‘Oh My God’ director’s next is a romantic comedy

Umesh Shukla

After the success of ‘Oh My God’, director Umesh Shukla plans to wield the megaphone for a romantic comedy (romcom) film, with Ranbir Kapoor or Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead. It is tentatively titled “Lukka Chuppi”.

“I am working on the script right now. It’s a romcom this time. It is tentatively titled ‘Lukka Chuppi’ let’s see how things fall in place. I have not approached any actors so far for this film but I would like to cast either Ranbir Kapoor or Ayushmann Khurrana in the film,” Shukla told IANS.

Asked whether it will be a fresh script or a remake, Shukla said: “I don’t believe in remakes and it’s neither an adaptation. It is altogether a fresh script and I am quite excited about it.”

“Besides this, I am also scripting two more films, so let’s see which one goes on floors first,” he added.

Shukla said he is also scripting the sequel of “Oh My God”.

“A sequel to ‘Oh My God’ is something we are keen to working on but I don’t want to make a film just for money. We want a strong content and an interesting story to say. I am scripting second part but it is in initial stage right now.”


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