On the 2nd anniversary of Don 2, SRK hopes for 10 sequels!

Don 2Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of ‘Don 2′, which released in theatres on 23rd December 2011, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan thanked the producer, director and stars of the film and also said that he would love to feature in ’10 sequels’ to the film.

“Thanks Farhan, Ritesh, Lara and my man Boman.. one of the finest film making fun I ever had. Hope we all make 10 sequels to Don” SRK posted on his official Twitter page.

Directed by Farhan Akhtar, Don 2 was the sequel to the 2006 hit film ‘Don’, which was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 classic with the same title.

SRK will feature in 3 films in the next 20 months – Maneesh Sharma’s FAN, Farah Khan’s Happy New Year and Excel Entertainment’s Raees.

When released, the teaser of Don 2 was one of our favorites. SRK’s dialogue delivery was brilliant. Watch!



  • In the next sequel,they should send Agent Vinod to catch him and beat the the hell out of him.I will pay every penny to watch

  • Don 2 is a very good film.It looks like a hollywood movie.King khan’s acting was superb,his dialouge delivery was also brilliant.

  • Biggest joke of Bollywood 10 sequels for such a crap movie(dog). We could think more then 10 sequels for Dhoom not dog.

  • Dhoom 3 is just phenominal all across the globe…Kodos to Amir,Abhi,Uday & Katrina with Vijaykrushna Acharya & YRF Banner…And Dhoom Franchisee which is entertaining to us from last 10 yrs..
    I am happy for one thing that now Srk fans will shut their mouth as only srk is king bla bla bla…
    Amir, Salman, Hrithik is as big as Srk in India..proved with dhoom 3 & krrish 3 this yr..
    Unfortunately Krrish 3 didn’t enjoyed pure success due to some sites underreported it…but finally Dhoom 3 broken each & every record of Ce worldwide..
    Happy for Bollywood. Business is growing fast and technology improved alot.
    eg. Krrish 3 Vfx & technology….Dhoom 3 Outstanding cinemetagraphy & production values..
    Classic movies like Lunchbox, bmb,Madras Cafe etc become success at box office..Well Done Bollywood

  • grow up indicine??? u always come up with srk article…..though i liked that movie? but is it a news? don 2 second anniversry ?

  • Slight correction:
    Latest news:
    SRK backed off from releasing Raees on Eid 2015 as he wanted to prevent clash with Salman!

  • SRK was from a poor family in Delhi unlike other so called stars who born with a silevrspoon…..SRK is a self made superstar who made it large without any filmy connections or background….he came to this industry step by step with his talent….first he acted in ram leela in streets…dramas and plays in streets..then he acted in serial…then because of his acting talent he became the No.1 superstar in bollywood….SRK made bollywood globally famous……HAIL THE GLOBAL SUPERSTAR OF BOLLYWOOD

  • What so great about don 2????
    It collected only 106crs…
    Why don’t celebrate anniversary of cult classic movies like 3 idiots,taare zameen par,Krrish,Ghajini,Dabangg etc..

  • @nrkadil Funny thing is that I think ‘indicine’ forgot about the first anniversary last year…! :-P

    Such a funny article but we all know trying to appease the lungiwala fans during a difficult period in their life where logic, records and maths has abandoned them is the sole purpose of this article…!

  • Thakurs Don 12 will release in 2038 (my maths is horrible at the moment due to using BOIs, Indicines, Komal Nahtas or Lungiwala mathematic formulaes for working out Dhoom 3 collections but lets say Don is made /released at 2-3 yearly intervals) then and only then will it finally pass the collections of 3 idiots released way back in 2009…! :-P

    Film will have a 73 year old Thakur / Don tackle the 105 year old Thakur of Sholay for complete rule and total supremacy of Chennais unrivalled underworld…! Huge Blockbuster for sure as Im sure it will be a battle of grit to last all ages…! Climax will have Big B make an appearance and KO both buddhas before delivering his trademark dialogue:- ‘buddha hoga tere baap’, cut to credits. ;-)

  • Dons opening dialogue will be:-

    “Today the police forces of India, US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka and Japan have stopped searching for me as its futile to do so but the police forces of 10 new super power nations are now hunting me down:- Papau New Guinea, Madagascar, Kenya, Somalia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana, Mali, North Korea and mighty Samoa…!”

