Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara: Title changed!

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai DobaraWe’ve just been informed that the title of Milan Luthria’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again’ has been changed to ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara’. The film will release in theatres on August 15th 2013 (Independence day release).

“Yes, the movie has been renamed as ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara’ and it will be released on Aug 15” Girish Johar, Head of Distribution and Acquisition, Balaji Motion Pictures, confirmed.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, starring Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan and Sonali Bendre. The film that was initially set to clash against Chennai Express, was postponed by a week to avoid the clash.

Apparently, Shahrukh Khan spoke to Jeetendra and a meeting was held between Jeetendra, UTV and Shahrukh to resolve the situation, and find a win-win situation for all.

“Keeping in mind that both weekends (Eid and Independence day) are good times for film releases, Jeetendra sir being the senior most showed the path. He took the decision to move OUATIM Dobara to 15th August. This is extremely graceful of him. UTV, Rohit and I are very happy with the decision made and we thank Jeetu sir and Balaji for the same. This should pave the way for such mature and sensible amicable understandings whenever two films release on the same day in future too,” says Shah Rukh Khan.

“My father and Shahrukh spoke and have clearly worked out what is best for both the films. Both are big and keenly awaited and should not be made to eat into each other’s business. I have huge respect for SRK and wish him the best,” says Ekta Kapoor.



  • why ??????????? again was better yaar , whats wrong with ekta kapoor, why is she taking weird decisions ??? :(

  • Akki and Ekta please reconsider.
    This new title sounds like the title of a Hindi dubbed hollywood movie.

  • Did srk also ask them to change the name?! :D

    sory guys ‘akki fans’ that is the first and the last time to comment outside my fav area (srk-hrithik-ranbir) but it was so important q to ask :D

  • Why Jeetu sir and Ekta accepted to postponed the release date of #OUATIMD instead of #ChennaiExpress after all Balaji Motion declared the first release date for 8 Aug .poor Ekta making akshay too poor

  • I was planned to watch OUATIM but now i never watch this movie, due to changing title and release date even after trailer :(

  • There can be possibly two reasons for the change in title:

    1. The original title “Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again” is grammatically incorrect.

    2. Numerology has become a common practice in Bollywood. Filmmakers consult numerologists for the spelling changes in their title. (Examples: Singh is Kinng, Ajay Devgn, Sonu Niigaam etc)

  • Comparing Sonakshi to Deepika, and makers of OUATIMA has put up a poster with only Sonakshi.

    This shows Sonakshi is far more popular than Deepika.

    Deepika has two superhits this year already, and still it doesn’t move a stone.

  • Hate Sonakshi or love her, but definitely she is more popular than Deepika.


    1. Delivering back to back blockbusters.
    2. Her films are more family oriented, thus people can watch her movies comfortably with family.
    3. Wears traditional Indian dress which has garnered her praise and good comments unlike Deepika who is mostly seen in skimpy clothes.
    4. Sonakshi has become a household name both in Urban and Rural areas in India.

  • @JC: Deepika has one semi-hit (Race 2) and one blockbuster (YJHD) this year. In Race 2, Jacqueline was equally praised and in YJHD, her pairing with Ranbir went viral.

    Sonakshi’s all films are big hits (except JOKER). She’s a lucky charm.

  • Huhh.release dat changed,title changed . .after some days,we will find that “outim 2 will release next year”. . .:p

  • Seriously i am surprised after releasing the official trailor the makers change release date and even title also, whats going wrong with the makers, sorry aki fan don’t expect more from ouatim doub gaya because aki is not a cowerd, ekta is coward and aki is brave and khiladi. I think aki did’t promote ouatimd like joker beacuse he is confident for clash.

  • Waiting for Independence Weekend now and the Eid weekend will be a quiet one in Mumbai as Chennai Depress slowly slowly rolls into an empty town…! :-P

  • Once upon time in a flop again
    Joker 2
    Khans are elder than akhshy.But Akhshy looks like old,now.
    Sonakshi looks like fat anty.

  • I don’t think that Sonaksi is a lucky charm. Her films are only blockbuster for the actors and the film action. If any other actress play her role in her films it will also blockbuster.

  • @navin outimd ka 1st week estimated collection 1st day 9 cr , 2nd day 10 cr,3rd day 9 cr ,4 to 7 day ka 20 cr. Liftime 60 cr max

  • Crap Ideaand i am sure Akshay is doing this and this wont help the film at all the pair will look over exposed cos those two films will relaese in the same yeardunno whats akki’s fixation with repeating actresses film after filmcant they get someone like ayesha takia or someone who has done less films with Akkiaur mujhay Darr hai kahin second hero k role john abraham ko na le le:P

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