Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara Movie Review

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara arrives in theatres today after undergoing half a dozen spelling changes in the title, a few casting changes and the most important of them all – a change in the release date from the lucrative Eid day to the almost equally lucrative Independence Day. A lot of promotion has been done for the film with Ekta leaving no stone unturned to get the audiences to see her film and justifiably so, since this is the biggest film of her banner. So does the sequel of the 2010 smash hit Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, come together? Does it work? Let’s see.

Story: The movie picks up from where the first part ended. Shoaib (Akshay Kumar reprising the role of Emraan Hashmi from the original) is now a major gangster-cum-don in the middle east. He chances across an upcoming gangster called Aslam (Imran Khan) and grooms him to become his man friday. Aslam meanwhile meets a struggling actress Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) and falls in love with her. The problem arises when Shoaib lands in Mumbai to deal with his enemy and instead also falls in love with Jasmine. The story moves forward with the two men looking to out maneuver each other. The whys, hows and whens of the rest of the story should be discovered by the viewer. Watch out for the surprising climax!

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara
Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara Review

Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: The director-writer combo of Milan Luthria and Rajat Arora achieved tremendous success recently with OUATIM and The Dirty Picture so when they decided to team up again, massive fireworks was to be expected on the screen. To be honest, the flare seen in their past outings hasn’t diminished completely but their effect in OUATIMD is not even nearly as potent. The dialogues are applause worthy and seeti worthy (especially for the aage ke teen row wali audience). But where the film lags in, is dealing with the storyline. The screenplay falters in places where it was expected to rise and even though the climax acts like a last minute CPR, the damage has already been done. The film drifts and struggles to find its true calling and manages to end up neither as an intense love triangle nor as a revenge gangster flick. I came out of the film thinking that they had written the dialogues first and then chose to make the film around it. And Milan Luthria must take blame for the haphazard way this film was made.

Miscellaneous: The technical aspects of the film are top notch, though. The period setting is almost spot on and credit must be given to the set and costume departments. The finer details in the production design give that edgy raw feel to OUATIMD. Another aspect of the film that stands out is the cinematography by Ayananka Bose. The film looks stylish due the slick frames this ace cinematographer churns up in regular intervals. The editing is also of noteworthy quality with no scenes and shots being stretched more than required.

Music: Pritam’s music in OUATIMD is a dampener. Much was expected from the music of the film for a variety of reasons. The music of the first part has become cult, and Pritam has been in fine form recently delivering commercial chartbusters almost regularly. So when you come out of the theatre after watching OUATIMD, you’d expect yourself to be humming a few of the songs. Alas, only “Yeh Tune Kya Kiya” stuck with me afterwards with the other songs being just bearable. The new age “Tayyab Ali” was a big disappointment too. Having said that, let me mention that the background score is scintillating.

Performances: OUATIMD would have been a much better film if the actors were chosen carefully. Heck, it would have worked if the actors had chosen to actually ‘act’. All the three main protagonists give stale performances. Akshay Kumar as Shoaib doesn’t create any aura in his personality or mannerisms that a Don like him should have. There are only fleeting glimpses of his off screen charisma and that too few and far between. His dialogue delivery also leaves a lot to be desired. Imran Khan just doesn’t cut it as the street smart Aslam. Casting Imran in OUATIMD could very well turn out to be one of the biggest casting guffaws of the year. His acting is, bluntly put, bad. Sonakshi Sinha who delivered one of the finest performances of the year in Lootera is back to her normal self with this film. She delivers her dialogues in a mostly one note tone and ruptures ear drums with her screaming in the climax. Mahesh Manjrekar delivers a jarring performance but that’s mostly down to the all black shade the writers penned down for the role. Sonali Bendre was a pleasant surprise and I wish she had a bigger role.

Conclusion: OUATIMD is another example of commerce taking over art. The only reason this film was sanctioned was probably to cash in on the cult following of the previous film. I can only hope that Milan and Rajat get back to tackling original ideas and don’t follow the herd. They are simply too talented for that. OUATIMD does have its moments, but overall the film doesn’t work. It doesn’t come together as fluidly as it could and should have.

Box Office: OUATIMD faces tough competition at the box office from Chennai Express and will only see a full release on the 16th. Competition, less screens wouldn’t have mattered if the film had content good enough to back up the hype. I see the film taking a very good opening and then audience response will carry the film forward.


  • Dialogues
  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Background Score


  • The screenplay falters
  • Direction not up to the mark
  • None of the 3 main actors are in form
  • Music is a disappointment

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • sale haters tum kya sochte ho ki movie ke baare mein is trha ki negativity falane se tum movie ko hit hone se rokdoge never my dear never. I watch it first show and everybody likes it. A must watch movie. Superhit.

  • wtf yar i hav seen the movie and was fully impressed by the movie
    now i came to kno that gud films are hated the most
    and as rating is compared 2/5 is real cheap huh
    and movies like chennai express scores 2.5/5 really which was an over acting performance by srk
    and a masala film instead outim had a real story + nice execution irrespective of actors performance in past but in this film they were gud and this film surely deserves >3/5 rating undoutedly

    i dunno wat the review makers watch to make a review huh
    mi8 b they are chunkey pandeys fans

  • Bought my tickets and watching the film in less than 30 mins…! ;-)

    Irrespective of the mostly negative reviews, the first movie too was panned by certain ‘experts/ critics’ so wont read too much into that. That is now a cult classic.