  • truly CE is the winner of 2013,the reason is
    CE got 3500 screens for 6days,then next week reduced to 1000 screen and then 500.totally 227cr in just 24 days.
    where as d3 has 4500 screens,has at least 20 free run days also a big franchise and banner.
    also his last film 3idiots earned 202cr in 70days.
    if CE gets more 10days it will create mountain size record somewhat like 600cr worldwide.
    this is the the only fact why salman and aamir exists not lways like KING who faces every challenge.he is the KING of both domestic and overseas for 20 years and will rule.these are little stars great for their little size fans.lol.

  • If this article come just 15days before, the punch line of every srk fans would be that don is biggest franchise, thanx for d3 at least they can’t commit that thing right now, srk are you joking please try to concentrate in good movies rather than don 3-10.

  • Indicine you really have to grow up. Don 2s 2nd anniversary. Why don’t you post an article about 3 idiots anniversary. 3 idiots is a billion times better and greater than don 2.

  • there was constant comment of srk fans if srk would in D3 than it will collect even more, even some salman fans also think, first of all it might be right if it happen? but those who have seen D3 will agree with my words why Aditya Chopra choose Aamir for d3 instead of yrf favorite SRK, the reason the kind of hardwork, training & acting require for d3 script for Aamir’s character, i doubt Srk or salman would agree to do that, be frankly we have never seen srk or salman to work very hard for their physique and other requirement for a particular role, though here Salman have one factor in favour of him and that is his commendable physique and same wise srk has his Anti hero success records in favour of him, but the kind of hardwork & dedication require for d3 role can only done by either Aamir or HR, because they already tested and worked with HR in prequal of dhoom, that’s why yrf choosen Aamir, and there is no doubt how well Aamir excelled in that Role surely a superb performance and that’s y he said that this is his toughest role so far.

    other excuse if ce & k3 has 3 open week,huge screen size etc etc with them than they will be much success, first of all who stop srk & Roshan to select packed release month like August & november, and the biggest answer of If for srkians is that If Salamn would have his release in this eid,2013 than there will be no record breaking or highest grosser ever for srk in form of ce till 2013.
    so believe always in practical thing rather than on assumption.

  • @SRK haters the anniversary of eac cult films is in news!!!!…..that’s the reason…..i think you have not read this….it became a news & SRK tweeted about it and that’s why its a big news

  • Eagerly waitin foh don3
    N ppl shouting here like dis article wasnt worthy.. Etc must knw its a shahrukh film n it doesnt matter how much it wil collect on d boxoffice.. It wil b celebrated foh years on its anniversary coz srks films r not just films dey r events

  • Srk fans reaction when other actors makes or
    breaks records:
    *Salman Khan — Mindless, masala craps, remakes.
    If srk steals or copy or remakes from various
    movies it is class n original. Atleast Salman
    officially buying remake rights unlike srk who only
    steals from various movies n call it as original. Srk
    will never do a Dabangg or Tere Naam.
    *Aamir Khan — Copies hollywood or steals scripts of
    novels, takes entire credit by himself whereas srk
    movies are mostly inspired or copied from various
    movies. Srk will never achieve Aamir’s perfection.
    * Hrithik Roshan — Friend of srk before breaking
    CE records. Manipulated most hatred person for
    srk fans coz he breaks CE collections. Srk can never
    be a multi talented as HR.
    *Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar & Ranbir does not
    even exist for srk fans. Whereas AJ Devgan is
    National award winner, Akshay is action king n a
    simple person. Ranbir is heart throb of youngsters.
    For Dhoom 3 success, now it is only Franchise which
    is getting business according to srk fans. If srk
    have done same then the entire credit goes to srk.
    Blind fangiri, jealous n stupid fellas !!!!!!

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