Om Shanti Om – Fun on sets

As days pass, the excitement and wait for the release of Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om is just bubbling. Here’s a sneak peak into the sets of Om Shanti Om. Read further and find out what exactly happened…

Farah Khan on the sets of Om Shanti Om

I’m back doing what I like best, loitering around our filmy sets and take a peek into what goes on behind the scenes. The opportunity came knocking when Farah Khan agreed to have me over while filming special sequences featuring Shah Rukh Khan, and other guest appearances for Om Shanti Om. So on Tuesday evening all roads lead to Film City at Goregaon (East)…

Film sets are not exactly the most desirable place to be; Spilling with activity — carpenters working on wooden structures, technicians carrying their paraphernalia and make-up artists scurrying around with their MAC kits. I introduce myself to the beefy security personnel manning the ‘restricted area’. “I have come to meet Farah,” I assure him. He relays the message on his walkie-talkie and I’m taken to a comfy vanity van. An exasperated Farah Khan, dressed in black to cover her growing bump, is waiting for her buddy Shah Rukh Khan to report to the sets. We chat about her first baby (Om Shanti Om, of course) over cups of piping chai and ragda pattice. She informs that the sequence for the day will see Shah Rukh pairing with Dia Mirza and Ameesha Patel. “Dia and Ameesha are the only actresses who didn’t make it for the 30-actor song. They are already here and draping sarees,” she says. Minutes later, Manish Malhotra appears after ensuring that his chiffon sarees and blouses have been delivered to the actresses’ vans.

Soon, Shah Rukh vrooms into the sets and after exchanging bear hugs with Farah he heads straight to his van to slip into his outfits. In between, he splashes water on his long mane. He soon emerges sporting a polo-neck tee. Before rushing to face the camera he doesn’t forget to greet a few crew members. In a matter of ten minutes, he has shot a sequence with a chiffon-clad Ameesha.

Finally, I come face-to-face with King Khan. A warm smile and firm handshake follows. He promises to come back after a ‘quick change’. He is back and this time around he is sporting a black singlet. Well, the rippling muscles have been toned further. “The lavish songs have been shot but he continues to workout with a vengeance,” informs an executive producer. He asks for some coffee and we start talking. During our conversation he takes a passing glance at one of the Chak De trailers. The film has turned out to be a boxoffice success. But when have hugely successful films tired him?

It’s not very often that you get to see other popular Bollywood stars flocking to greet King Khan. Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra (both were sporting hair bands) who are filming next door for Drona drop in. Later, they are joined by director Shaad Ali (visibly leaner and the facial hair are gone). And Bollywood continues to bond…

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