    @haters you got your ‘EID’ weekend due to Srk begging Jeetendra ji and Ektas flawed strategy but now you are panning Team Balaji because your greed is such that you are now after Independence Weekend too just because you want 3 idiots record…! Sorry to say but it aint gonna happen guys. :-( Chennai Depress will fall short of YJHD, ETT and subsequently short of 3 idiots. A documentary on fat over blown depressed passengers aboard Chennai Depress is at best a 1 time watch- nothing more. OUATIMD will rock this weekend, BISMILLAH…! ;-)

  • Now success of ce will affect outimd. .
    It’s the fault of outimd team that they postponed their movie. .
    They shouldn’t have done that. .now outimd will suffer. .
    Any way,i don’t any failure of this movie. .after watching that lootera,i started loving sonakshi. .
    So good luck to outimd team. .

  • So much of negativity on the net about this movie. & I really wanted it to do well, along with CE.
    I still wish both the movies do well, although CE is doing great, I would love to see it continue its spree to the 200cr club.

    But still best of luck. Never wish for the loss of another.

  • Didnt expect movie will get a disaster talk but everyone watches the movie give atleast one try because of its preceder Surprised to see that indicine gave a remark that Akshay didnt perform well as a gangster in the movie

  • Didn’t expect this type of movie from milan.very weak story,songs are average.simply it does n’t deserve to be calld seqel of ouatim.
    And ce is going in yjhd way and ouatimd will be ypd2.so ce will run for 4week and will collect 210 crore(official figure).

  • @navin. pity u Bro. guess u r the one and only one who would be watching this movie.
    I also bought tickets for Chennai express and watching it again.
    and SRK doesn’t beg any one. that only u do. lol
    one masala flick from SRK and every one out of the way
    book Mark this page
    SRK s Chennai express is going to over take yjhd dame than the crap not deserving jumping on to the flight ETT and finally the classic 3idiots

  • king SRK . master at work. silence haters
    he is a marketing genius
    but as I said had the clash been there OUTIMD would have gone out without a trace.
    but thanks to jitendarjis wise and timely decision and ekta putting her thinking cap but the right time
    outimd might be saved from a fatal disaster
    the answer is quiet clear and the writing is on the wall
    don’t mess with the king

  • @imam. Bro no u r wrong for the first time
    it won’t be 70 CRORE. at Max it would do 50 CRORES. Mark my word

  • @chirag. well said Bro. if SRK would have been playing dawood role guess vhp mns Shiv sena wouldn’t have allowed it to screen. and haters would be barking that SRK is antiii Indian and bla bla
    haters like navin would have been polishing their English in order to bash the king SRK. wow what a world.
    truly diversifying

  • Indicine please please make a prediction of second weekend on Chennai express.. Please please reply

  • wah srk fans just like ur idol spread huge negativity in social network sites and here droping crocdile tears! Sorry for milan luthria…

  • I think first part was superb.. Superb csating,superb direction,superb dialogues,superb respnse from audience.. But ouatim2 is not a good movie like its first part… To much unwanted dialogues , unmatching pair, actions are good, acting is good only of akshay.. Now its time to examine akshay’s stardom .. Now we would see could akshay make a flop film a hit one???? I doubt it… Lets see… But its watchable…. But after interval u will be eager to get out of the theatre as it’s too booring but climax is a litle surprising but its climax is not as surprising as taalash’s climax…

  • i watched movie today it has to be 2013 biggest disaster..pathetic acting and overacting from all actor.. bad story, poor music.. OUATIM 1st part was the best and this one is pathetic.. most worst is imran and akki.. I give it 0 star…

  • Ajay was really good portraying Dawood in Company and OUATIM. That was his comfort zone. He was too cool and he didnt try it too hard and it was a treat to audience to watch him in that avatar. In its sequel akshay is trying too hard to b cool but he is not.

    It looks like there is only one DON in bollywood. Not akshay neither ajay.

  • Every single actor in this movie does not suit his role and seems to be a victim of miscasting. The movie was bad. Seems like a flop. Pity.

  • Watched the movie.. Complete wastage of my money.. 1st part was much much much better..it’ll bomb at the bo after 1st weekend..now it’s high time for ce as it’s still dominating at the bo…ce gonna touch 200 cr mark

  • Gar picture ke baare mein kuchh bura likha to imaan bura maan jayegi.

    If you want to see intelect film, see ‘Forest Gump’ on DVD.

  • I saw the picture, 1st day 1st show, every audience was clapping on each dialogue of Akshay.

    I wonder how the ratings given by Mr. Adarsh is **** for Chennai Express and Dabangg [though I am Salman fan], and for this film **1/2. This was totally paisa wasool potboiler.

  • OUATIMD Critics Rating:-
    Rediff ————– 2/5
    Taran Adarsh ——-2.5/5
    Skyboxoffice —- 2.5/5
    Indiaglitz ———– 2/5
    Aajtak ———— 1.5/5
    Capsule ———– 2.5/5
    Boi —————- 2.5/5
    Zee News ——— 1/5
    sure shot flop

  • ouatim was a brilliant film by good performance by both ajay &emran hashmi but in 2nd part casting is bad akshay looks like a joker in richsuits with worst dialogue delivery.imran is waste he cant act.sonakshi is worst actress in bollywood. and a love triangle in gangster film is a biggest joke so outimd will be a big flop.

  • brilliant movie .,
    after watching once upon a time in mumbai dobara .
    I think i will watch this movie

  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI 1 !!!! I was sure this one with this cast will be on a bad road… flop movie!

  • I loved the movie.. that’s what I Care.. I would go again.. People in here were loving it by the way..

    SRK fans.. lol.. Stop bragging about Chennai Express it was Chicken Shit

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