Not stressed about ‘Dilwale’, it’s a blockbuster: Varun Dhawan

Actor Varun Dhawan is known to go all out to promote films starring him in the lead. He had taken great pains to promote films like ‘Badlapur’ and ‘ABCD 2’ all over the country, through city tours, media interactions and television appearances.

But when it comes to Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale, starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, Varun says he isn’t stressed about the film at all. And for good reason, because the entire burden is on Shah Rukh’s shoulders this time around.

Talking to a leading film magazine, Varun said “Dilwale is one film I’m not stressed about. I have zero stress. It has blockbuster written all over it.”

The actor is presently in Hyderabad shooting for ‘Dilwale’.



  • SRK starrer dilwaale will RIP all records this Christmas..

    Rest assured the blitzkrieg and mindblowing direction of rohit..
    DILWAALE this christmass….

    Cult blockbuster in making

  • Just can’t wait for Dilwaale.. Eagerly waiting for dilwaale..
    Dilwaale is going to break records due to SRK..

    Also waiting for

    Azhar Biopic
    Raaz4 Reloaded

  • Yes, you are right. And anyway, you don’t have to take any trouble when the man himself is there to promote and take Dilwale on new heights. He launched you with “Student of the year” and now with the success of Dilwale, you will enter the elite group of top actors in Bollywood.

  • Only time will tell if it’s blockbuster or not. Indirectly he is pass message that he has limited role in the movie or he is not really bothered too much with this movie.

  • Why you be will stressed you never do acting in any of your movies ? So noe with Dilwale will get his 1st Festival release in 3 years . SRK and Kajol in the lead, opposite Kriti Sanon, Directed by Rohit Shetty and releasing on Christmas what else do you want ? Instead of talking on all these things focus on your acting especially on your dialogue delivery . All The Best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dont worry Varun.

    Your mentor SRK will take care of it.
    Just be his student all your life.

    You will get many Blockbusters.

  • My heart says Dilwale will be the best film of Rohit Shetty carear Darr jaayenge Rikshawale.. Chhup Jaayenge Choti Height Waale.. Jub Aayenge DILWALE!!!

  • Who’s the best newcomer?

    Sid, Varun, Arjun, Ayushman?

    Mine are Aamir and Salman.

    Both are doing well since 2009-2010

    SHAH RUKH KHAN is eternal. Ruling since last 20 years. That’s STARDOM.

  • Records won’t be destroyed but will be created and the entire Bollywood would come to know why Srk is known as the undisputed King for more than 2 decades

  • Varun dhawan, if it would have your solo starrer then we would have believed. But it also has leap year blockbuster giving actor. Hence untill 2017 no chance for him to give a blockbuster…

  • Varun has 100% track record, not a single failure yet. But his upcoming movie might a failure due to the presence of panouti queen…

  • Biggest flopbuster ,here varun is trying to say that he is not responsible for this crap and torture film as srk with his haklu acting has ruined the film and will recreate the torture of hny this christmas.

  • I am waiting to hear that slb changes his mind and postpone his crap to another date ………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dilwale should get solo release by any means !!!!!
    I waiting for that day ….!!!
    Dilwale is coming to blacken pk’s record
    my promise
    just wait till the day we hear that bajirao mastani is postponed.

  • Srk has had many clashes since 2008 that’s why he couldn’t manage to deliver highest grossing movie of the year …!!
    I am sick of it !!!
    Once give srk sir a chance then he will prove his stardom with dilwale…!!!!
    if dilwale doesn’t break pk’s record with positive wom then I will leave this site forever of course with solo release !!!!


    If not for this wretched PAAV-BHAJI RAO Mastani, then even 375+ cr was also possible !!

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