Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 Release Postponed

Balaji’s much awaited Once Upon A Time In Mumbai has been postponed to release next year. The shooting which was scheduled to begin in March – April will now begin only in June.

One of the reasons for the delay is the casting. The role of Chota Rajan still remains vacant. Shahid Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan are the top contenders. The script too is yet to be finalized.

While a lot of work is currently in progress, Akshay Kumar will start working on the film in June. He is all set to play the role of Dawood Ibrahim, the continuation of the same character portrayed by Emraan Hashmi in the prequel.

Directed by Milan Lutria, what was speculated to be Akshay’s biggest release of the year is likely to be released only next year (2013). This pushes SPECIAL 26 to be his 5th release of the year after Rowdy Rathore, Housefull 2, Joker 3D and Khiladi 786.

Even with Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2, there is still quite a lot to look forward to, for Akshay Kumar fans!



  • Why is akshay getting this much films even though every recent of his films were flop n average.?..Even bigger stars like SALMAN and SRK don’t get this much filmsg

  • @Sanal LOL !! akshay isnt a big actoru said aamir srk &sallu dont get so much offers :D :P they dont sign or they dont even hav time to read the scripts they are too busy in their own projects as producers are left no choice and offer Roles to akshay kumar who iz also a star but not a huge superstar like KHANS :D KHANSS RULEE BOLLYWOOD !

  • Y the hell people thnk that salman’s bodyguard, ready, dabang were hit films!!!!!!!! he has dne nthng in that, was useless, people r fools which make such films a huge hit unnecessary!!!!! and mark my wrds, akki will be back wid a bang wid rowdy, OUATIM 2 for sure… coz nobody caan doubt on his tallent, he is one of the best versatile actor we have.

  • Wait Wait….I can ensure you only Rowdy Rathore and Housefull-2 gonna be superhit this year and Joker3D and Khiladi786 looks me to get flop.

  • Akshay kumar is the bad choice for the role of Daud Ebrahim.
    No doubt he is a good actor but characterisaiton is much important for a memorable film like ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.’

  • @ rakesh
    brother akki is the best choice for the role of dawood
    he can only play these kind of role
    ekta know very well that he is d only actor today who
    can play role like
    amitji and dharmendra
    farhan also offer him the role of DON
    but he refuse because of priyanka issue

    doesn’t have that kind of personality as akki has.
    so sorry brother
    akki is d 1st,last and d only choice for dawood

  • One nd only, !!!!! is akki.
    Nobody can tuch akki bcoz he is only one kohinoor of indian film industries.
    I can’t understand that every action movie had shine by otr heroes.

  • akki….no doubt……is a real khiladi …..we hv seen mindless comedy in desi boyz…considerd.a hit…
    no doubt…akki is coming with his best ….rowdy rathod…housefull-2 and khiladi no 786..gonna be big hit..
    brother akki is the best choice for the role of dawood
    he can only play any kind of role…comedy.., action, emotion etc…

    aur kon kehta hai akki ki pichli films flop thi…akki ki har film distbutor ke paisa vasool karati hai…
    jab hi directro ki pehli choice akki.. h…koi dusra actor nai….example….tmk…proved a hit becouse of his big collection in first week…film cost is 55 to 60 crore and film collection 40 crore in first week so how anybody can say that tmk is a flop…just chek out on a net and then comment…

  • Akshay kumar is king of king, khiladi of khiladi and one of 1 no one beat akki no srk-amir-sallu vo akki ke samne he pallu pehenke

  • Akki sare khan pe akela bhari he mere baap.he is only man who do stunts by himself.real superstar with international personality.

  • Jo kaminapan dawood ke role ke jaruri he wo sirf akki ke expressions de sakte he .in fact he is genuine choice for don after big b instead of srk(srk has same acting in each movie)

  • Guys these people did’t knows about akki because akki is the biggest actor in the bollywood and sanal shame on you because of your comments on akki

  • akshy kumar is a one star in b tiwn , they r line 2 line hit nd blockbaster movie hero, nd ootm2 in big hit in akshy in d rool , best luck akki , u r loving fen sanjoyt

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