but later on I was repenting for the lost money …

  • The Film isvery good. Sunil shetty perfomed very well & he is in full show. good movie worth to watch.

  • After working 60 hours a week, all I expect is something which can make me laugh and make me enjoy my3 hours while sitting in a movie hall. One two three has been a brilliant Riot of Laughter and I got what I wanted from this movie, 3 HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN.

    The movie was running housefull and to top it with, I saw 2 extra chairs being laid down in the hall. And the hall was rolling in laughter, including me!

    Ossum fun! Cheers to Ashwini Dhir!

  • I really enjoyed it…i guess those who didnt enjoy it either didnt understand/follow the dialogues well or have more refined/sophisticated taste in humor and cant laugh at small things….it was paisa vasool…

    ek ball pe do chauke and ek life mein do mauke kabhi nahi milte

    thehra hue paani and mari hui nani ki baad mein badi yaad aati hai

    bandook se nikla faulaad aur pet se nikli aulaad kabhi wapas nahi jaate

  • movie is nothing but sick comedy. Whole comedy is B rated adult jokes. The whole movie is nothing full of double meaning. It is a sick movie .

  • I think movie is really good if you want to have laughter. forget story see the work of Pintu and his boss in movie. they have done really good job.
    and watch the movie for special diolog of Bhai. “Ek Bol par do chooke and life main do moke kabhi nahi milte” and many more movie is superb

  • It is a good entertaining movie with nice comic situations. Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal were very good in their roles. I think one should watch comedy movies keeping in mind that they are only for fun and enjoyment. If one starts searching for stories, plots and linkages then there would obviously be disappointment.

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